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IED - up close and personal

We hear about the "Improvised Explosive Devices" being used to target our troops in Iraq. The following video clip may give this added perspective.

NOTE: One of the soldiers utters an audible expletive after the thing goes off, so it's NSFW or young children.

Thanks to John Hinderaker of Power Line.


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Comments (14)

Anybody know deep are those... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Anybody know deep are those things buried? That seems like a deep blast.

Impressive blast that fortu... (Below threshold)

Impressive blast that fortunately was ill-timed for insurgent's desired effect.

Totally irrelevant and irreverant thought passes through my mind:

Perhaps this is how all those potholes in MI come about... ...blame the insurgents! I certainly have used the same explicative after driving over one.

Some left-wing, troops-kill... (Below threshold)

Some left-wing, troops-killing-terrorist-loving jackhole has already rated this one star. So, Mr. Anonymous Rater, care you make your cowardly self known?

Or perhaps Kevin can make t... (Below threshold)

Or perhaps Kevin can make this person known to us.

Looks to me as if the devis... (Below threshold)

Looks to me as if the devise used (whatever kind it was, 155mm etc.) was buried too deep or pointed in the wrong direction. Those troops were very fortunate. God bless them all!

This is a vivid example of ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

This is a vivid example of why this is our first war with a "front line."
Every time the brave folks in our military go out..they know it could be the last time...
Shame on the Republicans in the Senate to have voted down the Webb Amendment.
We don't have a clue what this constant apprehension must be like...
Thank you for what we do not see on MSM or Fox...

....of course I meant witho... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

....of course I meant without a front line...
In Iraq the support troops are as much in danger as the grunts...
But hey...the surge is working...by next summer there will be no IED's...
God Bless our Troops...Bring'em Home..NOW

Shame on the democrats for ... (Below threshold)

Shame on the democrats for every single day like this one that didn't need to be. You say our presence in Iraq what a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, It was democrats obstruction and continued undermining of Our President in a time of War that encouraged Our enemies from all parts of the world to join in the verbal attacks send support and suicide bombers. That and the democrat Media who may as well call themselves the democrats Al Jazeera.

Oh ya ,you assholes call this dissent. Right!

Don't sweat whether you wro... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Don't sweat whether you wrote "no front line" or "front line" nogo. It doesn't change anything. Both versions have exactly the same content value -- zero.

Nogo who would want to vote... (Below threshold)

Nogo who would want to vote on anything that had to do with that kinky-haired pervert?

no go stfu. how do you know... (Below threshold)

no go stfu. how do you know how they feel? you ever been on the line? besides on-line, or the chow line.

p.s. nogo. danger goes with... (Below threshold)

p.s. nogo. danger goes with the job.the troops,god bless,em know this better then you.

our first war without a "fr... (Below threshold)
John S:

our first war without a "front line" ?

Nogo must have gone to a public school. Google Vietnam. (The Dems stabbed the troops in the back there as well.)

Actually, he's not wrong if... (Below threshold)

Actually, he's not wrong if you accept 'front line' as being a narrow, easily defined geographic area where the two opposing forces do battle.

But as 9/11 showed us, the front line can be anywhere.






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