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Mummy Dearest

I have this dear friend who seems to enjoy finding things online that embarrass me and creep me out. She's the one who sent me the "Porn For Women" link I posted a while ago, and tonight she found a really, really creepy and disturbing story.

Out of New Hampshire.

Man... what some people keep as family heirlooms.

Thanks SO much, dear one. I need to find some unpleasant stories about YOUR neck of the woods now.


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It's creepy and kook... (Below threshold)

It's creepy and kooky, but such a conversation piece! I'm sorry, but that guy is just gone. Like Pluto.

Now if he was a native Amer... (Below threshold)

Now if he was a native American, I bet he wouldn't have to pay for the DNA testing, and he could sue the government for desecrating the family remains...

Good point, epador. ... (Below threshold)

Good point, epador.

If the family thinks the mummy is 90 years old, it probably is. I can certainly see how it could happen to start and after that? People keep urns of ashes, so... why not?

Welcome one and all to my n... (Below threshold)

Welcome one and all to my northeast. I can't wait to retire back to the southwest.

Must be a Yankee thing.... (Below threshold)

Must be a Yankee thing.

In the South, if you manage to avoid burial to the point of mummification, well, baby, you've passed. Many of the old people you see sitting in rockers on front porches are mummies (if they aren't rocking, and don't nod or wave, well . . .). I'm almost certain Florence King did a column or two on the subject. Not bad at all once you get used to it - they don't eat much and never talk back.

It's always babies or old people, though. Older kids or middle-aged mummies just aren't done. THAT would be creepy . . .

Two things, besides the obv... (Below threshold)

Two things, besides the obvious creepiness of the story:

1) The Concord Monitor needs a proof reader, really bad

2) State Attorney Richard Head? [snicker]

I gotta say, I can understa... (Below threshold)

I gotta say, I can understand this.
Let's say you've been raised from birth to think that thing wasn't all that odd, "Oh, that's Baby John."

Actually, what ticked me off is that they are hiding behind some technicality to not return his property. He allowed them to take it because he thought he would get it back and they didn't give it back and now, they're screwing him over.

I'm with the weirdo on this one.

I'm with the mummy. I'd wan... (Below threshold)

I'm with the mummy. I'd want to be burried. But DNA test should be cheaper, yeah.
(Cue some libertarians who don't like DNA testing.)






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