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A Moment Of Silence

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Man,I remember wat... (Below threshold)


I remember watching him on TV as a kid. I can't remember if it was reruns of Ed Sullivan or Johnny Carson.

Never did like mimes much, but he was fun to watch.

He'll be missed.

_... (Below threshold)


Emmet Kelly, Sr.====... (Below threshold)

Emmet Kelly, Sr.

:0... (Below threshold)


It's always a sad moment wh... (Below threshold)

It's always a sad moment when an icon such as Marceau leaves this world. No one can really replace him because he was the novelty that revived this art form. May he rest in peace.

He served in the resistance... (Below threshold)

He served in the resistance so he wasn't just another America hating, dirty Frenchmam. Wikipedia says he served as a "liaison officer with Pattons army". Whatever that means. If nothing else, he'll be missed for his ability to spread French culture w/o inflicting that annoying accent on us.

Liason officer with Patton'... (Below threshold)

Liason officer with Patton's army, means he represented some group, and was the official go between of General Patton, and whatever entity he was representing (probably the French Resistance).

Basically, he eased communications between the 2 organizations for better coordination/cooperation.

Was referring to syntax "wi... (Below threshold)

Was referring to syntax "with" said sentence.

With silence but not stilln... (Below threshold)

With silence but not stillness.

My favorite Marceau referen... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

My favorite Marceau reference was in the movie FM when, after a few moments of dead air at the radio station, Eric (Martin Mull) jumps on the microphone with something along the lines of, "That was the title cut from Marcel Marceau's latest album, 'The Sounds of Silence.'"

RIP, monsieur.

My favorite Marceau moment ... (Below threshold)

My favorite Marceau moment was in Mel Brook's movie, "Silent Movie", Marceau was the only one in the movie who talked.
Very funny.






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