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Student Newspaper Strikes Out

The Rocky Mountain Collegian, the student newspaper at Colorado State University, has weighed in on the tasering of a student at a University of Florida speech by John Kerry. Here is their learned collective opinion.


Good news guys, The New York Times is hiring!


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The NY Times? I'm sorry, we... (Below threshold)

The NY Times? I'm sorry, were they pimping a war on phony grounds?

Dick Cheney needs to set a better example for the youth.

I realize I'm more than 30 ... (Below threshold)

I realize I'm more than 30 years past submitting college applications, but back in the good ol' days you had to be at least of demonstrably moderate intelligence just to get into most colleges.

The taser-ers were University of Florida security officers, apparently directed by a school official. The taser-ee is a budding "notorious prankster" who may have set the whole thing up. No federal monkeys were harmed in making this video, Einsteins!

However does someone dumb enough to interpret an incident with state u. cops dealing with a guy acting erratically and heckling John Kerry as a reason to perform sexual acts with the President ever get into an institution of "higher learning" in the first place?

It's a shame liberals inherited the colleges by default, but it was inevitable. The rest of the graduates went out into the world to achieve, leaving the hapless incompetents behind to take the professorships, so the succeeding generations were spoon-fed the philosophy of losers and leftists (pardon the redundancy) instead of learning at the feet of geniuses and achievers. The results are painfully obvious.

....and there's even a ques... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

....and there's even a question as to whether or not the media is biased/leans left. Look what they think passes for "journalism"...

The 4th Branch is collapsing.

Oh, I'm pretty sure the NYT... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'm pretty sure the NYT isn't hiring. Based on their financials the last couple quarters they'll be really lucky not to have more reductions.

So let me see if I get this... (Below threshold)

So let me see if I get this:

1. Activist intentionally disturbs a John Kerry rally looking for trouble
2. Activist shoves a cop and gets tasered at a John Kerry rally
3. This is Bush's fault
4. Logically the only response for a student newspaper is to run "FUCK BUSH" in 48 point bold face.

Do I have it about right? Hey-zeus H. Christmas, this is one hell of a country we're runnin' around here. :)

Their parents must be proud... (Below threshold)

Their parents must be proud.

By going to college, one builds the platform which will be their jumping point toward a successful life and career.

These students will first have to climb out of a ditch.

How collegial of them.... (Below threshold)

How collegial of them.

This is now what passes for... (Below threshold)

This is now what passes for journalism. We have dumbed down to the lowest possible denominator.


The fine print:This ... (Below threshold)

The fine print:
This column represents the views of the Collegiate's editorial board.

The part they left off:

It highlights their total lack of intelligence, logic and the ability to reason but prove that at least they descended from apes, three generations or less ago and makes a very strong case for abortion on demand.

We have a problem, Houston,... (Below threshold)

We have a problem, Houston, and that is BDS. When everything is Bush's fault, what are you going to do when there is no Bush? The absurdity of some of the fringe left is really going to become apparent then.

This diffuse demonization is easy, powerful, and treacherous. What do you think will happen when the world's citizens realize the globe is not warming? What about when some reporter finds out that the war in Iraq was over a month ago?

The really ironic thing is that unless we are lucky, the economic expansion and general peace of the Bush years is going to be looked upon with more and more favor, the further we get from them. Bush has been an excellent executive, readily apparent to those who don't have to have these things pointed out to them by their president, as is recent wont.

Colorado State is a second ... (Below threshold)

Colorado State is a second rate school. There are at least three schools better within a 100 mile radius. Most who go there are not there because it was their first choice.

Apparently, and not surpris... (Below threshold)

Apparently, and not surprisingly at all, not one of you knee-jerkers took the 30 seconds to it takes to go to the actual newspaper and read about the headline.

It's about something so many of you righties despise - free speech. The irony of that of course is that free speech protects the purveyors of hatred from the right like Malkin, Savage and Coulter. The whole popint they were making had to do with the First Amendment.

So for those of you too lazy to actually go and read the offending newspaper they were protesting the violation of the free speech rights of the student who was tasered by writing a shocking headline. Probably a ttupid way to make a point but then none of you checked what the point was. But, as most of you did, you assumed it had something to do with that little man in the White House. For those of you with a modicum of openness here's the newspapers statement.

