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Obligatory K-Ville Post

I've now had 3 Wizbang readers now ask me about K-Ville. I had to confess, I had not watched it. And I didn't because I knew before I even saw a single clip from it that it would be a lot like this. -- It looks like I was right in my assumption.

It does sound like they are trying and it has potential... but for the record folks, I've lived here 40 years and I've never known anyone who went to a voodoo priestess. Sorry to disappoint; that's there for the tourists.

Although I will note that Josh missed my favorite New Orleans film geography blunder. In "Live and Let Die", the speedboat launches from West End Marina in New Orleans, jumps a car and magically lands in Houma... 100 miles away. (I think it was Houma, I forget now)


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IMO K-Ville has possibiliti... (Below threshold)

IMO K-Ville has possibilities. We watched the first episode and, while there were plot holes, there is enough in the characters and the city to make an interesting show. Hopefully FOX will give it a chance to grow and find it's way rather than give it the Drive treatment.

Start the countdown until t... (Below threshold)

Start the countdown until they let in the required quota of lamebrain writers who use it to make lame BDS/truther/ZOMG THEY BOMBED THE LEVEES statements.

those who look for accuracy... (Below threshold)

those who look for accuracy and integrity in prime time tv. programming will always be disappointed. i live in new york and endured the years of "friends' and "sex int the city" where waitresses live in sprawling lofts, everyone else has a top magazine job and everyone's social calendar is filled with gallery and hot restaurant openings. it's silly to expect anything other than stupidity from those seeking to entertain the masses.

I watched the 1st episode e... (Below threshold)

I watched the 1st episode expecting to see the same train wreck that I've seen in practically every movie ever made about Louisiana. It's a toss up as to which are worse, those about "N'Awlins" or us backwater houseboat living Cajuns. Everyone has to have the obligatory use of "cher" in it, only someone really needs to explain how it is pronounced.

I must say though that this one has some potential, we'll see. But first get that man some gumbo so he can think.

Paul,And I feel re... (Below threshold)


And I feel really stupid for asking this, but I've asked alot of folks around here and no one seems to know either, where does the name "K-Ville come from?

Paul, the reason for the bl... (Below threshold)

Paul, the reason for the blooper on the boat clip in Live and Let Die was that the lowers (inboard/outboard) kept cracking each time the boat jumped the ramp.

Its pilot, John Koerner, is a Tulane B-School alum and at the time of the movie shoot, was the owner of Koerner Marine in NOLA.

After several takes (and several destroyed motors) they just clipped the ending of the jump on later.

-Bill S.

Katrinaville... maybe peopl... (Below threshold)

Katrinaville... maybe people are of the opinion that New Orleans is gone and been replaced by something we can only call Katrinaville.

I "invented" the term just after the storm... I've heard a few other people use it too... Apparently many people thought of it...

How the Hollywood folks came up with the name I don't know. From a local? or maybe it was obvious to them too.

cool thanks Wanderlust...</... (Below threshold)

cool thanks Wanderlust...

You are welcome, Paul.... (Below threshold)

You are welcome, Paul.

Koerner spoke to a class of ours (one of my business policy classes, I think) back in early 1998 about his career, including the boat jump for Live and Let Die (which I think still holds the world record at 111') and his ownership of Barq's Rootbeer for the better part of 20 years.

In his presentation of his Barq's days, he showed clips of commercials shot in the late '70's, very cheesy stuff.

My hand goes up, and gets acknowledged.

Q: Mr. Koerner, what was your advertising strategy at that time?

A: Oh, T&A.

Loved it...

Katrinaville...boy I really... (Below threshold)

Katrinaville...boy I really do feel stupid now.

If you don't mind compliments, I've been reading Wizbang for quite awhile now, but this is the firtst time I've been inclined to comment and I remember reading all your posts back after Katrina. They were great. There was just so much BS coming out in the regular reporting that I knew for a fact was BS (the reporting of the levees in particular) that it really just disgusted me. But I knew with yours it was first hand and real. I just wanted to say thanks, although just a little bit late.

I lived in New Orleans from... (Below threshold)

I lived in New Orleans from '94 to '97, and my local friends used to think it was a hoot to watch the various NOLA movies, then go to the spots where the bad cuts happened. We'd take pictures of ourselves (sometimes posing) at each end. We started making a scrapbook of the pics. Man, I sure wish I had that now.

My wife and I spent a week ... (Below threshold)

My wife and I spent a week in New Orleans for our 25th anniversary. We had a great, great time. We did not have ONE bad meal there the whole week. That is including breakfast and lunch. It is a fun city, no doubt. ww

Cajun, I lived in Key West ... (Below threshold)

Cajun, I lived in Key West during the Mariel Boat Lift in 1980 (had lived there for ten years at that point) and the news coverage was almost criminal. We stood in front of the TV with our mouths open every day at 6pm, aghast at the horrors we were hearing the news anchors tell us that were supposedly going on ... but weren't. I had intimate knowledge of what was going on stateside and in Mariel Harbor and it was nothing like what was reported.

That was my first wake-up call to media spin and sensationalism.

Maybe I missed something, b... (Below threshold)

Maybe I missed something, but wasn't he going to see someone he knew might have some information he could use and was amused to find her doing the voodoo thing for tourists? Not looking for voodoo help?

I got to be on the set when... (Below threshold)

I got to be on the set when they were filming in St. Alphonse church for the 6th episode, so I was really looking forward to the show. I enjoyed it, but it was infuriating too. I realize they had to give Boulet's partner some shady past, but that crap up about the Orleans Parish Prison was a total lie. (Yes, I know the show is fiction, but I hate to see those stories perpetuated.)

The former medical director, who was there the whole time, has a book out. "No Ordinary Heroes." Extra short version - nobody drowned, nobody escaped.

Hi Paul, You real... (Below threshold)

Hi Paul,
You really should watch it. You can download it FOR FREE on i-tunes. It does some thing that will drive the locals crazy (Machine gun fights in the Quarter. LOL!) but over all it gets the struggle to rebuild right I really relate to Boulet and his pathological obsession with the survival of New Orleans. Just to remind Americans of the state of one of its own cities is enough for me to be rooting for its success. Hey, if it is good enough for Chris Rose, it is good enough for me. Hope things are well with you. Keep on, keeping on.

About the name of the show.... (Below threshold)

About the name of the show. I read in the Times Picayune, the producer - writer saw Katrinaville written as grafiti on the side of a destroyed house and liked the name. He thought it was too long as a title and shortened it to K-ville (with a fleur de lis as the dash).

get the premiere episode of... (Below threshold)

get the premiere episode of k-ville, for only
1¢ from here
they also have the latest episodes available
as they come out...






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