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Silence in Syria, Panic in Iran

In the wake of the Israeli air strike near Dayr az-Zawr in Syria, the one thing most universally noted by observers was the silence from Israeli, American, and other Western security sources. The sudden ability to keep a secret from leaking amazes us all.

But the telling silence may have been that in Syria itself, as Dr. Jack Wheeler explains for To The Point News:

Notice how far away Dayr az-Zawr is from Israel. An F15/16 attack there is not a tiptoe across the border, but a deep, deep penetration of Syrian airspace. And guess what happened with the Russian super-hyper-sophisticated cutting edge antiaircraft missile batteries when that penetration took place on September 6th.


El blanko. Silence. The systems didn't even light up, gave no indication whatever of any detection of enemy aircraft invading Syrian airspace, zip, zero, nada. The Israelis (with a little techie assistance from us) blinded the Russkie antiaircraft systems so completely the Syrians didn't even know they were blinded.

Now you see why the Syrians have been scared speechless. They thought they were protected - at enormous expense - only to discover they are defenseless. As in naked.

Thus the Great Iranian Freak-Out - for this means Iran is just as nakedly defenseless as Syria. I can tell you that there are a lot of folks in the Kirya (IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv) and the Pentagon right now who are really enjoying the mullahs' predicament. Let's face it: scaring the terror masters in Tehran out of their wits is fun.

Read it all at the link above. Certainly, something enabled the Israelis to penetrate all those air defenses, attracting nary a barrage of anti-aircraft missiles or even a general alert.

The last known major breakthrough in "cloaking" technology, Stealth, came over twenty years ago. We leaked its development before deployment, but there was a clear geopolitical purpose to that: pressuring the Soviets. Combined with Reagan's waving the "Star Wars" missile defense program, the message was clear: "We will soon be able to block you, and you won't even be able to see us." It requires little imagination to suppose we've been working on further advances since, which might have been kept under wraps for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear targets - until the Syrians began their little science project with North Korean "cement" (as the shipment from Pyongyang delivered to Syria shortly before the attack was labeled).

Wheeler is careful to note we still don't know exactly what the target was - whatever it was, Israel considered it deadly serious business, the US must have concurred, and the mild reaction from Europe and moderate Arab states tends to confirm their own agreement - but that it doesn't matter so much as the fact it could be hit without detection.

Thanks to my friend "Joe Six-pack" for forwarding this article.


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Comments (59)

That's quite a 'trump' to h... (Below threshold)

That's quite a 'trump' to hold (the ability to quietly blind your adversary so that they don't even realize they're blind). One has to wonder what the circumstances were to motivate them to reveal the trump at this time.

It had to be something dist... (Below threshold)

It had to be something disturbing - but that leaves a choice as far as Syria goes. The "cement" delivery from half a world away had to be something else . . . what does North Korea have to export? Hmmm . . .

Also, Jane's Defense Weekly reported on the July 23 accident with nerve gas, when the Syrians were trying to load it on a Scud missile. You don't load such payloads on a missile until you are very close to firing it.

Also, Assad has received recent visits from both Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Kucinich, so it is possible he is stockpiling lethal doses of bullsh*t . . .

Take your pick . . . ;-)

Not to take anything away f... (Below threshold)

Not to take anything away from this, but, the site, while 'deep inside Syria' if you cross Syria from Israel, doesn't really seem very far through hostile territory if you take a Jordan/Iraq route...something the US could pretty plausibly arrange - although they'd probably have to present some pretty damning evidence to get Jordan to go along (assuming they were told). Obviously we'd have to know about a jaunt through Iraq, but no one else would.

I would like to point out t... (Below threshold)

I would like to point out that both the F-15 and F-16 are thirty years old.

If we can smoke them with planes developed in the 70s... imagine the stuff our military has worked on since.

It could be that this is a ... (Below threshold)

It could be that this is a dress rehearsal for a possible attack on Iran. Given that the Iranians have similar anti-air defenses, what better way to test the success of an attack on their airspace, by attacking the airspace of someone that's not so far away. Interesting stuff.

