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Politics topics on tap now

Now playing over on the Politics page (which you can also reach via the tabs at the top of this page):


Rudy raises campaign $$ in London . . . and meets with Brown, Blair, and Thatcher . . .

Edwards: real or phony? . . . or just a "real phony silky pony" . . .

McCain's Michigan chair to quit . . . not the best way to keep a comeback going . . .

Edwards email blasts Hillary . . . will questioning her ethics work with Democratic primary voters?

. . . and more below those, and as events develop . . .


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Comments (7)

You keep forgetting Ted Ste... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

You keep forgetting Ted Stevens (R Alaska)
as a politics junkie that you are ...surely you are aware of the current trial in which Stevens is named....
...of course...given that this is an acknowledged site with a bias...I will respect and understand your failure to mention Stevens...

nogo war, You mus... (Below threshold)

nogo war,
You must have missed some information. All three (that's all they have, 2 senators, 1 rep) are under investigation. And all three are repugs. Really makes a person wonder what the "family values" the GOP means. Is it do what I say, not what I do?

I wish Jay, Lori, etc. would explain what the so called GOP family values are. And also explain why the GOP isn't doing what they say. I know, they either won't answer this question, or try to SPIN their BS away from it. Well, PLEASE PEOPLE, ANSWER THE QUESTION: WHAT ARE YOUR (GOP) FAMILY VALUES?

Dear Morons,WHERE ... (Below threshold)

Dear Morons,

WHERE exactly does it say "Wizbang covers all the news" or "Just ask us - we're here to help!" on this site?

So, just how STUPID do you have to be to expect something we never promised?

Here's a thought: start your OWN blog, and cover whatever your pea-pickin' li'l' ol' heart desires! Kevin did, and it works just fine except for having to put up with a few dumbasses.


Now listening to: "Hang a Yellow Traitor on the Old Oak Tree"

Dhimmicrats don't recognize... (Below threshold)

Dhimmicrats don't recognize that that is an irrelevant question if you don't have any

Well, that comment got post... (Below threshold)

Well, that comment got posted prematurely, but I kinda like it as it stands.

It is an absurdity for one without values to criticize the errors in applying values of someone who does. The man without basis to critique can hardly criticize about hypocrisy.

This is a fundamentally poor political strategy because it ironically invokes the fatuousness of the speaker. Look at the silly leftist three years ago who criticized rightists for voting about other than economic issues. That completely demeans the role of 'values' in choosing how to vote. Yet, then they try to sneer at values.

It's poverty stricken rhetoric reflecting an empty ideology.

So Allen, besides that, what's your problem? What do you think 'family values' are?

Kim, Nice SPIN. An... (Below threshold)

Nice SPIN. Answer a question with a question. Why can't you, as such a GOP loyalist, answer my question? Besides that, what's your problem? What do you think "family values" are?

Allen, your phrase. I have... (Below threshold)

Allen, your phrase. I have little idea what it means to you.






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