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The Strange Case of Hsu, Lillian Vernon, Hillary, and Bill

The more answers we find about furtive fundraiser/con artist Norman Hsu, the more questions arise. It has now been discovered that Hsu's contributions almost mirror - in many cases in exact amounts and on exact dates - those of the Hochberg family, proprietors of the junk-mail catalog company Lillian Vernon, and longtime supporters of the Clintons. Further crossing points in this intricate web keep cropping up, from the Clinton Cabinet and White House "coffees" to the New School Board of Trustees. The yeoman's work of digging all this out has been done by Flip at Suitably Flip:

Yes, Fred Hochberg, a dean at the school where Hsu served as a trustee, one of Hsu's fellow HillRaisers, CEO of the company that officially bundled at least one of Hsu's direct contributions as recently as this summer, and the apparent architect of Hsu's favored candidate slate, was installed as one of the country's senior-most federal policymakers by Bill Clinton.

Hochberg was tapped to become the SBA's deputy adminstrator in 1998 and some time thereafter became the acting administrator. The SBA administrator is not a current Cabinet-level position. Clinton elevated the position to Cabinet rank, a move Bush has undone. Not long before his executive appointment, Hochberg had enjoyed another kind of Presidential access, as a member of Clinton's bescandaled "White House Coffee" guest list.


Where does all this leave us? There are still a lot of details yet to emerge that will undoubtedly shed additional light on these linakges, but it seems quite clear that Norman Hsu and Fred Hochberg are and have for some time been closely associated. It's abundantly clear that the Clintons and Hochberg are quite intimately associated. This seems to draw Hsu and Clinton uncomfortably close to one another.

And while the complexity and duplicity that saturates this whole affair may offer Hillary a bit of confusion cover that she can use to equivocate when pressed, it's now becoming increasingly far-fetched that Hillary took Norman Hsu for no more than a kindly, deep-pocketed fan.

Let's just say it requires a willing suspension of disbelief.

Read the rest at the above link - there's LOTS more. We have apparently seen only the very tip of this Hochberg - I meant "iceberg" - so far. The unstable fraud artist Hsu may not have been the devious mastermind behind this bundling and straw donor scheme, but instead only another cut-out in a far-reaching byzantine network designed to avoid campaign financing laws.

This and other examples of illegal donor reimbursements in the Hillary Clinton campaign have been discovered by amateur sleuths combing public records. What will the real investigators uncover with their official authority and subpoena power? Stay tuned - you can bet the other Democratic candidates are watching closely, too.


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Comments (20)

Maybe Lillian Vernon should... (Below threshold)

Maybe Lillian Vernon should start selling Hsufly Pie.

Well, now ya might as well ... (Below threshold)

Well, now ya might as well drag Marla Maples into this as well. Did ja' know the Donald ordered her from an LV catalogue? Well, not exactly, but check out the LV "about us" page and then check out who Marla's pick for the Democratic nomination was and is...


I am not surprised that HRC... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

I am not surprised that HRC is involved with someone who is dirty....
Thank the Lord Ted Stevens is not running for President...after all, the amateur sleuths going after Senator Ted are the F.B.I

I am also glad Rep. Weller (R IL)is not running

Yipeee! Could this be what... (Below threshold)

Yipeee! Could this be what finally gets the corrupt Clintons out of our lives? Obama & the others should be all over this stuff, except I'm sure they all worry about their lives & their family's lives since the Clintons play dirty.

Love it, love it, love it!

P.S. I'm not ordering anything from Lillian anymore!

Nogo, we're glad they're no... (Below threshold)

Nogo, we're glad they're not running either, which is kinda the whole point, they're not.

Your attempt at distraction failed miserably.

Lillian Vernon?Why... (Below threshold)

Lillian Vernon?

Why do I have visions of the MadTV Lillian Vernon sketch dancing in my head. Only this ain't funny.

Dear God, Jo, I hope so.</p... (Below threshold)

Dear God, Jo, I hope so.

I would love nothing more than to have the Clintons FINALLY taken down for all their dirty dealings and unethical conduct.

Here's hoping.

"Where does all this leave ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"Where does all this leave us?"

With the media jumping on this story like rapid dingos on a baby?

Um... No. You see, there were no questions with the Abramhoff scandal the media was 'out for the truth" becuase the media dug into that steak with unfettered zeal. I remember the morning talk shows like GMA and Today were running "All Abramoff.. All the time" for a few weeks, even beyond Delay resigning from the congress.