Another possible route was ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Another possible route was through Turkish airspace. I thought I read (can't find my source) an early report that the Turkish military had turned a blind eye to the Isreally strike, without informing the new Islamicist civillian government.

When all is said and done, ... (Below threshold)

When all is said and done, this was not some 21st Century hocus pocus. It is good some people might think that it is. It will help later. Good, reliable intelligence, careful planning, judicious use of equipment such as standoff jammers, special operations personnel who are really "special" and the ability to pick and choose your time are all very important aspects to any surprise attack. The Israelis used all of these to their advantage and then some. The "and then some" is the unforeseen circumstance of scaring the bejesus out of the bad guys.

Falze:I like and a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I like and appreciate your thought, but look again at the map. Even with possible Jordanian support/permission and using a flight path that skirts into Iraqi airspace, this is still a 100+ mile deep penetration into Syrian airspace--that's just guess-timate range from Al Daim, Iraq to Dayr Az Zawr, Syria. That is a catastrophic failure in terms of defense and penetrability.

I'm incredibly curious as to what this attack was about--if there was one at all, and it wasn't "simply" the IDF air force dumping fuel and running back after testing Syrian radar. If it was "just a test" it was damn successful.

If so, the good doctor is right: Mullahs from Iran to Damascus are shitting in their turbans....

While it's possible that... (Below threshold)

While it's possible that the technological breakthough was something old school like paying somebody to turn a radar off, I'd like to point out that F-15s are by no means stealthy aircraft! I can see why the Iranians are going nuts over this. They've gone from state-of-the-art defenses to baby-seal mode overnight. And the US and Israel have a few clubs...

BTW, if the NYT reveals how this was pulled off... hang 'em. Just hang them.

Now that's funny. My... (Below threshold)

Now that's funny.
My first thought, that some others obviously had, was "That's not even an F-22, B-1 or B-2, just some old, obsolete, F-15s and F-16s".
I hope it's true.

Jim A:what doe... (Below threshold)

Jim A:

what does North Korea have to export? Hmmm . . .


Adam:... (Below threshold)


I would like to point out that both the F-15 and F-16 are thirty years old. If we can smoke them with planes developed in the 70s... imagine the stuff our military has worked on since.

I would like to point out you're militarily clueless.

F-15's and F-16's never were and have never been used as "jammers." The are attack/fighter jets (ya know, drop bombs smart and otherwise) and had absolutely zero to do with any "blinding" of Syrian air defenses.

All I can really add is thi... (Below threshold)

All I can really add is this:


Deterrence through invisibility.

Friggin' awesome.

Fascinating! Time for a fe... (Below threshold)

Fascinating! Time for a few "training runs" by dozens & dozens or aircraft towards Iran...with last second turn-arounds!

Do that a few times and see if they FINALLY get the hint! If not..."weapons are free"!

marc:You are assum... (Below threshold)


You are assuming that a couple of them can't be refit.

Actually, I will add a thou... (Below threshold)

Actually, I will add a thought. With this information in mind, the scope of Ahmadinejad's UN speech takes an interesting turn.

Extremely interesting... bu... (Below threshold)

Extremely interesting... but I'm not taking the whole hook just yet.

From Dayr az-Zawr to the west boarder of Iraq is about 75 miles. It uses stand off weapons that can almost make the shot from Iraq.

The F-15 can cruise at well above 20 miles per minute... So we're talking a single plane or 2 over Syria for under 8 min. That's a tip toe across the border....

A couple of notes:... (Below threshold)

A couple of notes:

Radar isn't magic, and won't automatically detect everything in the air. In rough terrain, your detection range can be very limited. Two hundred radar sets isn't that many for a country of that size. Good mission planning could avoid effective detection for a good-sized strike mission without needing stealth - especially if some commandos took a couple of sites offline.

Second, electronic warfare is an Israeli specialty. Some active ECM helps a LOT.

