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The Deafening Silence

Many times, the most interesting things are not what people say, but what they do not say. That is especially true of the mainstream media. They can't get enough of the OJ Simpson story and the Larry Craig story, but very few mentions of the Norman Hsu scandal.

But on an even more significant scale, we have the story of what the hell is going on in Syria.

Recently, there was an incident between Syria and Israel. Initially, it was reported that Israel had overflown Syria on a reconnaissance mission. Then it came out that Israel had dropped some fuel tanks over Syria. Those were upgraded to munitions jettisoned over the desert. Now we're up to a full-fledged military raid, with substantial allegations that the target was a Syrian nuclear weapons project backed by North Korea.

Syria. Home of Hezbollah. Home of Hamas. Occupier and oppressor of Lebanon. Supplier of insurgents in Iraq. Long-time rival of Iran for title of "most terrorists sponsored."

Signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This is maximum RSS -- Really Scary Shit. Sooner or later, some state with strong ties to terrorism is going to get their hands on a nuke -- and right now the most tempting thing they can do with it is to give it to one of those terrorist groups with a shove in the general direction of the West. We've all been watching Iran lately.

Here, though, we see the possibility (hell, the probability) that North Korea is trying to pull a fast one of their own. They are inviting the West to come in and verify that they have no nuclear weapons research going on -- after they've exported the whole kit and kaboodle to Syria.

And it must be remembered that, in the buildup to the US invasion of Iraq, there was evidence that Saddam also loaded up a bunch of trucks with stuff from places we suspected were involved in WMDs and skedaddled them across the border -- to Syria.

Toss in that Syria itself is a smidgen shaky right now -- their president, Dorktator Bashar Assad, is seen as weak by his military and possibly ripe for overthrowing.

Thank you, Israel. You might have -- once again -- bought the civilized world a bit more breathing space. Let's hope we use it more wisely than we did one previous time you did something similar.


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Comments (19)

Yellow cake, anyone?... (Below threshold)

Yellow cake, anyone?

This happened while Kucinic... (Below threshold)

This happened while Kucinich was in Damascus having tea with a butcher.

North Korea was the first n... (Below threshold)

North Korea was the first nation to offer an angry response to the attack by Israel, giving further credibility to the claims of some in intelligence of the secret nuclear project. Syria is also known to house a giant hardened underground bunker facility that manufactures rockets and other military hardware as well as probable chemical or biological weapons.

It's far easier for the public to comprehend stories about Britney Spears or O.J., where more serious news is much harder to market. I wrote a pretty serious piece about Kosovo over at Wizbang Blue yesterday. Could you imagine such a feature in the mainstream press as major news?

Great post. I sure wish tha... (Below threshold)

Great post. I sure wish that the media was different, but it is not. I get all my news through a variety of blogs etc. so I did know this.

I am astounded at how much nothing that the MSM play. Today it is all OJ and Britney and blah blah blah...even on Fox.

So thanks to WIZBANG and others many of us are not blinded anymore.

"Welcome to Bashar's Pre-ow... (Below threshold)

"Welcome to Bashar's Pre-owned Military Hardware Lot. We have quality, pre-owned vehicles, weapons and, now WMDs! Bad credit? No credit? No problem! Just show us how you plan to earn your 72 virgins and we can get you special financing from the Bank of Iran. So come on...is that a Star of David on that plane? Oh sh..."

"We're sorry, but we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties."

The reason there is so litt... (Below threshold)

The reason there is so little news of what the Israeli AF did is because of the censors in Israel and the fact that the politicians that would be speaking 'off the record' are not saying *anything*...

Of course Syria isn't saying anything as to do so would confirm what is already suspected, that the NoKo's moved most of their nuke program there, where it subsequently was detected, tracked and then blown to hell and gone by the IAF.

Score one for the good guys and demonstrating once again that if you use your big stick to whack someone every now and then they'll have a damn lot more respect for your ability to bitch slap them for being stupid in the future.

"This is maximum RSS -- Rea... (Below threshold)

"This is maximum RSS -- Really Scary Shit. Sooner or later, some state with strong ties to terrorism is going to get their hands on a nuke"

Boy, I can't wait to see who the President is when some jihadist has a nuke offered to him. Will it be someone that has promised that any nuclear attack on the US or an ally will be answered by the major cities and every "holy site" of the middle east taking on an unhealthy glow for a very long time - or a President that has already promised that under no circumstances will respond to ANY provocation with the full force of our military (aka nukes)?

(oh, and by "I can't wait" I was being sarcastic - I wouldn't mind never finding out)

"Could you imagine such ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Could you imagine such a feature in the mainstream press as major news?"

Yes. Not only can I imagine it, but I would expect it. The mainstream press is right on par with the stupid, communist-biased shit you all post at WizBlue.

"This happened while Kuc... (Below threshold)

"This happened while Kucinich was in Damascus having tea with a butcher."

Indeed he was. As he heaped praise on Assad saying he deserved so much respect and admiration. Kucinich is a stupid and gullible man.

Paul "almost a PhD" Hoosen:... (Below threshold)

Paul "almost a PhD" Hoosen: "I wrote a pretty serious piece about Kosovo over at Wizbang Blue yesterday."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Wow, I'll bet that was some "enlightening" stuff alright.

Hooson:I wrote... (Below threshold)


I wrote a pretty serious piece about Kosovo over at Wizbang Blue yesterday.


Go ahead folks read it and I think you'll agree, Hooson has a future as a Comedy Central writer.

Lets break <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Lets break the silence:

Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the development and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in a Jane's Magazine report that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria.

According to the report, cited by Channel 10, the joint Syrian-Iranian team was attempting to mount a chemical warhead on a scud missile when the explosion occurred, spreading lethal chemical agents, including sarin nerve gas and VX gas.

The factory was created specifically for the purposes of altering ballistic missiles to carry chemical payloads, the magazine report claimed.

As they say read the rest.

(now we know the real reason for the Kucinich visit to Syria. He was delivering flowers to the injured still in the hospital)

That is a scary report marc... (Below threshold)

That is a scary report marc.

SPQR:That is a... (Below threshold)


That is a scary report marc.

Yeah, so is Kucinich!

And have you ever wondered ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And have you ever wondered why RUSSIA,CHINA and NORTH KOREA oppose a missle sheild for america?

Gee, where are all the trol... (Below threshold)

Gee, where are all the trolls saying its Bush policies that have led to this mess?

Very few of them can think ... (Below threshold)

Very few of them can think on their own and the rest are waiting on the marching memes from higher-up. They particularly don't want to inadvertently say the wrong thing. No, no, no. Mustn't. The ones who can think are busy earning money doing it.

There was also evidence tha... (Below threshold)

There was also evidence that Syria removed all of Saddam's laser-headed robots. And his army of amazon women from the Moon.

Well, they weren't there when we invaded Iraq, right?? So they had to go somewhere!

Attention Jay Tea:... (Below threshold)

Attention Jay Tea:

Are you going to clear up this Neo-con serving post that you used to parrot the Podhoretz line about nukes in Syria?

I thought not...you managed to get your distortions & fraudulent insinuations about Syrian nukes before your whimpering Pavlovian Puppy audience, helping to stoke a strike on Iran.

Did you read the Raw Story of 9-24? You really are a classless dishonest ass.






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