Little [k]im once again cheerleads for the wrong idea.


Sheesh.......I cannot belie... (Below threshold)

Sheesh.......I cannot believe how intolerant the students at Colorado State University are towards the gay community.

So JFO,If I go to ... (Below threshold)


If I go to your goddess Hill's next talk, take the opportunity to give a question, then dominate the mike and don't let go, don't stop when they cut off the mike, don't listen when they say my time is up, then start shouting "help me" when I am being forced to stop (because I will not stop until forced), and generally be a disruptive force during the speech -- you'll defend me for that right (in the name of free speech)?

I wasn't defending that idi... (Below threshold)

I wasn't defending that idiot. I was defending the newspaper from the folks who assumed it was all about the little man in the white house.

No surprise that you'd change the subject - just like the little man in the WH does when he's been caught.

Sorry, JFO - I went and rea... (Below threshold)

Sorry, JFO - I went and read the editorial in question, and dug down through the comments on it...

That editorial is what it is - short and to the 'point', putting out the views of the editorial board. No handwaving to disguse it, no misdirection to evade it. It's simple, boiled down, and to the point what they were feeling.

In college, I can understand a certain disconnection with reality. But once again there's the 'Bush stole the election' meme going on, despite the fact there's no counts that show otherwise.

Reality is going to be SUCH a bitch slap for them someday...

If JFO promises to do that ... (Below threshold)

If JFO promises to do that naked and covered in urine (because it helps conduct electricity, bro, and it's art) then yes, I'll show up to support him.

And by support I mean laugh at him and videotape the altercation, then applaud the tazering.

JFO,While the editor... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

While the editorial board tried to make this out to be some sort of First Amendment statement, that is a crock. It is rationalization of the worst kind. Had they said that in the original piece, I might buy it. However, they only made that point AFTER they started taking hits over it.

In their smug, little brains, they assumed that their readers would all applaud them for being so clever. Instead, they clearly took enough heat that they felt that they needed to explain themselves. It is clear that they had no idea who their audience is or what their values are. Once they found out, they were forced to scramble around and try to rectify the situation.

Of course, they probably just learned that from the MSM.

Heh, heh. You're defending... (Below threshold)

Heh, heh. You're defending the newspaper, JFO, and I'm condemning the deluded fringe left. Good job, counsellor.

By the way, I resent the co... (Below threshold)

By the way, I resent the comparison between the she-bitch from Hell, Ann Coulter with Michelle Malkin. (And I had no idea who this Savage character was before searching for him...)

JFO:You're not rea... (Below threshold)
Mark L:


You're not really a liberal are you? You must be a conservative who has created an avatar of a "liberal," as a means of giving everyone on the blog a idiot to smack down.

I cannot believe a real liberal -- even one suffering from BDS -- could really write something as clueless as your comment #12.

'Fess up. Be honest. You are a conservative who just trying to make people believe that all liberals are morons. It's just too dumb a comment to be real.

I have to say, I've ALMOST ... (Below threshold)

I have to say, I've ALMOST NEVER disagreed with Ann Coulter. The only time I have, I have taken a position to the right of hers.

It's about somethi... (Below threshold)
It's about something so many of you righties despise - free speech

I'm sure you can point out plenty of examples of "Righties" despising free speech that equals the examples of "Lefties" despising free speech....right?

For example the free speech loathing lefties usually shout down conservatives, throw pies or rush the stage at conservative forums on college campuses.

I look forward to the examples of "right-wing" students doing the same to stifle lefty speech.

Thank-you in advance for providing these examples to further illustrate your point.

Mr. McSwane says... (Below threshold)

Mr. McSwane says

we have found the unintended consequences of such a bold statement to be extremely disheartening

You don't know what disheartening is,boy. But you will find out the day you start looking for a real job.

We have relatives in Fort C... (Below threshold)

We have relatives in Fort Collins and they wanted my youngest to go to Colorado St. My daughter visited and was totally unimpressed. Looks like she will be going to New Mexico Tech, an actually highly rated school. It has 100 undergrad physics students, most of whom will go on to grad school.

I live in the S.F. Bay Area... (Below threshold)

I live in the S.F. Bay Area. Our son attended a High School in the city. At that school speech was "free" as long as it was Left...preferably (to those at the school) WAY LOONY Left.