Third, Russian radars aren't that good in the first place.

Here's a possible scenario.... (Below threshold)

Here's a possible scenario. I'm not saying it's accurate, just a hypothesis from stuff that I found in open source material on the web.

Turkey and Israel signed a number of military treaties in the mid 1990's, which allowed for both countries armed forces to train with each other in each others' countries.

There is a rumor, which I can't substantiate, that a ground element was inserted via helicopter before the attack to help "paint" the target.

I believe it was written in the Jerusalem Post or the Daily Telegraph that the Israelis have known for years that Syria had chemical weapons, but that there was a red line that Israel wouldn't let Syria cross.

Other than the usual suspects, condemnation has been rather mild. The only non-middle eastern state to lodge a protest was North korea. After the raid was over, a number of Syrians flew to Pyongyang to meet with the North Koreans. Also, just after this attack happened, the six party talks about opening North Korea up for a nuclear inspection were immediately postponed.

There is also a story making the rounds that Israeli satellite photos were taken that showed a nuke plant was being constructed. According to the story, Israeli intelligence was able to get ahold of whatever was being manufactured at the plant, and shared its findings with the White House, who then gave Israel the green light.

Here goes: Israel became aware that nuclear material was being manufactured or transported to Syria. They staged their forces in Turkey, and entered throught the northern part of the country, where the air defense was not as strong. The commandos illuminated the target, and the fighter/bombers came in and left before anyone knew what happened. The reason that the Turks sqauked was that the Israelis got careless, and a fuel tank got dropped.

It isn't likely that Israel took the direct route through Jordan, as that would be a violation of their airspace. It is possible that the US and Iraq would allow any damaged fighters to land at an airbase in the western part of the country, but the Iraqis wouldn't alow any overflights either.

There is a strong technical discussion posted at another web site. I believe it's called either former spook or in from the cold. I'm sorry that I don't completely remember, btu it offers a technical analysis of IFF codes and bombing routes.

As I said, just a hypothesis.

Ok, I am far from a militar... (Below threshold)

Ok, I am far from a military expert, but keeping up with all of the shiny toys our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have access to is something of a hobby for... well, any red-blooded American male, but me in particular.

First, as someone said previously, F-15s and F-16s are not, in any way, stealthy. In fact, the F-16 might be one of the least-stealthy fighters we have out there, being little more than an insanely high-output jet engine with a seat and a few wings strapped to it.

Second, it is important to note that both of those aircraft were originally designed to be air superiority fighters. "Not a pound for air to ground," was a slogan of the original F-15 design team. This has since changed with the development of the F-15E Strike Eagle, and also the F-15I Thunder. Coincidentally, in addition to the A, B, and D variants Israel owns, they also have a few of the I's running about. However, the fact remains that, at its core, the 15 is still an air superiority jet, and none of the baseline models are designed for Wild-Weasel-style missions... though nailing a ground target would be well within an I's capabilities. I am not saying it would be impossible, but I doubt it would be seamless and undetectable as it apparently was this time around (or, at least, the Syrians are not admitting otherwise).

Now, all that said for the 15, it stands even double for the 16... almost. This thing was originally designed as an interceptor, but its history has changed to. With the development of its Block 50D/52D, it gained HARM missiles and a self-defense jamming pod. The catch with the former is that it requires the destruction of the ground sensors (something the Syrians also have not admitted), and the latter appears to be predominantly for self-defense, not for blanking out sensors of other aircraft - again, the complete and utter silence seems a bit odd.

Ok, all that said, the scenario is still not impossible. The Israelis have been developing and acquiring all manner of interesting technology over the years, to keep themselves alive and scary enough to the Arabs around them to keep them out. Combine that with their apparently inherent ingenuity, and they could very well have cobbled together a surprisingly effective Wild Weasel/ground strike package... The problem is that refits are tetchy things, and, more often than not, cause more problems than you would like.

