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Last Call: Who Will Have the Biggest Impact on the '08 Elections?

Note: I asked this question Sunday morning, but it was a slow Sunday and the comments weren't working right so I'll give everyone one last shot... BTW nobody got it right last time which is one of the reasons I extended it.

Here's your [very last] chance to prove you've been paying attention.

Who will have the biggest impact on the 2008 elections? Will the nation go gaga over Hillarycare 2.0 and sweep Marxists into office everywhere?

Will Rudy bring the country together and bring more centrist Republicans to Washington?

What about Newt? Will he run and give CPR to the conservative movement?

AND it doesn't have to be a candidate... Will Bush's shadow be have the largest effect on the outcome? That's happened more times than it has not in recent history. -- What if Gore convinces the world his scam is true and people vote the "Greenest" candidates?

AND it doesn't even need to be a pol. Will some enterprising reporter find dirt on the leading Republican or Democrat and sway the whole election? What about a lowly blogger with a bit of cell phone video?

AND widening this thing out, it doesn't have to be a person, exactly. We can already make the case YouTube will change the outcome more than any one candidate.

Even with all the options I have given you, the answer is perfectly clear and undeniable if you've been paying attention.


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Comments (44)

Matt Drudge -- he provides ... (Below threshold)

Matt Drudge -- he provides the soap box: directing traffic to the individual who has the information but not the voice.

George Soros:With ... (Below threshold)

George Soros:

With his control over MoveOn and other organizations, he can push the Dems as far to the left as he wants; yet the MSM will never bother to write a single story about him, his history, and his influence over the Dems. (Except puff pieces.)

Miss South Carolina! Our m... (Below threshold)

Miss South Carolina! Our map shortage must be addressed!

It's times' ,"Person of the... (Below threshold)

It's times' ,"Person of the Year", ya thilly. None of the above matters w/o ME, and only me, doing what I do best. Whatever that is.

Paul, once again you will d... (Below threshold)

Paul, once again you will disagree with me.
My answer to your question is, Rudy.
If he does get the nod from the GOP, he will carry no less then 35 states in the general election, including Calif.

527 groups?... (Below threshold)

527 groups?

After a last minute terrori... (Below threshold)

After a last minute terrorist attack, Madame Rudy & her drag queen entourage will be swept into office in a Fascist Frenzy.

Clinton and Obama, two unel... (Below threshold)

Clinton and Obama, two unelectable Democrat front runners.

It will be President Bush/I... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

It will be President Bush/Iraq Parliament. It will be all about Iraq. In listening to the debate on the Webb Amendment(you know the one that simply says for regular military equal time deployed back to time spent in I or A)
The decision of Republicans to stand with Bush on Iraq is what 08 will be all about...
The voters no long want to stay the Bush course. They will want to even less next year.
The voters know the Republican Party is the Party of the "Course" and will vote for a veto proof Democratic Congress to make sure that abandoning the Bush course happens...No matter who the President is...

OK, serious answer: Google... (Below threshold)

OK, serious answer: Google.

Petraeus. ... (Below threshold)


My partisan biases to the s... (Below threshold)

My partisan biases to the side, it looks to me likeBush, via both Iraq and the deficit, and many other side issues, is having the biggest impact right now. And Bush and his policies will continue to have this impact through 2008.

The GOP brand has been pretty deeply tied to Bush in the past 7 years. Now Bush is unpopular, and so the GOP is more unpopular as well.

So it looks to me like the Democratic candidates have it easier for them, both in overall campaigning and specifically fundraising. I think that, to the majority of the electorate, the Democrats automatically look better simply because they are not Bush.

On the GOP side, their candidates have a bit of a tightrope to walk. They can't bash Bush or they will get abandoned by the GOP base, but they can't praise Bush much or they will lose the mainstream independent voters they need to win. From what I've noticed, so far most critiques have been limited to Bush on immigration, because that's one area the base is very angry with Bush.

So, influences are Bush and then Hillary, in that order.

Iran.... (Below threshold)
centralcal Author Profile Page:


People, it's Google.<... (Below threshold)

People, it's Google.

Google now owns YouTube and DoubleClick, has started its own news wire hosting service, has over $13 billion in annual revenue, and it knows everything about you. Forget direct mailing, targeted political marketing over the internet is the future. Oh yeah, they've gotten into radio ads too.

If you think Google is not going to get more heavily involved in election politics, think again. That Australia election site is really just a beta; you can bet we'll have one here for 2008 soon.

Don't forget google.org, their $1 billion for-profit philanthropic organization which is all about climate change, public health, and economic development. Oh yeah, and Al Gore has been an advisor to Google since 2001, and he's filthy rich with Google stock.

Ask yourself this, where would Ron Paul be without Google (and YouTube)? How about Fred Thompson? The dynamic is changed, and Google is driving it.

I'm with mantis. Great Goo... (Below threshold)

I'm with mantis. Great Google-y moogle-y.

Joe Leiberman will endorse ... (Below threshold)

Joe Leiberman will endorse Rudy and pull many moderate dem votes with him. Shrillary KO'ed 10 seconds into the fight. Her VEEP cohort Barrack Osama a "no show" cuz he couldn't get a cab....

very interesting mantis....... (Below threshold)

very interesting mantis....

In fact, yours is the only answer that might bump mine... I pretty sure I still win but you have the only credible "incorrect" answer.


mantis, care to "guest post... (Below threshold)

mantis, care to "guest post" your answer?

Fleshing that out would make a hell of a post. (not as good as mine but... lol)

lemme know, mail me and I'll post for you.


