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Two Packs of Yammering Canardists, Heavy on the Ego

I still remember my first elected office. I was out sick from Junior High, and when I returned to school the next day I discovered that I had been elected to Student Council, without my knowledge and against my will. In those days and at Lake Highlands Junior High, Student Council meant having to come early to school and do extra work for no visible benefit or reward. Consequently, Council members were usually elected against their will. It had, if nothing else, a certain honesty to it - none of the members really wanted to be there, and so elections were pretty straightforward affairs. Not so the White House, a difficult and draining post for anyone who wins the office, and yet there is no shortage of incompetents who believe they are a perfect fit for the job. Worse, there are many people running in any given year, whose performance would be damaging to the country and so they should be quickly dissuaded from chasing the nomination. The primaries, ideally, should be a place to separate the wheat from the chaff, but recent history suggests we should not count on that happening within the machines of the Demopublican nomenklatura, whose habit of sniffing at the common people with disdain has been all too evident of late. Both parties have their share of dishonest contenders, and those whose ideals are clearly at odds with the party as a whole. It does not serve the nation well, to dilute the quality of the primaries with such malingerers and malcontents.

Let's start with an easy pack of targets, the Democrats. Really now, among the eight contenders, is there even one you'd trust as President? Joe Biden, Bill "LA Raza" Richardson, and Chris Dodd, who think the terrorists are the good guys and the Marines are the bad guys, and who prefer the advice of Al Qaeda to the advice of General David Petraeus?

Hillary, whose criminal contacts look like John Gotti's rolodex, and whose plan for "fixing" healthcare reminds so many of a new edition of Orwell's '1984'?

John "Pony" Edwards, who thinks $400 of campaign money for a haircut is reasonable and by the way considers himself qualified to handle the U.S. economy?

Mike Gravel, who is so much an unknown that his own site lacks any specific policies or positions?

Dennis "Spaceman" Kucinich, whose views are so far from reality that even Kos has been known to back slowly away from him?

Or Barack "Bambi" Obama, whose foreign policy wisdom includes spilling our strategic secrets to our enemies, promising in public we would not use strategic weapons "under any circumstances", while at the same time publicly threatening to invade allies?

Is there even one in that bunch you could trust in facing down Ahmadinejad? Is there even one you would feel comfortable teaching your kids? Is there even one in that group you think would be good for the economy?

The problem is, the GOP pack has its own stinkers.

John McCain is an undisputed hero from the Vietnam War, and a strong voice of reason and courage regarding the Middle East. But McCain has a track record of intolerance for free speech, especially where campaigning is concerned. He's about as open as a brick wall where negotiating is concerned, even with his own party. And he's a real Senator, having often put his friendship with people like John Kerry ahead of the nation's needs.

Fred Thompson talks the talk, but only in video clips. He has yet to show he is ready for serious debates and extended analysis of his political positions. He also voted to acquit Bill Clinton at the Impeachment trial when he was a Senator for Tennessee, and has said that he was not sure Clinton actually lied under oath, even though Bubba himself admitted that fact. That's a big mark against Fred.

Mitt Romney ran on the image of the cleanest of the candidates, but one of his close supporters and campaign supporters was Larry Craig. If Larry was as bad as the media plays it, why was Romney cool with having him as a close supporter? Was Romney someone who didn't check out his team? And if Craig was not guilty, as he claims, what does it say about Romney that he threw Craig overboard so quickly? Either way, it does not speak well of Romney's integrity. Not at all.

There's Rudy Giuliani, whose candor about his positions is very refreshing, but whose refusal to consider the opinions of the majority of Republicans smells decidedly rank.

Sam Brownback is a back-stabbing Senator who betrayed President Bush and the GOP on many critical votes over the past two years, and so is not worth spit in my opinion.

Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are vulgar narcissists whose idea of team play is getting what they want and claiming all the credit no matter who does the real work, or destroying their own party from within in their spite. They are vicious little caricatures of leaders, in the same way that Chihuahuas imagine they are the equals of working dogs.

Ron Paul is a psychotic communist amusing himself by running as a Republican.

Mike Huckabee is an intelligent and well-spoken candidate, But he also strongly embraces the Fair Tax, which may be a good solution for replacing the IRS, except that politically it is nearly impossible to get voters to support it, and so he has tied a millstone around his neck.

And that's your field, folks. Anyone excited yet?



