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"We don't have any in our country"

Unlike the mythical disruption that Jay wrote about earlier today, there actually was some commotion when old Dinner Jacket claimed there are no homosexuals in Iran. John Aravosis saw and commented at Ameriblog:

How do you say "wide stance" in Farsi? Iran's wacky president just said at Columbia University, three times, that they do not have homosexuals in Iran. Uh huh. Methinks the bearded lady doth protest too much.

Listen to the howls of laughter and derision of the Columbia students. Good for them.


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"Listen to the howls of lau... (Below threshold)

"Listen to the howls of laughter and derision of the Columbia students. Good for them."

Good for them, indeed. Better for them had none of them cheered Hitler's mini-me.

The crowd reaction during the entire thing was both heartening and disgusting.

He'd fit right in, NO NOT T... (Below threshold)

He'd fit right in, NO NOT THAT WAY, with the flaming teabagger who runs MORON.ORG, or with Barney's Brothel.

Well, since the "Islamic Re... (Below threshold)

Well, since the "Islamic Republic" has been actively executing any homosexual they find for nearly thirty years now, who's going to stand up (in Iran) and say he's wrong?

But, of course hanging gays and beheading adulterous women and cutting the hands off thieves is just a "cultural difference," right? Isn't that what the left has been telling us for decades now, that our "Western culture" isn't superior to others, only "different?" And that we are to "embrace diversity?"

So-called "multiculturalism" is merely a burkha for cowardice to hide behind. Ahmadinejad represents a society and culture which is not only backward and inferior, but violently and aggressively so.

While I salute Dr. Bollinger for directly challenging Ahmadinejad, there was never any true benefit to inviting him in the first place (although there was institutional precedent, as Columbia invited Hitler in the '30s). We can never reach any "understanding" with bloodthirsty monsters like this - unless it involves them swinging from a rope.

Good for them?... my white,... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Good for them?... my white, hairy butt.

They probably thought the outrageous claim was a joke.

They cheered him.
They cheered this little man, knowing full well what he has said and done.

"F" them all.

Since his country tends to ... (Below threshold)

Since his country tends to kill homosexuals, he may believe there aren't any left.

I'm beginning to rethink my... (Below threshold)

I'm beginning to rethink my hatred of Iran.

All the lefties now get to ... (Below threshold)

All the lefties now get to see a glimpse of the future by their support of assholes like Amadinnerjacket.

Once radical islam takes over, submit, pay a tax & live subservient, or die. Oh yeah, all the queers get the just die choice.

American and islam are NOT compatible.

Now go on lefties, stick your head back in the sand and pay no attention. Nothing to see here, move along.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)

Apparently, there are some in Iran who aren't afraid. Of course, the mullahs haven't sent their "religion of peace" squads around there yet . . .

He's right. There's little... (Below threshold)

He's right. There's little of luxury or exuberance in Iran, now.

There may indeed be no more... (Below threshold)

There may indeed be no more remaining, living, homosexuals in Iran. But there sure must be a few at Columbia, considering the wonderful, fulfilling bj that Columbia provided to Irans "fabulist" leader.

BTW, there are sure plenty of lefties on DU and DailyKos (you know, the kindred souls to mantis, barney, larkin et al) who certainly think very, very highly of this Iranian "peace-monger.

The left will make common cause with any tyrant of any stripe so long as that tyrant opposes the even-bigger-boogie-man-of-the-left, GWB.

This is why it was importan... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

This is why it was important to let him speak....
We do not live in a controlled environment like Iran....let him say...

"In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country," Ahmadinejad said to howls and boos among the Columbia University audience.

"In Iran we do not have this phenomenon, I don't know who has told you that we have it," he said."

Giving him the opportunity to speak....did not lend legitimacy to what he had to say...

Paraphrasing he was saying that homosexual activity is a choice. The Qu'ran speaks against it. All Iranians believe and obey the Qu'ran.
Therefore there are no Iranian homosexuals.(except the one's they execute)

Did anyone really believe he would speak and be given a standing ovation?

By allowing him to speak Columbia set him up...not the other way around...

All of this hubbub was and remains BS. It is a simple distraction....
How the surge is working...

He got loud applause from t... (Below threshold)

He got loud applause from the audience when he complained about Bollinger's introduction. That clip will be broadcast in Iran for years.

Columbia has done irreparable damage, Bollinger's little pathetic scolding at the beginning will not remedy.

I'm not sure where you got ... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure where you got your quote, nogo, but those were jeers and nervous laughter, not howls and boos, at Ahmadi-Nijad's denial of a 'problem' in Iran.

nogo to logicville: "Giving... (Below threshold)

nogo to logicville: "Giving him the opportunity to speak....did not lend legitimacy to what he had to say..."

It most certainly did lend him credibility, which will become manifestly obvious, even for morons like nogo, as the pictures of him standing in the prestigious environs of one of America's leading academic institutions is broadcast far and wide in Iran and the muslim world.

nogo:This is w... (Below threshold)


This is why it was important to let him speak.... We do not live in a controlled environment like Iran....let him say...

I "might" entertain that train of thought but for one small thing.

He hasn't been and probably never will be in a, shall we say, an "al gore type lock box," his viewpoint is well known throughout the world and is given as much air time in the States as he is in the Muslim world.

So... I completely, and utterly, reject that poppycock line of "reasoning."

nogo to logicville... (Below threshold)
nogo to logicville:
You mean there's actually a line of communication between the two, where?
Of course there are no homo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Of course there are no homosexuals in Iran. They kill them all.

Mammoud just let that little part slip by...

I normally detest the old, ... (Below threshold)

I normally detest the old, badly overused phrase "Speaking truth to power" - but if this wasn't it, I don't know what would be...

For once I agree with the K... (Below threshold)

For once I agree with the Kos kiddies. They voted that they would prefer the Nutjob from Iran to President Bush. I would also like to see the Nutjob as president for 30 days. We would not have to listen to the Kos kiddies and Moron.org democrats again. Each and everyone of them, and their entire families, would take up residence in a ditch somewhere (headless of course), never to be mentioned again. I love it when a plan comes togather. Anything we can do to speed up the permanent demise of the democrats will be done.

Well, that is certainly not... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Well, that is certainly not the only thing he is in denial about...

"This is why it was impo... (Below threshold)

"This is why it was important to let him speak.... We do not live in a controlled environment like Iran...."

Tell the to Jim Gilchrist.

Tell THAT to Jim Gilchrist.... (Below threshold)

Tell THAT to Jim Gilchrist.






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