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Student Tasered While Questioning Kerry

At a University of Florida speech featuring Senator John Kerry, a student is tasered by school police while attempting to ask Kerry why he conceded the 2004 election. From The Ledger:

GAINESVILLE | U.S. Sen. John Kerry's speech at the University of Florida came to a dramatic close Monday, shortly after a vocal audience member was hauled off by police and shot with a Taser gun. Police announced this morning they will release the student.

Toward the conclusion of Kerry's UF forum, 21-year-old Andrew Meyer approached an open microphone at University Auditorium and demanded Kerry answer his questions. Meyer, a UF student in the College of Journalism and Communications, claimed that University Police Department officers had already threatened to arrest him, and then proceeded to question Kerry about why he didn't contest the 2004 presidential election and why there had been no moves to impeach President Bush.

A minute or so into what became a combative diatribe, Meyer's microphone was turned off and officers began trying to physically remove him from the auditorium. Meyer flailed his arms, yelling as police tried to restrain him.

He was then pushed to the ground by six officers, at which point Meyer yelled, "What have I done? What I have I done? Get away from me. Get off of me! What did I do? ... Help me! Help."

It's obvious the cops are waiting on this guy - look how many are around him prior to him asking a question. Sen. Kerry does try to deal with the guy, but the cops finally remove him from the mic and then it gets weird. USAToday's On Deadline has much more on the student.


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Comments (86)

Sounds like a InsaHANNITY o... (Below threshold)
Harry Mole:

Sounds like a InsaHANNITY or Limpbaugh plant that got what he had coming to him. TASER HIM AGAIN!

First Brussels, and now thi... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

First Brussels, and now this? What is this world coming to? I notice that the female officer seems to be the belligerant one and the ringleader of the arrest. In another of the videos linked to by On Deadline, you can see her trying to prevent another student from photographing the arrest.

After hearing the guy rant ... (Below threshold)

After hearing the guy rant like a 2 year old, I am sympathetic to the taserors. The guy was a complete idiot and out of control.

That said, they probably shouldn't have tasered him, at least not if they want to avoid the perfunctory lawsuit that will surely come.

Resisting officers. Refusin... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Resisting officers. Refusing to leave. Presenting a clear and present danger to John Kerry. You get your ass tazered.

Pretty simple.

Mr. Mole:Where do ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Mr. Mole:

Where do you get your assumption? I perused some of the kid's writings and they looked inane, covering such engaging topics as bicycles and television programing. Hardly the stuff of right-wing extremism. Apparently, one of the things he asked was why Kerry did not contest Ohio. Oooo. There's a hostile question.

I don't know what to make of this. Until I see evidence to the contrary, I'm siding with the police. It seems his questioning turned into filibustering, as self-important journalists are want to do.

He deserved it -- if he jus... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

He deserved it -- if he just cooperated instead of acting like a jerk, he would have got off fine. Yes, we have free speech, but you're not free to disrupt a speech either.

What happens when you resis... (Below threshold)

What happens when you resist arrest? Choose one:

a) you get a $50 gift card for K-Mart

b) a stern lecture from the officers whom are dogding your wildy flailing arms

c) you are subdued - a.k.a. tasered

- I suppose they could have subdued him the old fashioned way: with a few good swacks with a billy club; but I'm sure that would have gone over even more poorly.

I'm guessing that the people who complain about this would also be the first to complain when they are physically tossed from a a bar by bouncers for disrupting the place and endagering it's patrons?

I have no sympathy for him and think the officers acted accordingly. Remember, a taser gun is for subdual, it's non-lethal.

Actually, the kid was a lef... (Below threshold)

Actually, the kid was a left-wing moonbat. See Michelle Malkin's site, she has an eyewitness account. The kid wanted to know why Bush was allowed to "steal" the 2004 election, why Bush hasn't been impeached and if Kerry had been part of the "skull and Bones" society (I not not why).

they razed that little fell... (Below threshold)

they razed that little fella in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan....

Thank you, brainy435... (Below threshold)

Thank you, brainy435! I, too, think the Moonbats have fallen victim to paranoia if a fellow "Impeach NOW!" Lefty is seen as an "InsaHANNITY or Limpbaugh plant". Perhaps it's just simply reflexivity, but still!?