So kiddies, let's review the lesson:

Abramoff was convicted of federal charges for defrauding Indian tribes and bribing federal officials.

Hsu ran a ponzi scheme (not just any ponzi scheme) that conned investors into his shady deals and getting them to donate to Democrat politicans through straw man donors to circumvent campaign finance laws. Note, these investors had probaly already donated to the Dem pols in their own names.

Abramoff was reviled, was the face of Republican corruption, and was on every news show/talk show 24/7 for at least 4 weeks straight.

Hsu is referred to by the media like he is some distant 5th cousin someone saw at a family reunion 5 years ago, who just happened to get arrested last week. Aside from the quick blurb of "Hurricane hits the Carribean killing 6, and businessman Norman Hsu was arrested on a 15 year old felony warrant for shady business practices", all has been silent.

The coverage between the 2 scandals pales in comparison.

It is about time the crimin... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

It is about time the criminal enterprise known as the Clintons be put out of business. We survived 8 years of Clinton mishandling American affairs only because of a Republican majority in congress part of the time. What manner of President solicites oral sex from interns who work for the White House.

I am not surprised that HRC... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I am not surprised that HRC is involved with someone who is dirty....
But you are going to support her in any case if she is the Dem presidential nominee?

Hey, that "Hochberg" joke h... (Below threshold)

Hey, that "Hochberg" joke had me rolling on the floor!

As far as coverage goes, I think it's mild compared to Abramoff but very mild compared to the FBI tapping the phones of a senior Republican senator for the last year. But worth covering - I always come here for my Hsu/Cynthia McKinny news.

What will the real inves... (Below threshold)

What will the real investigators uncover with their official authority and subpoena power?

I can answer that: Nothing. The FemSlug will stonewall everything, Hsu will take the fall and die in jail (possibly even before his trial), a Slug-appointed judge will rule all the evidence inadmissible, and in a month it will be back to business as usual for the Demwits. By New Year's this will all be dead and buried. If the Repub candidate tries to bring it up again, it will be labeled "personal attacks" and damage him more than it does the FemSlug.

JP2, since they tapped a le... (Below threshold)

JP2, since they tapped a leading Republican's phone for a years why are there no charges? Something doesn't track, but then again it's Bush's FBI so you should be worried about your own phone, email, and blog comments. They're all in the big 'I Spy' machine churning away. GITMO is still open. Na, they don't spy on piss ants, the stomp on them. LMAO

"JP2, since they tapped a l... (Below threshold)

"JP2, since they tapped a leading Republican's phone for a years why are there no charges?"

There have been plenty of charges - have you not been paying attention?

Bill Allen has pled guilty already as well as two VECO executives that worked on his house.

As far as Stevens himself - he is under investigation with raids by the FBI and the IRS. We'll see what happens to him as well as his son.

Either way - don't you think when the senior Republican senator has his house raided and phone tapped by law enforcement it warrants more coverage? Prolly not.

The question is, did George... (Below threshold)

The question is, did George Bush foolishly leave enough Clintonistas in place at Justice to phony or delay any investigation until after the 08 election, when it would of course be summarily dropped? And will Hsu live long enough to make it all matter?

Or if someone has 90K in ma... (Below threshold)

Or if someone has 90K in marked bills in his freezer? hmmmm jp2 what say you? Poet and don't it.

jp2:Either way... (Below threshold)


Either way - don't you think when the senior Republican senator has his house raided and phone tapped by law enforcement it warrants more coverage? Prolly not.

Geesh asshat, how much more coverage do you desire. I see plenty, in fact every MSM outlet is represented.

Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstei... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, William Jefferson.

Yeah, clean up that congress. Notice how there are alot more corrupt people in leadership positions in the democrat party than republicans. Hell, it's practically a requirement. A resume enhancement even.

Things never change. JP2 o... (Below threshold)

Things never change. JP2 out to hijack another thread and hypocritically berate anyone who talks about something that doesn't interest him.

I'm sure this has been said before, but - JP2, get a blog and set your own rules there you lazy sob. Or is it just easier for someone else to do all the work and provide a forum for you to criticize?

jp2, maybe it has to do wit... (Below threshold)

jp2, maybe it has to do with the scale of graft. Did you see the lousy little shack Stevens had after they had pumped up his house? Did you see the 73 million dollars gone Hsuie?

I recognize that the term 'lousy little shack' is relative. So is the term 'racketeer'.






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