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Comments (30)

Hmmm . . . no demerits asse... (Below threshold)

Hmmm . . . no demerits assessed against Rudy G? I'd have thought the cross-dressing thing would have made the list . . .

Just wond'ring . . . did you do a similar analysis of the potential Student Council candidates the day before you were elected?


I added Rudy, Jim. And the... (Below threshold)

I added Rudy, Jim. And the beauty of the Student Council thing is, no one wanted the job, so we were equally 'qualified'.

"He also voted to acquit Bi... (Below threshold)

"He also voted to acquit Bill Clinton at the Impeachment trial when he was a Senator for Tennessee, and has said that he was not sure Clinton actually lied under oath, even though Bubba himself admitted that fact. That's a big mark against Fred."

Didn't we cover and debunk this in an earlier post?

He voted "not guilty" on Article 1, but voted "guilty" on Article 2. The bit about A1 was that Clinton perjured himself by not admitting to an early perjury. Fred(?) just wasn't sure if that met the standard for removal from office - though, he was steadfast in saying that BC's guilt on Article 2 was.

... but, no. I'm not excited, yet.

"and yet there is no sho... (Below threshold)

"and yet there is no shortage of incompetents who believe they are a perfect fit for the job...whose performance would be damaging to the country "

No truer words...

In 2000, the US hit pay dirt in spades to the nth power on the counts of incompetence & catastrophic damage to America w/ the SCOTUS appointment of a banana-munching Chimp of State.

Liberals want more taxes an... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Liberals want more taxes and a bigger mosre intrusive goverment just like what hitler and stalin got

Sorry FF, you forget that M... (Below threshold)

Sorry FF, you forget that Mr. Gore LOST that election. Granted, he has been acting as IF he won, but in fact he did not.

It is what it is. Maybe you... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

It is what it is. Maybe you're just too picky. I'm not swallowing the Romney guilt by association bit either. As close as they may have been, I doubt Romney spent much bathroom time with Craig.

Nice use of innuendo, Jeff.... (Below threshold)

Nice use of innuendo, Jeff. The thing is, was Romney clueless, did Craig's proclivity not matter unless he got caught, or did Romney ditch Craig just because he was accused?

None of those is a really admirable quality in a leader.

Accused? Yes. Pled guilty... (Below threshold)

Accused? Yes. Pled guilty? Also yes. And of course, Mitt should have known, because I'm sure Larry was oh-so-open about his secret life.

It's been a long time since... (Below threshold)

It's been a long time since I saw someone as hate-filled as FF. What a miserable way to spend one's time.

You're right DJ, it's been hard to get excited about any of the Republicans yet. The Democrats to this point though have been so thoroughly ridiculous, I'm not sure if they're the side-show or the main attraction in this circus.

They all have shortcomings. Always have. What we'll be doing is what we always do when voting; looking at their faults and asking ourselves, "Is this something I can live with for the next four years, and considering what they might do, for a long time afterwards."

I can think of a lot of unf... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I can think of a lot of unfavorable adjectives that are very appropriate for Ron Paul, but "communist"? No. That's wrong.

The only thing Paul has in common with the communists is that he has the same position on the Iraq war as pretty much every communist running for President.

Libertarians are the ideological antithesis of Communists (& Democrats).

"It's been a long time s... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"It's been a long time since I saw someone as hate-filled as FF."

You must not read Wizblue...

Wonder why he got voted in ... (Below threshold)

Wonder why he got voted in again in '04 Fast Food?

DJ,I'm just saying... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


I'm just saying that I am willing to give Romney the benefit of the doubt regarding his knowledge of Craig's proclivities. He did not necessarily know beforehand and may have dismissed any scuttlebutt about Craig as rumor. Regarding his dismissal of Craig - I'm guessing he thought Craig was guilty. He sure looks guilty to me. We must all make character judgments and Romney made one. It is not fair to say it was "just because he was accused." Romney's relationship with Craig is not based on a legal standard of proof. Craig had the demeanor of someone trying to lie his way out of a mess. I don't really have a dog in the fight (so to speak). I just think the Craig thing is a flimsy reason to condemn the man. Romney did the right thing.