Our permissive society allo... (Below threshold)

Our permissive society allows such disturbed individuals to meander about unfettered, "validates" their psychotic opinions, and then "voices concern" when they go over the top. The UF administration certainly didn't show any concern for the flagrant disruption of a guest speaker, though - it's all about whether the officers used "excessive" force.

I don't see how you get the raving moonbat to shut up and leave - he was resisting from the beginning, and apparently had been at the mike for several minutes with his barely coherent ranting when the officers tried to get him out of there - without dragging him, and eventually tasering him. He should be thankful he didn't get the riot stick.

See, if these nut cases would just stay home, they wouldn't be any more bother to society than our own lefty trolls here. They can rant and rave and say any stupid thing that crosses their "minds" without fear of being tasered or arrested.

Your medication: don't leave home without it!

The Disease: Flaming BDS (... (Below threshold)

The Disease: Flaming BDS (That's Bush Derangement Syndrome for FreeFried, since he suffers from it).

The Cure: Tazer

Best laugh I have had all day. Fricking Moonbat frothing with BDS gets zapped while crying for his momma.

Langtry, I guess the leftie... (Below threshold)

Langtry, I guess the lefties think their fellow lefties would only disrupt an Ann Coulter speech. This kid was clearly upset about at least three things;

1) That Kerry didn't fight the eletion results,
2) That Kerry didn't subsequently lead the charge to impeach and
3) That he feels betrayed that Kerry would be a member of the same group Bush was.

All three were indicative of his disappointment in someone he believed in at one point. I was expecting him to next accuse Kerry of the 9/11 "cover-up".

LOL, the kid was lefty loon... (Below threshold)
civil disobedience:

LOL, the kid was lefty loon. Apparently he escaped off the Soros reservation before reprogramming was 100% complete.

Yes, do TAZER him again...

The questions this little b... (Below threshold)

The questions this little boy asked were only a medium in which to gain the attention that he craved.

I'm pleased he gave the officers reason to taser him, I'm displeased that he will now be given all the attention he craves by the media and by his fellow attention-starved professional protesters.

If this were a capti... (Below threshold)

If this were a caption contest my entry would be-

Freedom Fries has left the building....

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)

This shaky phonecam clip has the kid's questions.

Anyone who calls this exces... (Below threshold)

Anyone who calls this excessive force most likely never dealt with disruptive individuals. The student use physically resistance and police use physical force as they had to.

Not only was he ignoring or... (Below threshold)

Not only was he ignoring orders to show his hands, he was flailing around and moving towards the podium at one point. He also kept shaking off the police when they tried to grab and restrain him. Are the police supposed to read his mind and determine he doesn't pose a threat? He didn't leave them any other options.

Just another moonbat tool, nothing to see here.

I love the whole world seei... (Below threshold)

I love the whole world seeing how the testosterone challenged democrats handle their fear. Like a wussy.

Waaaah. Waaaaah. Where's my momma??


Wayne,Tasers are b... (Below threshold)


Tasers are being marketed to the police as an alternative to deadly force. Lacking the Taser would a reasonable police officer shot this individual? With the advent of instant, omnipresent on-line video, we are seeing more cases of the police using the Taser, not to stop an armed perp humanely, but as a means of inflicting pain -- a high voltage cattle prod.

In this case, they had him outnumbered and down on the ground. He did not pose a threat, he wasn't high on angel dust, so there was no need to shock him, unless they were looking to invite a lawsuit.

They guy was loud, rude, obnoxious, and a whole string of other adjatives. However, if the Taser had stopped his heart, as they have on occasions in the past, he would have become a martyr and a lawsuit. The taxpayers don't need to be paying for that.

Heh. Poor kid. The school... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

Heh. Poor kid. The school should add a Belligerent and Aggressive Behavior 101 class with a special Taser section (what to avoid)as a prerequisite.

Rance,After he was... (Below threshold)


After he was down, eye witness accounts tell of the officers clearly demanding he put his hands behind his back and stop struggling, or he would be tasered.
Who are we to rob him of his free will? He chose to be tasered.

It's an easy weapon to abuse, yes...but I don't see it as the case in this incident...at least from what I've read and seen.

Regarding what would have been done without a taser? Clubbed with a nightstick probably...or perhaps 'ye olde beatdown' which has worked wonders for getting people to what you want them to do since time began.

...or perhaps 'ye olde b... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

...or perhaps 'ye olde beatdown'

Obviously something his parents forgot to do when warranted.