But on the rare occaisions when someone dared to disagree with the Leftist mantra of the school they were literally SHOUTED DOWN.

By the TEACHERS as well as the students.

This had the intended effect of chilling ALL speech that wasn't in lockstep (Goosestep, actually) with the Left.

When faced with a st... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

When faced with a student armed with words not willing to go into time out two to four security cops needed to gang up on him unable to use muscle to wrangle the words to the ground they had to shock and awe him.

Seems that the words he was using were a little too strong for the storm troopers. The response was a typical knee jerk, mind numbing, shock and awe campaign just in case any other dissidents had a notion to step outside the bounds of regulated speech.

As for the collegial assessment from CO. It simply shows how wonderful a job Bush has done by setting the example in his own vetted speaking venues establishing free speech "zones", loyalty oaths, trained seal audiences and other widely regarded techniques as to how free speech in a democracy should be practiced.

F*** Bush is being generous.

Another bunch of idiots pri... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Another bunch of idiots printing their amount or raw untreated sewage screw those mindless morons

I think the topic of hate s... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I think the topic of hate speech on the left came up in a different topic. Here is hate speech on the left. Anyone want to cite a similar example of a prominent right wing newspaper printing anything similar?

Let me practice some free s... (Below threshold)

Let me practice some free speech:

M*t*rf*k*r Obama

Wh*re Hillary

It's Saturday, and I'm generous, as it's the weekend and all.

To be fair, Dave, I doubt A... (Below threshold)

To be fair, Dave, I doubt ANY prominent newspaper would print that.

And no, the CS Collegian isn't a prominent newspaper.

Irony on a Saturday morning... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Irony on a Saturday morning with a cup of Joe...
I say...the full Senate should waste hours in debate...and condemn this affront on our Commander-in-Chief. After all an attack on our Commander is an attack on all our troops.
Given that the net allows more access than the NY Times subscription...this scurrilous attack on our troops must be answered.
Contact your Senator and demand action on Monday.

by the way F**k Ted Stevens........

I second the F88k Ted Steve... (Below threshold)

I second the F88k Ted Stevens.

Let's go next with:

UGGGly B*tch Mikulski
Pinhead nerd assh*le Kucinich

What a wonderful start CSU has given us to productive and illustrative dialogue.

What I love about Wizbang i... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

What I love about Wizbang is a thread like this..
a place to share outrage on somthing ...that is nothing...while ignoring

but hey look at the shiny thing..

Hey, cb, one pill makes you... (Below threshold)

Hey, cb, one pill makes you larger.

Notice how bitter your brew, nogo?

nogo,why did you s... (Below threshold)


why did you stop with all the fun we were having with name calling???

Come on, let's again flatter those CSU geniuses by imitating them:

Senile B*stard Fidel Castro

Smelly P*ssy Stabenow

Your turn!

no gonads nogo-just friggin... (Below threshold)

no gonads nogo-just frigging ozone jfo-crazy behavior cb. Hey this is fun! (wonder what mine will be?) lol

JFO, you nincompoop.<... (Below threshold)

JFO, you nincompoop.

What part of "This column represents the views of the Collegian's Editorial Board" are you having difficulty understanding? That was the column. Four words. Everything else was after-the-fact.

Nice job twisting one's criticism of what was said into a wish to rob them of free speech.

What did they do? Sit around and figure what was the worst thing they could say about someone who won't do anything about it, least of all call for their beheading? Obviously their free speech is not in danger at all.

Now, if they had followed that with "Fuck Hillary" I'd be impressed.

JFO you are stupid... (Below threshold)

JFO you are stupid beyond belief. You say:

But, as most of you did, you assumed it had something to do with that little man in the White House.
I wasn't defending that idiot. I was defending the newspaper from the folks who assumed it was all about the little man in the white house.


>On Friday, September 21, the The Rocky Mountain Collegian editorial board printed a statement bashing President Bush in its Opinion section...

You are sooooooo lucky this is Kevin's post and not mine. I would ban your ass for being that much of a dumbassed troll.

BTW- I get the "free speech... (Below threshold)

BTW- I get the "free speech" spin they are trying to hide behind after the fact. Nice try.

