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East Coast rocks antiwar protest

If our last report on protests in DC left you thinking that East Coast antiwar protesters are just a bunch of lame old ladies and dying hippies, look again.

You should never doubt the number of batsh*t-crazy losers in the east, nor their ability to put on a protest that just totally rocks, dude:

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the pointer and Charles Ryder of Age of Hooper for spending his time among the mentally challenged to bring us this report.

Also, a big shout out to the puppet-makers, the hookers, the songwriters and musicians (man, I would just never think to bring an accordion to a protest), and the seemingly endless hippy drum circles. Why, with a fifth of George Dickel and few hits of Orange Sunshine, you'd think you were at Woodstock. Or maybe in hell.


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Comments (21)

Oh good grief... how embarr... (Below threshold)

Oh good grief... how embarrassing for them.

Looks like a bunch of Barnard grads.

There's just too much to me... (Below threshold)

There's just too much to mention . . . when they start up the "impeachment song" (the first of a couple songs/chants suggesting Bush isn't a favorite), and some Gomer wanders up behind the group and joins in - he knows the lyrics! Is this some new hit? Wait . . . is that Steven Stills? Nah . . . can't sing.

And all the chants and cheers . . . those HIPS girls (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive - because groups of them should just die, apparently) had to practice and practice their routines, and still they suck.

Son, it was worth a dollar a quart!

It's so embarrassing to be ... (Below threshold)

It's so embarrassing to be on the Left.

This is your BRAIN on Drugs... (Below threshold)

This is your BRAIN on Drugs!!!

Is Boonesfarm still on the ... (Below threshold)

Is Boonesfarm still on the market? Vintage '67 apple preferred.

What about paisley pants? Maybe at the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Good grief.... (Below threshold)

Good grief.

... and they say folks on t... (Below threshold)

... and they say folks on the right are "sheeple"

Good glavin.

I was lookin for McMurphy a... (Below threshold)

I was lookin for McMurphy and the tall Indian...

Thanks for showing us the f... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Thanks for showing us the face of the modern Democratic Party.

Exactly what I was thinking... (Below threshold)

Exactly what I was thinking yo! You always hear the left yell that the right is a bunch of sheep, all the while they march behind a loony-toon with a bullhorn feeding them their lines. That video is just so incredibly ridiculous, they are a bunch of children banging on pots and pans.

This is the result of deins... (Below threshold)

This is the result of deinstitutionalization of mental illness.

Sometimes liberals can be s... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:


Just think of all that "tal... (Below threshold)

Just think of all that "talent" and "energy" wasted. Aren't there soup kitchens that need ladlers? Aren't there shelters that need mattress flippers? Aren't there aclu cases that need shysters? Aren't there McDonalds that need bun separators?

Suddenly, that Ms. South Ca... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Suddenly, that Ms. South Carolina teen looks a WHOLE lot brighter.

This is the comedy version ... (Below threshold)

This is the comedy version of The Dawn of the Living Dead or maybe some remake. Maybe Comedy Central is doing a live version. These people must be part of a new government program.

The RNC should create adver... (Below threshold)

The RNC should create advertisements with Reid, Murtha, Kerry, Schumer, Durbin, etc. spewing their little troop bashing garbage and intersperse with clips of these meatsticks.

btw, if any of you contribute to H.I.P.S., please don't forget your "protection". Might want to use a paper bag as well for your own mental health.

Liberalism is a mental illn... (Below threshold)

Liberalism is a mental illness. These people are scary. Hope none of them vote.

Bad Actors All... Media Sto... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Bad Actors All... Media Stooges for the MSM. All that "anger" for a few soundbites on the evening news.

Did you notice they're trav... (Below threshold)
andrew b:

Did you notice they're traveling in the passing lane, too? I guess it's fitting that they're left lane hogs as well...

"Deep, deep roots." Ha!... (Below threshold)

"Deep, deep roots." Ha!

There were some liberals ho... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

There were some liberals holding a die in to call for more gun control and it looked like they got some attention from the lap dog liberal left-wing news media and we always know that liberals always do stupid things to get the attention






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