I gotta disagree, Jeff. Bes... (Below threshold)

I gotta disagree, Jeff. Best case, Romney did not know what Craig was doing. If so, why assume the worst as soon as the media made noise? Craif pled guilty to 'disorderly conduct', not lewd behavior, and he has consistently denied the police accounts. So maybe he's guilty, the thing is Romney never asked the man straght out, nor did he have someone chase down the details - he shoved Craig off the campaign immediately after hearing about the accusation. At best, it was spin and political damage control. And if there was evidence of prior misconduct, why wasn't that important to Romney until Craig got caught?

Look, I like Romney and his positions, but he does have to deal with this, because as it sits it's not smellling too good.

Canardists!Cripes ... (Below threshold)


Cripes I had to give you five stars just for that....

This arguing about how Romn... (Below threshold)

This arguing about how Romney handled Craig is irrelevant. Since Edwards getting a $400 haircut is enough to disqualify him in your view, then Romney's $300 makeovers should equally take him out of the running.

Source, Brian?... (Below threshold)

Source, Brian?

Rory ~ If a carnardist wer... (Below threshold)

Rory ~ If a carnardist were caught and hoist on his own petard, would he be a petarded canardist?

Brian ~ Romney used campaign funds for makeovers? Link, please . . .

Jeez, I understand that you... (Below threshold)

Jeez, I understand that you like to ignore news items that are unfavorable to your party, but can't you people at least use Google as well the rest of us?


Oh, makeup for a televised ... (Below threshold)

Oh, makeup for a televised debate . . . a scandal in the making, all right . . .

No Brian, I meant a source ... (Below threshold)

No Brian, I meant a source that said Romney was demanding everyone cut back and be mindful of the poor America - you know, like Pony Edwards' '2 Americas'. You see, the problem with Edwards is not the haircuts, but spending 400 bucks of ordinary peoples' money on it while whining about the disparity between rich and poor people. You can spend money without being a hypocrite, but Edwards' hypocrisy os pretty well documented. Romney, near as I have heard and seen, never said folks could not enjoy their own money.

Oh, makeup for a televis... (Below threshold)

Oh, makeup for a televised debate . . . a scandal in the making, all right .

And a haircut before a campaign appearance is more scandalous? At least a haircut lasts a while. A makeover is just one night.

No Brian, I meant a source that said

Bullshit. You asked for a source that Romney spent $300 on makeup. I gave it to you. Don't go claiming you meant something that is not present in either my original statement nor in your request for a source for it.

Well, thanks you two. Although it's a ridiculously inconsequential topic of conversation, I did enjoy the opportunity to smack down two Wizbangers at once, and watch your stammering, hand-waving responses.

Jim-Well that's ho... (Below threshold)


Well that's how I like my canardists-petarded.

Otherwise-they'd be dangerous...

Addendum: Alan Keyes is now... (Below threshold)

Addendum: Alan Keyes is now in the race on the (R) side.

No Brian, I simply asked "s... (Below threshold)

No Brian, I simply asked "source"? You jumped to the expected conclusion.

My dog should be so well-trained. Can you say 'Pavlov'?

And the Libs think WE are the robots?


Actually, a source for Romn... (Below threshold)

Actually, a source for Romney spending for a makeover was requested, not makeup.

The two words mean different things.

Who gives a fuck what a hai... (Below threshold)

Who gives a fuck what a haircut or makeover costs? Do you want a POTUS who looks like he/she manages an Arby's, or one that can stand next to other international leaders and not look like a Nixon-esque chewed boot? If high-end salons in New York or LA or wherever charge that much for their time and supplies, who gives a shit? Free market, right?

Yay for Alan Keyes!P... (Below threshold)

Yay for Alan Keyes!
Perhaps he can be VP for 4 or 8 years, so that those who aren't familiar with his past demonstrated abilities in the State Dept. and UN, under Pres. Reagan, can get used to him. When I first heard him speak in the debates, then read his written work, I thought - here is a statesman, not just a politician.

Bill "La Raza" Richardson? ... (Below threshold)

Bill "La Raza" Richardson? I live in New Mexico, and it doesn't feel like Mexico. It feels like Arkansas. That's right, Bill Richardson is more like Bill Clinton than Janet Murguía.

As with previous governors, there are orange barrels all over the state where roads are being upgraded and repaired, but this time, they're marked (like a dog marks a tree for territory) with a sign that says GRIP: Governor Richardson's Investment Partnership. To his Loyal Opposition, it's just another sign that the Democrat machine in the state is keeping its GRIP on the future of New Mexico.






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