-- Kevin was wrong about the NYT, he should have said Huffpo.

All that money spent to ele... (Below threshold)

All that money spent to elevate the quality of their views to the level of a stomach cramp. I have no doubt the editors have futures as D-list headline writers.

Um, JFO,If they we... (Below threshold)

Um, JFO,

If they were just trying to make a point about "free speech", why didn't they say F--k several politicians? Your logic on us turning this into something about the president seems to make you Colorado State material.

Poor John Kerry.Ca... (Below threshold)

Poor John Kerry.

Can't even get a kid tasered at his speech without President Bush getting all the press.


Frazetta_girl hit the nail ... (Below threshold)

Frazetta_girl hit the nail on the head. That's gotta end the thread.

jfo, the editorial, intende... (Below threshold)

jfo, the editorial, intended to protest the tasing and linking it directly to the supression of free speech proves the opposite of such supression.

No Collegian editor has been tased. Nor has anyone suppressed their speech. No censoring has taken place. In addition, the editors have had the luxury to not only print their personal views in a paper subsidized by all Coloradan taxpayers, but the further opportunity to elaborate on and defend it using, again, a taxpayer supported paper, it as their personal little free speech venue.

Because of this, it is rather obvious the editors protest about something -- oppression of free speech -- that, on its face, did not (and is not) occurring and the tasing of Meyer was the result of other reasons not associated with free speech.

I suggest you might spend more time thinking about whether Meyer was supressing free speech by, not his own free speech but his actions.

So JFOThe "explana... (Below threshold)


The "explanation" is quite liberal. That means there is free speech for libs, and the remainder of the population are to "keep your f______g mouths shut". "Do as we say and not as we do!"

Libs never get into intelligent conversations because they can't get past the ranting stage. As stated, a simple F. Y. is the opinions of the staff. And to highlight and enhance your opinion you need to select the largest type setting in your word processor. Kids in 3rd grade do this too so they can fill up a page. However they at least try to say something meaningful unlike the libs in higher learning establishments. WELL SAID COLORADO STATE! And you too JFO!

Yes, I mightily enjoy f***i... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Yes, I mightily enjoy f***ing bush myself. That's what it's for. That's what he-men do. Unfortunately for these pillowbiting pansies, it sounds like they do too much f***ing of asses.

In any event, Cheney should probably take the editorial board on a nice hunting trip.

Since these 1st Amendment '... (Below threshold)

Since these 1st Amendment 'experts' want to express themselves - why hide behind the anonymous '... represents the views of the Collegian editorial board'.

Here are the names of the current editorial staff from their own website. NOTE: Not all the individuals listed below are on the editorial board.

EDITORIAL STAFF | (970) 491-7513

J. David McSwane | Editor in Chief
Jessi Stafford | News Managing Editor
Hailey McDonald | Visual Managing Editor
Aaron Montoya | Visual Editor
Tyler Boyd | Multimedia Editor
Whitney Faulconer | Web Editor
Sean Star | Sports Editor
Liz Sunshine | Entertainment Editor
Sean Reed | Editorial Editor
Luke Ulmer | Design Chief
Nikki Cristello | Assistant News Editor
Sean Star | Sports Editor
Liz Sunshine | Entertainment Editor
Sean Reed | Editorial Editor
Luke Ulmer | Design Chief
Nikki Cristello | Assistant News Editor

BwahahahahahahConv... (Below threshold)


Conversatives win the day...again.

Exposer, I thought of the B... (Below threshold)

Exposer, I thought of the Bar Scene (3 types of people) from Team America on my first read of the headline, and remembered why it is so important to F*** A - holes - to keep them from pooping on everyone and everything else. I think the editorial staff of the student newspaper fall into that category, but for sanitary reasons think they ought to just practice onanism.

16 people on the editorial ... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

16 people on the editorial board and this is all they can come up with?

I only count 11. Not that ... (Below threshold)

I only count 11. Not that it matters. Presuming they are people just 'cause they have names is a little presumptuous considering their output.

I think that since they like to fling poo they are probably monkeys and ought to stay locked in their zoo at CSU until they are ready to step up the evolutionary ladder a rung or two. Meybe a few of our trolls could joint them?

