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Dan Rather To Sue CBS For Hiring Him

Dan Rather has announced that he is filing a second lawsuit against CBS, this one for hiring him in the first place.

"CBS, by taking me on as a reporter, set the stage for everything that followed. My rise up the ladder to eventually becoming the evening anchor and 'face' of CBS News are all based on that initial, flawed judgment."

Further, Rather alleges, CBS' failure to rein him in after previous incidents -- including the 1988 "The Wall Within" report, where he interviewed six veterans about their Viet Nam experiences, but five of them had never been in Viet Nam, and the sixth was not a 16-year-old SEAL, but most likely a mechanic -- led to his ultimate downfall.

"Had they fired me before -- or, at least, more strongly disciplined me -- I would never have been so arrogant as to try to foist those obvious forgeries as legitimate in 2004. Er, I mean, those fake but accurate memos. Which no one has conclusively proven were fakes."

A CBS official, speaking on conditions of anonymity, expressed concern. "Rather's suit for firing him is a no-go, but this one has serious legs. If we had never hired him, none of this would have happened."

Rather, in his suit, is demanding 57 kajillion dollars and that CBS refer to him on the air from now on as "Queen Of The Space Unicorns."


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Comments (27)

"Somebody stop me, I'm a ra... (Below threshold)

"Somebody stop me, I'm a raving loon on a death spiral into obscurity."

Chanelling "The Amazing Karnack"

TAK: "What's a foot, a door and the sidewalk?"

Ed: "Ouch, thats going to leave a mark!"
TAK: "How right you are..."

TAK: "and the question is: Name three things about to hit Dan Rather's ass."

I remember Dan for being on... (Below threshold)

I remember Dan for being one of the first "stand out in the hurricane on live TV" reporters.

It's a shame he didn't stick with his strengths.

"It's a shame he didn't sti... (Below threshold)

"It's a shame he didn't stick with his strengths"

The problem is that he did.

There wasn't ever a mass medium with the necessary resources to challenge him before (except on rare ocassions & long after the moment had passed).

Your 15 minutes are up, Dan... (Below threshold)

Your 15 minutes are up, Dan. Give it a rest.

You missed an earlier Rathe... (Below threshold)

You missed an earlier Rather botch job: "Guns of Autumn" from Sept. 5, 1975. He lost all credibilty with me for that one.

Is he for real? That's the... (Below threshold)

Is he for real? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! (I think)

(rather) "Some people thank... (Below threshold)

(rather) "Some people thank Jesus for trial lawyers. You know what I say ? 'There's more trial lawyers around here than a cow pissin' on a flat rock', er, somethin'. Well anyway, suck it Jesus, this lawsuit, and the proceeds thereof, are my God from now on. So, as the great Incan documentarian, H.G. Wells once wrote, 'AAARRRRRRGGGG! THE SPACEMEN ARE COMING!', I shall leave you all with my new signature tag-line: If the shoe smells like s**t, you done stepped in it.

Oh, and we'll be distributing copies of that in the lobby along with my new 'one worder': By, Mennen. Thank you everyone, and don't forget to buy war bonds."

I could buy Dan as Queen of... (Below threshold)

I could buy Dan as Queen of the Space Unicorns. Maybe he would need a little makeup . . . but he'd be very convincing on radio.

The poor guy was, seriously, a victim of the old Peter Principle. That's the theory which states that if you do a good job, you will continue to be promoted until you reach a job you can't do well, upon which you will stay there for the remainder of your career. It's called "rising to your Level of Incompetence."

He was a pretty darned good reporter for on-the-scene-of-the-action news. One could see he was somewhat out of his element as White House correspondent, where he quickly degenerated into just attacking Nixon. Rather clearly never belonged in the anchor's chair or with the chief editor's job, but he was their biggest "star" at the time and CBS felt they needed that recognition in the guy to replace Cronkite.

Didn't work, of course . . . except for the Space Unicorns, who got a dandy Queen out of the deal . . .

Senile.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Okay, now THAT made me laug... (Below threshold)

Okay, now THAT made me laugh out loud! Those evil beasts from hell, how DARE they give him a paycheck?! :p

(Side note/observation: You... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

(Side note/observation: You can always tell when liberals are trolling. Every comment gets a negative vote. lol...I'm sure this one will, too.)

Meybe he could do a sequel ... (Below threshold)

Meybe he could do a sequel to Charlie the Unicorn...

Dan Blather just cant take ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Dan Blather just cant take the fact that he was cuaght lying now if they fired all journalists who lied the many major news papers and news magazines would go out of buisness becuase there would be no one left not even the copy boy

I'm waiting for Barney to t... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Barney to tell us that the documents were not forgeries ... and for FreedomFries to just call more names.