I demand to know what Lurch... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

I demand to know what Lurch was doing during this chilling silencing of dissent

Did that student ask him a ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Did that student ask him a certian question he did.nt want answered and you must wonder why his picture is kapt at a museum there at HO CHI MIHN CITY right there with HANOI JANE

Heralder,I count 7... (Below threshold)


I count 7 officers in the picture at the time he was zapped. Are you saying that 7 officers couldn't get this guy cuffed without the use of a Taser?

Rance,How many of ... (Below threshold)


How many of those 7 can actually move into a postion to physically restrain him?

He was offered the ultimatum and made his choice, that's important when considering the action taken.

Using raw force to bend him into the position they need him is likely to leave more of a mark than tasering him then cuffing him. Besides that, why should they bother risking an elbow in the nose or a bite on the hand or a kick in the groin? He was beligerent and out of control and they brought him under control without any lasting physical damage to either party, I don't see the need to question the tactics here.

The dude is a known publici... (Below threshold)

The dude is a known publicity seeker. The night of the release of the last Harry Potter book this summer he stood outside of a bookstore with a large sign that read "Harry Dies!!!"

Heralder,Forcefull... (Below threshold)


Forcefully, moving him into a position where they could cuff him is not likely to stop his heart.

The price of a lawsuit for a broken arm is a lot less than the price of a lawsuit for wrongful death.

"He did not pose a threat, ... (Below threshold)

"He did not pose a threat, he wasn't high on angel dust, so there was no need to shock him, unless they were looking to invite a lawsuit."

Let's see flailing his arms around (with a book in it), trying to resist the officers. I guess you've never been struck by a flailing arm, or smacked by a book. How about the safety of the other students in the auditorium. Should we just 'hope' none of them are hurt by his actions?

And you are positive he wasn't 'high'? Seeing the difficulty the officers are having in keeping him under control, at the time it was happening, as an officer you have to assume that he just might be on drugs.

Rance,The student ... (Below threshold)


The student didn't seem to worried about his heart stopping. If he was, I doubt he would have continued to struggle after they warned they were preparing to taser him.

Unfortunately there's no perfectly safe way to deal with out of control people like this. But you're saying you'd rather have people physically injured, perhaps permanently (back injuries and the like) rather than not injuring them at all? Risk. Risk is inherant here...what percentage of people tasered have had their heart stop?

I also doubt the officers were considering relative lawsuit prices at the time this was occuring. Frankly, I wouldn't want an officer around that took lawsuits into consideration over doing his job.

Eerie, I could have sworn I... (Below threshold)

Eerie, I could have sworn I heard him calling out,

"kin ah finish?

kin ah finish?"

Jonah Goldberg has it right... (Below threshold)

Jonah Goldberg has it right:

In other words, he wasn't arrested for asking hard questions or for his "dissent." He was escorted from the mic for going on too long, as per the rules of the event, and for generally being a pest. He was arrested for resisting the officers. It seems an important distinction. The fact that the kid thought it was wrong for the cops to pull him away from the microphone is pretty much irrelevant. Lots of folks think it's wrong for the cops to apprehend them. That's why we have judges and lawyers to work all that stuff out. When he started resisting the cops, what were the cops supposed to do? Should they have said "Oh, you don't want to be arrested? Gosh we didn't realize. You're free to go."

It does seem arguable that better cops could have talked him away from the microphone without all the fuss or carried him all the way out of the room so he wouldn't have an audience to martyr himself in front of. And, they do seem to have been too quick to taser the guy. Then again it's hard to tell what was happening in the close quarters. All in all, I have a hard time seeing this as anything but a minor campus incident. He was asked to stop talking after he had his allotted time, he wouldn't. He was asked to leave, he wouldn't. He was told to come quietly, he wouldn't. He was told to stop resisting, he wouldn't. He was told that if he didn't stop resisting, he would be tasered. He was tasered. I don't see any profound "issues" stemming from the whole thing.

What is so interesting abou... (Below threshold)

What is so interesting about this is the fact that there is so little condemnation from the left. If this had happened with a conservative speaker it would be headline news, the subject of talk shows and the ACLU would be front and center.
On todays college campuses the administration often uses the fear of violence to shut down conservstive speakers. It will be interesting to see if Kerry has to stop speaking on campuses because people get tazered at his events.

Rance,Actually taser... (Below threshold)

Actually tasers are marketed not as an alternative to handguns, but to nightsticks.
Rephrase the question to "would they have hauled off with a billy club?"