It's about somethi... (Below threshold)
Steve of Norway:
It's about something so many of you righties despise - free speech

One of the more idiotic statements from JFO, in an ever-expanding list. Add to that the mindless bleatings from nogo that never seem to make sense. You must've been the test-case for that virtual moonbat...

Power to the herbivores!! As a queer woodland, I am batty. Down with theft and censorship!

any nogo war/postal rant

nogo:but hey l... (Below threshold)


but hey look at the shiny thing..

For someone who derides Wizbang for posting "shiny things" you damn sure waste enough time staring at them.

And this rabies infected ra... (Below threshold)

And this rabies infected rats nest gets taxpayer dollars. You can have your free speach but in a lot of places it gets you killed. This is one place that should be the target of an accidentially released bomb. Maybe one of the missing nuc's from last week. Any parent with the brains to get out of the rain would pull their children out of this slime pit today. They are the 1 percenters along with anyone that defends them. 99% don't agree with them but don't have the balls to take action. Yes, I would remove any child or other relative from the slime pit today and they would never see another dime from me.

Wah out their mouths and br... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Wah out their mouths and brains with clonrine bleach then use their news paper to start the morning fire

Paul:For the most ... (Below threshold)


For the most part I try to ignore the garbage you write as it is usually just a pavlovian-like rant about something. Your response to me in the comment here proved beyond any shadow of a doubt how utterly dishonest you are and how you are without a shred of intellectual honesty. I shouldn't be banned, you should.

You take a piece of a quote which I'll post again n. This is Paul, quoting a part of a sentence:


>On Friday, September 21, the The Rocky Mountain Collegian editorial board printed a statement bashing President Bush in its Opinion section...

What you left out of the quote was this:

"On Friday, September 21, the The Rocky Mountain Collegian editorial board printed a statement bashing President Bush in its Opinion section in an effort to highlight the importance of free speech on a college campus."

You're a disgrace. You leave out the part of the sentence which explains that it has nothing top do with Bush but is about the first amendment. They say they were.." trying to highlight the importance of free speech on a college campus."

Now, you're either a dishonest hack or just, to use your own words, a "dumbass." Which is it Paul? Or are you just going to be a complete jackass and have me banned which would say everything there needs to be said about the likes of you.

Really brave guys. If they ... (Below threshold)

Really brave guys. If they really wanted to test free speech, why didn't they tell the Dean of Journalism to "[email protected]#k Himself"?

Anyone who regards the tasi... (Below threshold)

Anyone who regards the tasing incident as a "free speech" issue is seriously lacking discernment skills. There is no argument to that effect that comes close to passing the ha-ha test.

Fellas, fellas,Thi... (Below threshold)

Fellas, fellas,

This is a directive to the students, from the wise editors of the campus rag, as to what the point of going to college is. By pretending to give a flying crap about leftward politics you have an even up chance at getting into a pseudo-intellectuelle's pants.

Either that, or these kids are just dying to get laid themselves.

Paul, if you ban jfo we won... (Below threshold)

Paul, if you ban jfo we won't be able to virtually tase him repeatedly for failing to respond to authority, patiently wait in line and show respect to others, or demonstrate a lick of common sense. Personally I love hearing the "Momma, Help Me!" repeated after severe thrashings.

Just wondering why these ch... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

Just wondering why these children chose to print that instead of "Shtup Mohammed" or Allah, or the like. Perhaps because they are quite aware that free speech is being stifled, but they are acting localy?

Brave, brave editorial board. Decry and declaim free-speech violations that do not exist, wear the blinders. Then invite actual enemies of free-speech to use your peculiar tenets of free -speech to squat in our land,drop trou and give your brains a refill.

Y'know, gays have it tough over here too. Not just free speechers. Why don't we invite, oh...I dunno...somebody who not only stifles speech, but also executes gays to be an honored guest in our hallowed halls of diversity and understanding? That'll really show that ChimpyMcHitlerberton.

SuperDoubleDumbAssery. UberChump-ness. College-level-Stupid.

I thought for a brief momen... (Below threshold)
Dave Hankins:

I thought for a brief moment that it might be another MoveOn.Org ad.

It wasn't so long ago when ... (Below threshold)
Dave Hankins:

It wasn't so long ago when the word fuck was considered obscene and taboo. To be honest, I sometimes long for those days again.

