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Not your father's leg-breaking goons . . .

Now they're closer to "white collar criminals" . . .

UPDATE 1:00 a.m.: The two sides are already back at the table, which could signal a short strike.

I posted earlier on the United Auto Workers' strike against General Motors. Tim Miller of Union Facts writes to refer us to their UAW fact sheet and UAW-related posts on their Labor Pains blog.

He also reminds us to "Look for the Union Label!"



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If this isn't a Pavlov bell... (Below threshold)

If this isn't a Pavlov bell calling for a Honsoon response nothing is.

On second thought...<... (Below threshold)

On second thought...

Someone check "under" that blog. Hoffa may be there.

About the UAW factsheet. </... (Below threshold)

About the UAW factsheet.

The only thing that would make healthcare costs competitive Toyota would be if we implemented nationalized healthcare.

Nothing like the government subsidizing the healthcare expenses for big corporation to help make them competitive abroad.

Read Steve Brill's book, Te... (Below threshold)

Read Steve Brill's book, Teamsters if you really wanna know about tough.

We all know the connections... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

We all know the connections between organized crime and these labor unions and the violence during the 70s and thugs from the TEAMSTERS used against a UPS driver who refused to take part in the big strike and the brother and sister who were the victims of teamster thugs and how they won a lawsuit against the phelidalphia branch of the teamsters

Let's set history straight ... (Below threshold)

Let's set history straight here; it was actually Henry Ford Sr. that started the first incident of "leg breaking goons" in the normally peaceful world of labor negotiations of American automobile manufacturers and labor unions. Henry Ford hired a gansterlike figure, Harry Bennett, a former Navy boxer who started an internal security service within Ford called the "Service Department".

In an infamous 1937 episode of violence against labor union organizers known as "The Battle Of The Overpass", Bennett's force of "Service Department" thugs violently attacked some union organizers who were peacefully shooting photos for an educational brochere offering unions as an alternative to Henry Ford's own economic philosophy of "corporate welfarism". One union organizer suffered a broken back from the brutal beating by Ford's hired force of gangsterlike thugs.

Besides strange beliefs on economics, Henry Ford, Sr. also had some strange opinions on Jews including writing booklets inventing strange "Jewish conspiracies". Both Germans and Americans with Nazi leanings embraced the writings of Ford during the late 30's and for years after. As late as the early 60's Americans associated with American National Socialist White People's Party movement and Thunderbolt continued to embrace the antiJewish writings of Ford. Some believe the hatred of Jews by Ford went back to a time when a banker refused to offer Ford a business loan during the early days of his company and he had to look elsewhere for a business loan.

The history of "leg breaking goons" has nothing to do with labor unions, but rather the violence by the early Ford Motor Company private security upon peaceful labor union organizers.






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