Liberty is the soul's ri... (Below threshold)

Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girdled too tight.
- Henry Ward Beecher, 1887

First, let's be clear that ... (Below threshold)

First, let's be clear that the kid is definitely a nutjob who could very well have been trying to provoke the incident that occurred.

However, what exactly did he do that required two police officers to physically drag him away from the microphone? Is that something that happened to everyone who went a little too long with their question?

They cut off the microphone and almost instantly started pulling him away. I've seen this video and one from a closer angle posted on Daily Pundit, and I don't see where he was given a chance to voluntarily leave before the officers escalated the situation by grabbing him.

As for the tasering itself, it's hard to see with all the officers on top of him if he was still resisting, so I can't make a judgment on whether it was justified or not.

mantis:L... (Below threshold)


Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girdled too tight.
- Henry Ward Beecher, 1887

Nice quote. Although, I'm going to guess that this was more accurately described as verbal diarrhea than a soul's breathing (although, if one's soul drinks from putrid waters, diarrhea is understandable).

Alex is exactly right. My ... (Below threshold)

Alex is exactly right. My problem is also not with the tasering so much as the fact that they decided to physically restrain him immediately, for doing nothing more than talking too long. He was obviously very surprised at that (wouldn't you be?) and reacted badly, but the police are to blame for this.

Check it out from this angle.

Now clearly, the kid is a nut who listens to Alex Jones too much (read: at all), but the content of his speech is irrelevant to his right to speak.

SCSIwuzzy,From the... (Below threshold)


From the Taser FAQ:

"The advantage we provide is that we can truly immobilize a suspect who can overcome pain, might be on dangerous drugs like cocaine or meth or even emotionally disturbed, whereas other tools of this type rely upon pain compliance. The TASER system doesn't use pain compliance but immediately stops any coordinated action by the subject only while the TASER system's current is flowing."

Unless you are cracking skulls, billy clubs are not devices for immobilization, they are for pain compliance.

I would also seem that in this case, the use was not immobilization, since he was going nowhere, but rather pain compliance.

Mantis, read the eyewitness... (Below threshold)

Mantis, read the eyewitness accounts, there was clearly more going on before the videos you've seen, videos that are being conveniently edited by his friends and shopped around.

rance:In this ... (Below threshold)


In this case, they had him outnumbered and down on the ground. He did not pose a threat, he wasn't high on angel dust, so there was no need to shock him, unless they were looking to invite a lawsuit.

Yeah, he was on the ground, and he continued to resist. He continued to follow the very plain directive, given several times, to place his hands behind his back.

He got what he deserved, and WANTED. Read the eye witness account at Malkins. He started this altercation AFTER the question session was over. His BDS kicked in when he was still at the end of a long line of questioners, he then rushed to the mic and proceeded to get the attention he was looking for.

A moonbat once said, "screw'em," it fits this situation.

The way I see it mantis, is... (Below threshold)

The way I see it mantis, is that he was going to be escorted out and it turned rough when he transformed into a raging psychopath.

Allapundit posted a that gives a little more history rather than the convenient "Cops pounce on kid for talking" cut that's been circulating.

The crowd cheering when the cops begin to lead him away should also be an indication that some shit was going down that was disrupting the entire event. The student and the student alone was responsible for escalating the situation from there on.

1. He never really got to h... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

1. He never really got to his "question". ("How can you concede the election" is more rhetorical and doesn't deserve an answer.)
1.a He contended he had several more questions. Based on that...

2. He clearly went over his allotted time, thus robbing other students of their right to speak and ask questions.

3. Police were attempting to escort him out of the hall, when he began resiting that attempt by flopping out of their grips like a squirmy trout.

4. By the time he was tazered he was obviously out of control and a danger to Kerry, the students, officers and even to himself.

5. This has ZERO to do with free speech. You don't get to hijack any public event where you are being disruptive and uncivil, liberal or conservative.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap! Enjoy the jolt, junior. You had it coming.

<a href="http://video.nbc6.... (Below threshold)

NBC-6 video

From this angle, at around 5:40 on the time, watch a guy in the front row, aisle seat to the left. He motions - presumably to the officers - to get the guy out (using the umpire's "out" hand signal). Just after that, another officer heads back up the aisle towards the speaker. The officers were, at least from that point, acting at the direction of an authority figure.