SPQRAnd CB will put ... (Below threshold)

And CB will put take a break from bussing tables to call us "foolish, stupid Americans".
BryanD will blame it on the Jooos or send us a link to where Jack Chick blames it all on the Pope.

Jay Nice satire....p... (Below threshold)

Nice satire....perhaps the CBS defense team will consider it with the mountain of evidence they already have. But I suspect those CBS attorneys are not actually looking for discovery (it's in their own file cabinet) but maybe are looking for the "Get Away from Rather Free Card".

This has Fatal Attraction written all over it.

If the documents wer... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

If the documents were forgeries that Bush has the proof. He can sign for the release of his records at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Thereby proving that Dan Rather is a liar. If I was an exemplary soldier like Bush supposedly was I would be proud to have my records viewed. McCain did it.

Bush is a lying pussy.

Soap DocYou've never... (Below threshold)

Soap Doc
You've never let the facts get in the way of your opinion here, nor logic: Bush does not have to prove a negative, but Kerry must provide evidence of his affirmative.
Where are Kerry's (full release)of his records? That he promised to provide?
Show us that or move(on) your sorry ,lazy, uninformed, talking point driven ass from this blog.

And where are your military... (Below threshold)

And where are your military records lava? You're the pussy and your mother's a whore (I am sure that your father wasn't the first man she f*d)

dr lava, no you are the "ly... (Below threshold)

dr lava, no you are the "lying pussy" because the President already released his records. Unlike Kerry, the records were released to everyone.

OH! You mean <a href="http... (Below threshold)

OH! You mean these records?

No, Random Numbers, <a href... (Below threshold)

No, Random Numbers, these records.

You know, the fake ones. Those are the only ones those nitwits are interested in.

That the documents were for... (Below threshold)

That the documents were forgeries has been proven a number of different ways. What can't be done is prove they are copies of real documents.

Oh, boy. Mapes on Huffingt... (Below threshold)

Oh, boy. Mapes on Huffington with a classic.

Jonah Goldberg at NRO and C... (Below threshold)

Jonah Goldberg at NRO and Clarice Feldman at American Thinker eat Mapes and Rather alive. So does Beldar.

I believe this story is int... (Below threshold)

I believe this story is intended as satire. This belief is based upon the utter falsehood of every piece of 'information' it contains. Seriously people, it is nonsense and parody. The sad thing is that, on the internet, most of you uninformed, uneducated lemmings will believe this horseshit and will adjust your opinion of Mr. Rather accordingly.

Dan Rather was fired for reporting a true story about the wrong people. The investigation resulting in his dismissal was initiated by the same corporate president that openly said that voting for Bush was voting for Viacom, and that he was going to vote Viacom (CBS's parent company).

The investigation panel hand picked by CBS executives was lead by several long-time, known Bush family supporters and lawyers, none of which had any experience in journalism. The mock investigation and trial established nothing except that a single document presented on air could not be determined authentic with %100 accuracy, a document not even necessary since the FACTS it presented were corroborated by at least 3 other sources in the Air Force/Natl Gaurd. Why would anyone forge a document containing well known facts? It hardly matters, as the speculation of possibly forgery was the ONLY point discussed by the panel. The independant investigator hired by CBS who confirmed the accuracy of the story was barred from testifying. Rather and the investigative reporter who uncovered the story were prevented from cross examining any witnesses.

Rather was fired one day af... (Below threshold)

Rather was fired one day after Bush's 2004 election. Since then, no corporate news outlets have mentioned what is known fact: George W. Bush avoided the war in Iraq through preferential enlistment in a special Texas Natl. Gaurd unit, was transferred to Alabama at his father's wish after creating public embarassment for the family multiple times, and after he was dismissed from the Alabama base and reassigned to a base in Texas simply refused to show up. He was later honorably discharged. He never took a single physical, met the required hours of flight time for basic Air Force training, or attempted to take his flight certification.

George Bush has since attacked John Kerry for his actions during the war, and afterwards. John Kerry didn't like being in Vietnam, didn't like killing people, didn't like invading sovereign nations. I guess George Bush didn't either, because he made sure he'd never have to do any of that stuff, and basically gave the armed forces the finger, letting them know he would never even entertain the idea of serving his country.

For this man's mistakes (if you can call such willful actions mistakes), Dan Rather was dismissed and his integrity slandered. He and the reporter who did the work on the story, a woman by the name of Mapes, were the only two people to follow up on this story, first reported on in 2000 by the Boston Globe. And now, thanks to uncaring and easily swayed sheep and parrots such as yourself, it's doubtful that any journalists will stand up for the American people's right to know the truth any time soon.






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