Personally, I think it actually went one of two ways, but it is just me. First, there is the possibility of "nap of the earth" flying. No, this is not just Hollywood makebelieve, yes, it is dangerous as hell, and yes, their pilots would have to be very, very good. But depending on the terrain and placement of the Syrian's detection grid, it might very well be possible, especially with things that are about as far from slow, ungainly bombers as you can get. Second, Israel's specwar teams are impressively good, at least from what little about them is known. How difficult would it be for them to infiltrate the border, and silence the ground based radar installations? Kill the crews... cut the power... blow the things up... however you want to accomplish it?

At this point, I honestly think the Syrians are too embarassed to admit exactly what happened, and we are likely to never know, both due to that, and due to the Israelis not wanting to tell (why would they?). However, any way you look at it, it is positively fantastic that someone has all of the terrorism-supporting bastards over there on their toes. Major bonus points for that, indeed.

Like I said, not to take an... (Below threshold)

Like I said, not to take anything away from it, but still, we're not talking about a long haul by jet. It was just a thought.

hermie:You are... (Below threshold)


You are assuming that a couple of them can't be refit.

I assume nothing, there are no reports such has occurred although not impossible. what I do know is Israel has always placed it's emphasis on fighter/attack aircraft and the electronic capabilities are utilized via other means.

Here is their latest A/C purchase you'll note no EW equip is included.

Assuming any EW jamming occurred it most likely came from an outside source. As for Israel's organic EW capabilities one hopes they have been improved since the Labanon war because they, and the U.S. were unpleasantly surprised how little effect they had on the hezzies comm capabilities.

Marc, the Israelis don't ha... (Below threshold)

Marc, the Israelis don't have to buy EW equipment as they have a very high level avionics industry - in fact, they've sold us avionics technology in the past if memory serves.

I would suspect that IDF F15's and F16's are often not flying with US issued avionics.

Maybe this is why GWB let A... (Below threshold)

Maybe this is why GWB let Ahamanuthaid into the country - to have someone mention in private that the Joooos can now put a missile through his bedroom window, without any warning.

"Why, Mrs. Nuthaid, what is that whistling sound...."

Whew, I'd say the last few ... (Below threshold)

Whew, I'd say the last few posters know a thing or two.

SPQR:Marc, the... (Below threshold)


Marc, the Israelis don't have to buy EW equipment as they have a very high level avionics industry - in fact, they've sold us avionics technology in the past if memory serves.

I never said they had to buy EW gear. They in fact have a very advanced EW "industry," but little to none of what is produced for it's A/C.

And you are correct, they recently sold some very advanced gear to India that the U.S. protested about.

Lots of good points, I'd ju... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Lots of good points, I'd just add one observation:

Israel always thinks a few years ahead.

This was not about 'today'.

Though they have taken cred... (Below threshold)

Though they have taken credit, why are we assuming this was an Israeli job?

Here we are trying to figure out how the Israelis could have done it when the US has plenty of hardware capable and the long haul ability to make things happen from bases in places like Diego Garcia or even Whiteman, Missouri.

ah....Blac.. Who are Jooos?... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

ah....Blac.. Who are Jooos?
I agree with DJ...
It is unfortunate that Bush/Cheney have never exhibited such foresight.

"F-16, F-17, whatever it ta... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

"F-16, F-17, whatever it takes." heh

I don't care if they wired a flux capacitor to a blender, I say "well done"!

Very curious if we'll ever find out all the details on this one.

I want to make it clear tha... (Below threshold)

I want to make it clear that the Israeli F-16 is not your father's F-16. These F-16's are two seaters. The plane's radar are American (much to some IDF general's dismay) but the infra-red sensor systems and air to air missles are RAPHAEL, Israeli. THe IDF has or is close to having 102 "Sufa" F-16s. They have a range of 800 miles.

25% of the plane is made of Israeli components, mostly airframe.

Yes, the Syrians were caugh... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Yes, the Syrians were caught so unaware that they didn't even have time to summon Green Helmet Guy for some dead baby pics.