Remember all this took place AFTER the question session had been declared over, and the perp pushed past the others waiting in line ahead of him.

If you don't play by the rules at an organized function, it's not "free speech" any more. The left never seems to "get" that . . .

You know, come to think of ... (Below threshold)

You know, come to think of it, since this is becoming such an issue how about we do this:

At the next John Kerry lecture every single student will be tasered on the way in.

Call it a pre-emptive strike.

For those who weep for this... (Below threshold)

For those who weep for this poor student. Save your tears. He got exactly what he deserved. Of course you have to see the whole episode in context. The cops weren't just standing there to give him the bum's rush just for the fun of it. They were there because he had already caused a scene and this was his second chance. In the initial dust up he jumped ahead of a line of students who were waiting for thier turn at the mic. He grabs the mic begins barking his nutty monologue. It was his initial beligerance that attracted the cops. John Kerry called them off and said he could ask his question. So his freedom of speech wasn't infringed. Now at this point he had alread shown himself to be distruptive to the gathering; so, the cops had every right and duty to escort him from the premises. It was this fools actions that escalated the confrontation. He had every opportunity to avoid this and he turned them all down. The cops told him at every moment what the next step would be and he continued down the path that ends with being tased and arrested. It was he who chose that path and the cops really had no choice in the matter. What alternative did they have?

By the way, when I go to a rally to cause a ruckus and get tased and arrested, I hope I can do it with dignity and not all the girly screaming flopping around on the floor.

After viewing the NBC 6 vid... (Below threshold)

After viewing the NBC 6 video, it does appear that the officers asked him to leave early on in his rant and he completely ignored them. They then asked him again and he shoved them away and that's when they started escorting him out...

So, between that, the comments on Michelle's site from people who were there and saw what happened before all the cameras started rolling, and his whole "They're going to kill me!!" diatribe once he was removed from the auditorium, it does seem like he planned this whole thing ahead of time to gain attention.

Rance,You tried to m... (Below threshold)

You tried to make the argument that if they didn't have tasers, they would have guns instead. Then you proceeded to make the arguement that since it would be overkill to shoot him, it was overkill to taze him.

Tasers, like billy clubs, are intended to be close quarters less than lethal weapons. The method is different, but the intent is the same: Bring the opponent down without killing. BTW, what is the compliance they are seeking? Could it be "Do what we say or get more of the same"? Electrical shock, tonfas, pepper spray etc all designed to take you down without a high chance of killing you.

Where hand guns are designed to be lethal first and foremost. So, no I don't think in the same scenario they would be pulling their triggers.

You know what really strike... (Below threshold)

You know what really strikes me about this?
Both the folks that support this wackadoo and the people that think he got what is coming to him are posting the same unedited videos of the event as proof.
It's like video Rorschach...

My mistake; I posted before... (Below threshold)

My mistake; I posted before I had read everything. I didn't realize that he had already been causing a disturbance before getting to the microphone. I still think the cops could have handled it better, but from the accounts I've now read, their actions seem much less inappropriate.

After seeing the video, it ... (Below threshold)

After seeing the video, it is evident this guy was a little out of control. They warned him to calm down, and he became even more vocal and disruptive. He really should have known better.

Funny, (not really) where a... (Below threshold)

Funny, (not really) where are all the "free speechers" that crawl from the woodwork when similar incidents occur at speeches/functions attended by Repubs?

We've all seen/heard them: "Damn jackbooted Rethuglians did ya see how they drug that octogenarian code pink member from the assembly hall?"

<a href="http://tinyurl.com... (Below threshold)

The WaPo is clearly not amused by the antics of this lunatic:

Andrew Meyer, a senior in journalism and communications, was questioning Sen. John Kerry about why he didn't contest the results of the 2004 election. When his diatribe on secret societies, Iran and a mysterious "yellow book" ran over the one-minute mark, his microphone was cut off. Unconcerned with this violation of civilized Q&A decorum, the 21-year-old Meyer continued to speak, sarcastically thanking the organizers for cutting of [sic] his microphone.
Just as clearly he hasn't reached the part of his journalism course where they teach "tell the story, don't BE THE STORY."

My mistake; I post... (Below threshold)
My mistake; I posted before I had read everything. I didn't realize that he had already been causing a disturbance before getting to the microphone. I still think the cops could have handled it better, but from the accounts I've now read, their actions seem much less inappropriate.

