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I Got Nothin'

Sorry, no postings from me this morning. Between some rather humongous personal stresses and some behind-the-scenes unpleasantness, I can't quite muster the time/energy/focus to toss anything up this morning before work. With luck, that'll change by the evening.


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This too, shall pass.... (Below threshold)

This too, shall pass.

It looks like we're talking... (Below threshold)
pjo, a twin with twins:

It looks like we're talking about the six blind men describing an elephant.

An anxious nation watches. ... (Below threshold)

An anxious nation watches.

Hang in there, JayTea. We'... (Below threshold)

Hang in there, JayTea. We're with you in spirit.

FABLED???1944 ... (Below threshold)

St. Roch
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

St. Roch in Arctic ice
The St. Roch was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the first ship to completely circumnavigate North America, and the second sailing vessel to complete a voyage through the Northwest Passage. (Although it was first to complete the Northwest Passage in the direction west to east, the sailing vessel Gjøa was in fact the first, 38 years earlier.)

No worries Jay, this post i... (Below threshold)

No worries Jay, this post is still more compelling than anything on Kos!

Hang in there, Jay.D... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Hang in there, Jay.
Ditto Kim's first post.

I'm treating this as an ope... (Below threshold)

I'm treating this as an open post.
I love this picture

That's a caption contest. I vote for,"Adam Smith 1/Karl Marx 0"

According to Jay Nordlinger, it's in what used to be East Berlin.

Thanks JT. Meybe I can get... (Below threshold)

Thanks JT. Meybe I can get some work done today instead of trying to play whack a troll.

I knew it. WalMart's all a... (Below threshold)

I knew it. WalMart's all a Chicom plot. Say it ain't so, Sam.

or this:<a href="h... (Below threshold)






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