Hah, JFO, printing 'Fuck Bu... (Below threshold)

Hah, JFO, printing 'Fuck Bush' in a college newspaper is hardly testing free speech. You are so naive you accepted these poor students explanation for their actions without critically thinking. And you want to chastise Paul for not buying their explanation? Forgive the students, for they know not what they do. Neither do you.

Simply outrageous. Don't th... (Below threshold)

Simply outrageous. Don't these students know how to construct an argument based on intellectual content? All of the hard work of their professors has been laid in waste to turn college kids into thinking adults able to use their cognitive ability.

Over at Patterico's blog he... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Over at Patterico's blog he reveals a couple of interesting things about this story:

1. The newspaper is self-funded through advertising revenue. So no taxpayer dollars were involved in this story.

2. The advertisers are . . . annoyed . . . to say the least. The paper had $30K in advertising jerked as a result of the "editorial." And the staff now has to take massive pay cuts because of the loss of revenue. Let's hear it for Adam Smith.

And I put editorial in quotes, because if that piece is an editorial, so is graffiti.

And JFO -- you sound even more like a conservative pretending to be a liberal in order to make liberals look bad. If you want to be convincing as a liberal you really need to ratchet down the buffoonery level a notch or two (or maybe 20).

Also, we need to get this s... (Below threshold)

Also, we need to get this straight. Is the verb 'to taser' or 'to tase'.

2. The advertisers are .... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

2. The advertisers are . . . annoyed . . . to say the least. The paper had $30K in advertising jerked as a result of the "editorial." And the staff now has to take massive pay cuts because of the loss of revenue. Let's hear it for Adam Smith.

Also, the student editor may be in some hot water. He may have to appear before a board that hear grievances and can fire him.


Ah, 'paid speech'. Let's s... (Below threshold)

Ah, 'paid speech'. Let's see the Constitutional protection for that.

Unless consensual, wouldn't... (Below threshold)

Unless consensual, wouldn't this be incitement to rape?

JFO, you are really quite a... (Below threshold)

JFO, you are really quite an idiot. And it seems to be a long term problem with you.

This issue had nothing to do with free speech. the person who was tasered at USF was not tasered for his speech, he was tasered for his conduct. His conduct was to interfere with other's speech by attempting to control someone else's forum that was not his to control.

The First Amendment does not give one the right to take over others' forums.

Only the most simplistic knee-jerk idiocy makes this into a free speech case.

SPQROn the contrar... (Below threshold)


On the contrary it is you who is an idiot. Either you selectively read, don't read or interpret what you read to mean what you want. My guess is all three as you rarely seem to have anything honest to say.

Let me lay it our for you moron. My initial post was in response to the usual baying of the usual wing-nuts that the student newspaper was bashing the moron in the White House. Of course not a one read the offending newspaper which stated that the purpose of its headline was to demonstrate free speech in college newspapers. That was what I pointed out you fool.

Then an author (Paul) on this blog - wrote a lie - quoting only a part of a sentence written by the editors of the paper, completely omitting the part where they said the purpose of their headline was to demonstrate free speech. Of course he threatened me as he was deliberately misquoting what the student editors wrote.

In other words simpleton I was calling out the wing-nuts who said the PURPOSE of the headline was to bash Bush.

Got it now "idiot." Jesus kool-aid drinkers like you are completely witless at times. If you had just a modicum of honesty you'd see that I never addressed the issue about the jackass in Florida who, by the way, should have been cut off.

Paul whom I called out for his lie has not been heard from since. Perhaps he is busy trying to persuade Kevin to ban another person. That seems to be his usual response when confronted with his dishonesty.

You ought to stick with NASCAR. Everything else seems to be way above your head "idiot."

And if Hooson is saying som... (Below threshold)

And if Hooson is saying something sensical we have gone through the looking glass.

Look: A young man was tazered at a Kerry event. Now a college newspaper writes about it saying "Bleep Bush!"

What does GWB have to do with the tazering? In the world of non-sequiters this is a lord god king non-sequiter. Why would anyone read the tazering of a heckler of Sen. Kerry into Pres. Bush causing it? Why would GWB want to do that?

On to Free Speech, this college paper's editors had their free speech; now they are getting free speech in response. And this is bad? Why? Welcome to real life.