Ah, the thing about foresig... (Below threshold)

Ah, the thing about foresight...

When the other guy doesn't see what you're seeing you can't assume that he's not looking.

DJ makes a good point here.... (Below threshold)

DJ makes a good point here. Who knows the mission...having read much elsewhere about it, the objective seems to range from a show of force and capability to a successful direct strike....both are a signal.
The muted response about this incident is absolutely deafening. I wonder if this was on Dinner Jacket's (hat tip JT) mind yesterday as he regurgitated Democratic Retreat talking points?

Marc, yep I've seen referen... (Below threshold)

Marc, yep I've seen references that suggest at least half of the avionics in an F-16I are IAI furnished. Odd looking varient of the F16 by the way, with its side mounted tanks.

Israel is acquiring an advanced version of the aircraft designated as the F-16I. The configuration includes updated avionics, color cockpit displays, and a helmet-mounted display all manufactured by the Israel-based global defense company Elbit; an advanced electronic warfare suite manufactured the Israeli company Elisra; advanced weapons and sensors manufactured by the Israeli Government-owned company Rafael; and other improved systems. Israel Aircraft Industries will continue its long tradition of producing F-16 airframe components. These and other Israeli companies will contribute approximately 25 percent of the aircraft.

Likewise, the F15I uses Israeli avionics especially its EW suite.

Lotta fun theories as to ho... (Below threshold)

Lotta fun theories as to how the Israelis might have done this. Good. Gotta figure that the Syrians are running up and down the SAME list...and more to boot. Good again.

For quite a while everytime somebody drops a book on the floor in Damascus Assad is gonna have to change his underwear! Priceless!

David:</p... (Below threshold)


I want to make it clear that the Israeli F-16 is not your father's F-16. These F-16's are two seaters. The plane's radar are American (much to some IDF general's dismay) but the infra-red sensor systems and air to air missles are RAPHAEL, Israeli. THe IDF has or is close to having 102 "Sufa" F-16s. They have a range of 800 miles. 25% of the plane is made of Israeli components, mostly airframe.

And this is "news?" Anyone that follows the Israeli's military with something more than a passing interest knows they improve upon almost everything they buy from the outside.

Ho-hum. OH and if you would have viewed the link provided above you would have seen the entire weapons/electronic suite on the A/C.


Maybe this is why GWB let Ahamanuthaid into the country

Bush didn't have "to let" Irans terror-miester into the U.S. As a head of state he has diplomatic immunity. Any attempt to usurp that would have created more problems that it's would be worth.

marc: "As a head of stat... (Below threshold)

marc: "As a head of state he has diplomatic immunity. Any attempt to usurp that would have created more problems that it's would be worth."

He may be a "head of State" but what he DOESN'T have, unless we grant it to him, is a VISA to visit!!

And withholding that would have been WELL WORTH the "problems" it might have caused! Here are a few of the blessings that would have resulted:
- AhmaNutJob "exposed" as a Tin Pot Dictator - exposed is in "" because only the truly dim-witted were in the dark on this...which brings me to point #2
- large numbers of "truly dim-witted (aka "Democrats") heads exploding from rage!!

but most importantly...

- the U.N. being on appropriate notice that they are GUESTS in this country...and UN-Welcome ones at that!!

Sorry justrand... none of t... (Below threshold)

Sorry justrand... none of that flys.

True enough, diplomatic immunity doesn't preclude the need for a visiting head of state from getting a visa, however that privilege has been traditionally extended regardless of what is factually covered. (i.e. May not be arrested or detained, may not have their residences entered and searched, may not be subpoenaed as witnesses, may not be prosecuted)

The rest of your "reasons" are poppy-cock.

"If so, the good doctor is ... (Below threshold)
scrapiron Author Profile Page:

"If so, the good doctor is right: Mullahs from Iran to Damascus are shitting in their turbans...." I thought that was a daily practice for the people living in the 17th century. No need to worry about the how or why the attack went unnoticed by syria until it was over. The democrat traitors in congress will find out the how/why and leak it to the NYSlimes any day.

nogo, if you really think D... (Below threshold)

nogo, if you really think Dubya and "Darth" do not have great planning ability, well, I guess you oughta play them some high-stakes poker.