The blogosphere, right and ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

The blogosphere, right and left, will have the greatest impact. On the right, candidates will not be able to ignore the input that it already has. On the left, it will continually be a drag on Hillary! as she risks alienating either the far left or the moderate Dems by unsuccessfully attempting the triangulation her "husband" was so good at.

I think the answer Paul is ... (Below threshold)

I think the answer Paul is looking for is MoveOn.org.

>Paul, once again you will ... (Below threshold)

>Paul, once again you will disagree with me.

Well, if you'd be right a little more often we wouldn't have this problem now would we. ;-)

>My answer to your question is, Rudy.

Case in point! lol

Besides particular issues s... (Below threshold)

Besides particular issues such as Iraq, the economy etc., I don't think any INDIVIDUAL person will have the BIGGEST impact.

I as with a mantis post above, think the biggest impact will be the (ARENA) in which the game is played.

The stampede by the states to get their primary ahead of each other, will have us voting on Thanksgiving!! *jk

The front loading will pressure campaigns and choose a nominee by St. Patty's Day.
This will open the door for surprises, that will have a big impact on the 08 elections.

The Emperor of Wyoming.<br ... (Below threshold)

The Emperor of Wyoming.

Frankly it is going to be s... (Below threshold)

Frankly it is going to be something completely unforseen, like the Swiftboats last time.

For example a huge terrorist (AQ) attack in, say, Spain around September would put the democrats on their heals.

Similarly if Baghdad goes completely potty, the republicans lose.

How about monica showing up... (Below threshold)

How about monica showing up with bubba jr.?

I once heard that the winne... (Below threshold)

I once heard that the winner of each Presidential election is the one thayt the election was NOT about. It's an interesting (albiet) imperfect theory. To wit:


Now, Hillary is the all-but-confirmed Democrat nominee. If the GOP runs Giuliani, Thompson, Romney or even an over-cooked carrot, who will be the lightning rod in the general election? Hhhmmm. . .

Hillary's your man, Paul!

For everyone who is convinc... (Below threshold)

For everyone who is convinced that Hillary and Rudy are the de facto nominees at this point, remember December of 2003. At that point, a full three months further into the cycle from where we are now, Howard Dean was the Democratic frontrunner by far, with John Kerry coming in at sixth, behind Al Sharpton (where he should have stayed, IMO). A lot can change in a short period of time.

True enough. I imagine eve... (Below threshold)

True enough. I imagine everyone agrees with the projection risk comment, BUT a "special" exception appears to have quietly been made that Hillary will hook, crook, lie, steal and sleep (yuck!) her way into the nomination (i.e. Clinton machine). Thus, the professed lack of doubt on the DEM projection side.

It is amazing that these li... (Below threshold)

It is amazing that these liberal sissies are so fill with hatred for America and everything good that they do not see that shrillary is unelectable.

mantis (#27):Yep, ... (Below threshold)

mantis (#27):

Yep, and that's why I could care less about the 2008 election at this point.

Blogs in general. Is that t... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Blogs in general. Is that the answer?

I personally don't see any ... (Below threshold)

I personally don't see any way that Rudy can emerge as the primary candidate. Looking in to the GOP from the outside on this one, but he seems to have a lot of baggage and is pretty one-note as a candidate..."Look at me! I Was Mayor of NY on 9/11!"

To be fair, on the Democratic side, I don't think Hillary's that great a candidate either.

It'll be an interesting next 14 or so months, that's for sure.

I dunno, maybe the U.S $ i... (Below threshold)
John S:

I dunno, maybe the U.S $ index (NYBOT:DX) at $66, oil at $105, gold at $1,200, gasoline at $4.50, a gallon of milk at $5, unemployment at 7%. Iraq could be irrelevant by election day.

Wait a minute...milk will <... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Wait a minute...milk will STILL cost more than gasoline on election day?

Vote the bums out!

I agree with number 31. Go... (Below threshold)

I agree with number 31. Google is a powerful medium, but word of mouth drives the vehicle.

I think this mortgage issue... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

I think this mortgage issue is going to have legs well into next year at least. Home ownership is considered by many to be the real American dream, and when that dream goes as awry as it has the past year, it's going to rattle a lot of people. The sort of speculation which drove prices through the roof and the predatory nature of lenders have combined to cause a lot of folks to question the fundamental soundness of the economy and the Republican doctrine of deregulation.

Me and you.But of co... (Below threshold)

Me and you.
But of course that's a bit of a Time Magazine-like cop-out.

I am coming into this late ... (Below threshold)

I am coming into this late - and I mean 3:58am Eastern Time - web designing again - but I have to agree with Mantis as well - Miss South Carolina fer sure :) If we don't address the map shortage, I don't know what shall become of us all.

The house of cards economy ... (Below threshold)

The house of cards economy we currently have. China owns us lock stock and barrel. The economy is built on consumer borrowing - refinancing to pay off credit card debt and then new accumulation of credit card debt and now no where to go to pay that off. We're teetering on the brink of a disaster and it wouldn't take much (oil chaos e.g.) to blow over the house of cards.

Rupert Murdoch... (Below threshold)

Rupert Murdoch

Allah, God willing.=... (Below threshold)

Allah, God willing.

Come on...the answer is as ... (Below threshold)

Come on...the answer is as obvious as the nose on your face... voters.

At least the ones that think as opposed to the ones that feel.

It's either the evil Diebol... (Below threshold)

It's either the evil Diebold machine or my Aunt Fannie (and everybody's Aunt Fannie), who died 10 years ago, but still votes democrat several times each election.

In truth, the MSM. If they ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

In truth, the MSM. If they ever reported the truth, it would result in a Republican landslide.






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