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Hillary's new Health Care scam

Hillary Clinton recognizes her "mistakes" from the 1993 "Hillarycare" fiasco, and promises they will not be repeated. Notice, though, the only specific aspect she renounces is the "punitive" nature of some provisions. She doesn't repudiate any other detail of the original proposal, although she has expressed some regret about providing opponents with so much ammunition.

Fraud-boy fundraiser Norman Hsu is now being more closely connected to the Clintons than previously was known. Not only has the Hochberg connection been exposed, as well as the odd intersections at the New School, but now some defrauded California investors are claiming Hsu won their confidence by being so warmly treated by Hillary, California's Attorney General, James Carville and other Democratic stars, and Steven Spielberg and other celebrities. But Hsu may have learned the confidence game from the Clintons, who are masters at it.

Hillary isn't going to lay it all out this time, allowing the public a peek into her vision of the future. Instead, she retreats into generalities. In a diabolically clever move, she will now offer "choice" of health care plans, promising individuals can buy private plans if they desire. No one will be "forced" into the government program.

Believe it if you wish. Or, if you're very dumb. Hillary isn't promoting any sort of "competition" between private and public plans at all; she is merely trying to fleece the suckers among you. Sure, you may "choose" a private plan - but only after she has enforced mandates upon every private insurer which will ensure not only that their cost is prohibitive, but that the private health insurance industry will be decimated in short order.

Hillary will force, as a key part of her plan, private insurance companies to cover a wide array of specifics, removing the flexibility which enables them to offer plans at different prices. Worst of all, though, she will insist all private plans cover pre-existing conditions. These two mandates will raise premiums through the roof.

Naturally, everyone will eventually "choose" the cheaper government plan, and she will have achieved through deception what she could not through straightforward action: the nationalization of health care.


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Well Put!... (Below threshold)

Well Put!

What's wrong with nationali... (Below threshold)

What's wrong with nationalised healthcare? I mean, in the WHO rankings the US comes first in the amount of money per person spent on health, but in the 70's in terms of individual well-being. Meanwhile every other first-world country has a national health service and spends less than the US to keep a healthier populace. What's the problem?

I'm from the UK, and whilst I admit that our system isn't perfect by a long chalk, it doesn't lead to the kind of problems my American girlfriend has with her health coverage. The fact that she can't see the podiatrist she wants to, because they aren't affiliated with the insurers her employers force her to use. The fact that she has to pay for the drugs she may be prescribed, despite her _needing_ those drugs. Even her general doctor is mandated by the insurance policy.

You talk a lot about lack of choice in nationalised healthcare, but as far as I can tell the country with citizens who can't make their own healthcare choices is America.

Great article and blog.... (Below threshold)
Bob S.:

Great article and blog.

Here is a great article on an injustice in the medical and health community that is literally ripping people off - this is a must read for everyone:

In house laboratory services like Labcorp and how they are ripping people off - another great report on fraud from Bestbraindrain.com

Bob S.






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