Classy response Mantis

You know, come to think of it, since this is becoming such an issue how about we do this:

At the next John Kerry lecture every single student will be tasered on the way in.

Call it a pre-emptive strike.

Too funny Heralder! Can we work a "surge" or two in there too?

He should consider it a gif... (Below threshold)

He should consider it a gift. I'd prefer a good ol' taser to a Kerry speech any day.

Because of various lawsuits... (Below threshold)

Because of various lawsuits against police with a variety of complaints about other tactics to control resisting subject, police have adopted the use of pepper spray and tasers very quickly in confrontations because almost all other tools and techniques have been taken from them.

When I heard he was a journ... (Below threshold)

When I heard he was a journalism major, my first thought was that he would fit in with Helen Thomas.

He was being a real stupid ... (Below threshold)

He was being a real stupid dick.

That's reason enough to zap his ass.

I can't wait for this dick heads sequel.

It's okay mantis,W... (Below threshold)

It's okay mantis,

We know you're a lying sack of shit.

I'm a little troubled by th... (Below threshold)

I'm a little troubled by the use of the taser as well. As much as I think he's a little piece of shit I don't see why six cops couldn't cuff him and drag him out without zapping him. I agree with Rance: whatever the taser's ostensible purpose they used it here as a tool to cause pain so they would get compliance.

A wrist lock and cuffs wouldn't have been just as effective. You can't tell me six well-trained cops couldn't restrain his arms long enough to get the cuffs on. I've seen pairs of officers cuff resisting guys who were a heck of a lot more determined than this little wannabe.

On the other hand, I don't think he should have any basis to sue. The time to resist the cops in in front of a judge, not when you're being arrested. It should have been clear as day to him that he was about to be tasered, and I don't feel sorry for him.

I just think it's a bad idea to allow cops to reach for the taser as the first response to anyone who's giving them trouble.

"Don't Tase me, bro!"... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

"Don't Tase me, bro!"

How could he expect the officers to resist that tempting invitation? I'm surprised the tasing isn't still going on.

This event would be WAY mor... (Below threshold)

This event would be WAY more interesting if this kid were Black!

Can you imagine the outrage if this guy was BLACK!

Interesting tidbits from th... (Below threshold)

Interesting tidbits from the police report: http://www.starbanner.com/article/20070918/NEWS/70918007/1053/BREAKING_NEWS

So the guy apparently told the cops: "I am not mad at you guys, you didn't do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job"

It's headline on Drudge right now.

Because I'm such a good guy... (Below threshold)

Because I'm such a good guy, I'm going to share one of my secret rules of life that has kept me from ever being beaten or tazered by the police.

When the policing man says 'halt', I halt.

Variations of that basic rule work quite well in other situations when interacting with the policing man. For instance: 'Leave', I leave; 'Pullover', I pullover; 'Put your hands above your head and don't make any sudden movements', I put my hands over my head and stand very still.

I've found that the policing men usually give very simple instructions. Following simple instructions has allowed me to remain out of jail for all but a couple of hours of my life and prevented any undue physical pain from being administered to my person by policing men.

At the next John K... (Below threshold)
At the next John Kerry lecture every single student will be tasered on the way in.

I'd prefer they just tasered John F'ing Kerry and be done with the whole mess.

Let me start by saying this... (Below threshold)

Let me start by saying this guy is a complete moron. He deserved to be arrested, no doubt about it. But, I think (I counted 7?) officers can't detain a guy without Tasing him? C'mon admit they did it for fun and to prove a point.

Also, I heard Kerry still t... (Below threshold)

Also, I heard Kerry still talking in the background. Does anyone know what he was saying? Was he commenting on what was happening or talking to someone else?

Was he commenting ... (Below threshold)
Was he commenting on what was happening or talking to someone else?

Does anyone ever know what John F'ing Kerry is saying, or to whom he is speaking? Himself included.

I think Kerry was actually ... (Below threshold)

I think Kerry was actually still anwering the random idiot's questions.

Actually, Kerry was saying ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Kerry was saying that he'd answer the kid's questions (I think in regards to his membership in the Skull & Bones). It sounds like he said, "I think it's a very important question." So I'll give him a plus for that, sort of.