This is probably going way over the head of JFO and others, but really, WTH?

JFO, you wrote: <blockquote... (Below threshold)

JFO, you wrote:

So for those of you too lazy to actually go and read the offending newspaper they were protesting the violation of the free speech rights of the student who was tasered by writing a shocking headline.

As I said, there is no free speech issue here, and as I said, you remain an idiot. An incoherent, hydrophobic idiot in fact.

JFO, the purpose of the hea... (Below threshold)

JFO, the purpose of the headline was to bash Bush. It is to the everlasting shame of the students that they, or anyone else, would actually look upon this as a free speech issue.

Little {k}imYou re... (Below threshold)

Little {k}im

You really ought to remember what happens to kool-aid drinkers. You're a sad case.


I was wrong and I must admit it. You're not an idiot. Just another lock step marching true believer without a shred of ability to use honest critical thinking.

By thre way, I'd rather be hydrophobic than a fabulist .You and Little {k}im related? Big word of the day to impress your fellow wingnuts? Too funny jackass.

What, JFO, do I have to dri... (Below threshold)

What, JFO, do I have to drink in order to think, as you apparently do, that what you have written addresses any of our points? That's Cow Ward Lee thinking.

JFO, you have the right of ... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

JFO, you have the right of free speech. That speech is secured against THE GOVERNMENT. Not against a university running a public speaking event. You have the right to speak without prior legal restraint; you do not have the right to be an obnoxious ass at someone else's event.

If you cut in line, rush a mic stand, and start asking questions after they say the questioning is over, they can ask you to leave. (and this isn't even considering the problems inherent in rushing towards a public figure like that anyways) And if you don't leave... THEY CAN HAVE THE COPS THROW YOU OUT. And if you won't go, they'll arrest you, and if you resist, you'll get zapped.

You seem to understand this already, having said he should have been cut off.

But - yes, lauching their nice 48 pt FUCK BUSH is making strong statement about free speech - but this issue isnt *about* free speech. The student paper clearly, with "taser this", is implying the guy was zapped for his speech. Furthermore, given the large outpouring of columns laying this incident at Bush's feet for whatever reason, you can excuse commenters here for assuming the paper staff blames him as well.

In the meantime, do you really expect to make headway with anyone while acting like an ass, calling them Jesus freaks and telling them to go back to watching NASCAR?

Tim:-Sigh-, for th... (Below threshold)


-Sigh-, for the umpteenth time what I originally did in my first comment was point out that some of the folks here took the headline's purpose to be to bash Bush. What I originally said was that they had obviously not read the editors of the offending newspaper's letter in which he said the purpose was to point out a freedom of speech issue. For the 10th umpteenth time that was my point, that some of the people take everything as bashing Bush.

I don't know how much clearer I could make it. So, some of the other folks here decided I was arguing the free speech rights of the student and the newspaper which was not the issue I raised.

The student in Florida should have been cut off, I agree. Tasering? I don't know. The student edoitors of the newspaper have the right to print that headline? Apparently. Stupid headline. Yes?

As to the insult, well you have a point. There's no use is arguing who started that - it's what happens here all the time. An excuse? No.

"For the 10th umpteenth tim... (Below threshold)

"For the 10th umpteenth time that was my point, that some of the people take everything as bashing Bush."

Oh, yeah, what idiots we are to believe that the words "Fuck Bush" are meant to bash Bush, regardless of whatever pathetic excuse the editor makes up AFTER said words have already been published. You're a frigging idiot jfo, even if their original intent was to argue about free speech, you CAN NOT discount the very words they CHOSE to demonstrate their own free speech!! Not to mention the fact that they wrote directly under it that the column represents the views of the editorial board!

I am a CSU student and as m... (Below threshold)

I am a CSU student and as much as I hate to admit it, CSU is a 2nd rate school. The only reason I came here is because I was turned down by a number of schools (including CU and DU which are both far superior to CSU) My first choice was CU but I didn't get in since I didn't have the grades or SATs to get in. I'm hoping I can transfer, the courses here at CSU are really simple so I have a 3.8 GPA after a year and a half, going to try again. My advice to anyone considering CSU would be to only do it as a last choice, the education you will get here is worse than a run of the mill community college.






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