But he gets a minus for his willingness to entertain someone who broke the rules and jumped the line, robbing others of their chance to speak, and he gets a minus for his usual droning monotone, devoid of any inflection or emotion, even in the middle of a dust up. Man. Can you imagine 4 years of listening to Kerry speeches? At least Bush is entertaining with mispronunciations and flubs.

If the speaker were Hilary,... (Below threshold)
ziggy in JC:

If the speaker were Hilary, the guy would be tazered and arrested. Finshed, nothing said.

I don't know if it is true ... (Below threshold)

I don't know if it is true in Florida, but local Ohio cops have told me that you have to first BE tasered yourself at least once before you are allowed to carry a taser in your official capacity.

The Drudge article that Ton... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

The Drudge article that Tony referenced has some of the best materail out there about this incident:

1. The guy brought his own video camera and handed it to a girl and told her to tape him when he was speaking.

2. When he started speaking, he asked the girl make sure she was getting everything.

3. One of the arresting officers said that he acted calm except when there were cameras around. Those times, he acted crazy.

4. He repeatedly asked officers where the cameras were.

This sounds to me like someone who either craved attention or wanted to make a point in the biggest possible way.

I have no sympathy for him either way.

As for those who are conten... (Below threshold)

As for those who are contending that many officers didn't need to taser him. You're correct, they didn't need to, they could have cracked him with a nightstick. It sure seemed to end quick after a few volts passed through him though didn't it...seems like it was the right decision.

It is obvious no one was to... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

It is obvious no one was to ask questions critical of Sen. Kerry. Just as Americans have been arrested for wearing anti-Bush shirts at a Public Event.
Does anyone doubt if the kid had rambled on but was questioning Kerry on abortion the result would have been different?
Not in in that hall...but the folks here now blaming the kid would be screaming "Abortion foe Tasered"
This kid was not a heckler...he was not shouting slogans. He asked a question that was important to him.
This should not be a left or right issue..
It is clearly a 1st amendant issue for all of us.
We have become a nation of "Free Speech Zones"

Sorry nogo war you are wron... (Below threshold)

Sorry nogo war you are wrong. This guy's free speech rights were not infringed.

However, he was infringing that lesser known 1st amendment right of the entire crowd-- that is the right to peacably assemble.

Mr. Meyer precipitated this... (Below threshold)

Mr. Meyer precipitated this event. First by rushing the microphone alarming the security officers -- and rightly so -- who were told to hold back by Kerry. He followed this by disregarding the conventions of the event, requests to leave, and, finally, the orders of the police. Maybe too much force was used, but I tend to believe if 3 officers are having trouble subduing a subject in a crowded space, they are due some degree of latitude in their methods.

There is a great equivalenc... (Below threshold)

There is a great equivalence between this clown and the trolls here. Each thinks that they have a right to disrupt others' free speech in the false disguise of their own.

Do you think all that flail... (Below threshold)

Do you think all that flailing and whining got him laid at the big social? Maybe the voltage from the taser turned his clitoris into a penis...

Way to go, nogo. Did you r... (Below threshold)

Way to go, nogo. Did you read anything, anything at all, about what happened?

Kerry has released a statem... (Below threshold)

Kerry has released a statement per the linked article on Drudge:

He's not directly quoted as saying so, but it was added that he said "he was in the process of responding to Andrew Meyer's questions when police intervened."

Wrong. I doubt Kerry watched the video or he would know that he didn't try to answer anything until the police made a move.

But he was quoted saying, "I believe I could have handled the situation without interruption, but I do not know what warnings or other exchanges transpired between the young man and the police prior to his barging to the front of the line and their intervention."

Without interruption? Too late!

That's the problem. Kerry would have indulged this young man in spite of his behavior. He would have rewarded this young man's behavior by treating him in a fashion that the young man didn't feel others deserved; with respect and dignity. That's the message; all you have to do is make a scene, interrupt others and pretend you're more important than everyone else. Kerry couldn't even handle an unruly college student before the police had to intervene. How was he going to handle Ahmadinejad? Instead, he waits until someone else handles a situation then declares he "would have done it better".

Poor ol' "stepped over" j k... (Below threshold)

Poor ol' "stepped over" j kerry: "I can handle tings...I'm smaht...not like eveybody says...I want respect!!" (John Cazale R. I. P.)

Classic!!<a href="... (Below threshold)
They had him subdued, and o... (Below threshold)

They had him subdued, and on the ground. Just carry him outside, and prevent his entry.

They shouldn't have tazed him.






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