You might want to consider, for instance, that Israel's PMs have a habit of conferring with US Presidents about these sorts of things, and - while you would have a hard time believing it - you might consider that this idea may well have been discussed for some time between President Bush and the Israelis, and Dubya may have contributed to its development.

Or, you can fall back on that asinine caricature which usually costs your side when competing against him.

Actually marc, if memory se... (Below threshold)

Actually marc, if memory serves, the United States can and has denied entry visas to certain persons, even when they held diplomatic credentials, the Ayatollah Khomeini being one obvious example.

The fact remains the aircra... (Below threshold)

The fact remains the aircraft Israel has are unstealthy in the extreme, and jamming is the "kick the door down" approach to EW. In other words you can't jam the target without everyone in the vicinity knowing about it.

If the Israelis have an electronic device that makes them less observable on radar it would mean the existance of a module that hasn't been publicly disclosed by any country.

My guess would be something much more simple is at work here. We have GPS glide bombs that will go about 70km if launched from the right altitude. I suspect all the Israelis had to do was take a single radar offline (with commandos or a radar-seeking missile like HARM), scoot a little bit over the border and launch the glide bombs, which have a tiny radar cross-section.

They might even have waited for the radar to come down for maintenence.

Ummmm, I am pretty sure tha... (Below threshold)

Ummmm, I am pretty sure that the Syrians do not take down the whole SAM radar network for maintenance at the same time.


marc: "The rest of your ... (Below threshold)

marc: "The rest of your "reasons" are poppy-cock."

actually, marc, I called them "blessings"...not "reasons"! :)

p.s. we denied ARAFAT a Visa...and Foreign Minister Gromyko of the USSR was also denied a Visa. Point is, we get to DECIDE who visits us!! Capice?

DJ:Actually ma... (Below threshold)


Actually marc, if memory serves, the United States can and has denied entry visas to certain persons, even when they held diplomatic credentials, the Ayatollah Khomeini being one obvious example.

Never said never DJ. But it happens so infrequently as to be the outlier not the rule.

Justrand:p.s. ... (Below threshold)


p.s. we denied ARAFAT a Visa...and Foreign Minister Gromyko of the USSR was also denied a Visa. Point is, we get to DECIDE who visits us!! Capice?

And same to you justrand, I never said never. I said it would be an exercise in futility and not worth the effort with no appreciable gain.

Eric:In other wor... (Below threshold)

In other words you can't jam the target without everyone in the vicinity knowing about it.

Ummmm.... no.

Sure, some types of jamming (barrage, or example) rely on just dumping out a lot of radio noise at the right frequencies and effectively blinding the radar, but there are some very nifty little things you can do to make the enemy either think his radar is broken or not get a solid return in the first place.

One of the "nice" jamming methods is to do very low-power emissions (radar returns tend to be very low power, even on non-stealth aircraft) to smear your return over a large enough area that you blend in with weather returns.

There are also ways to do off-axis jamming so the radar "sees" something off in the wrong direction. You could (with clever enough software) make a flight of F-16s look like a smeared echo of a commercial flight going in a completely different direction, for example.

You could even, under the right conditions, hit a targeted radar with a high powered signal at the right freqs to make it go into reset mode - too much power down a sensitive receiver, and safeties would kick in. Hit them hard enough and fast enough, and anyone else looking in your direction would just see a momentary glitch.

You can even do something like pump a lot of power at a receiver at frequencies it's not looking at, with a very narrow beam, and jam it without giving your position away or causing an obvious blip on their screens.

Remember that Syria, while owning what seems to be a lot of radars (200+), doesn't have enough for real overlapping coverage for their whole country. Jamming one to three radars at a time with well-directed electronic countermeasures wouldn't announce your presence to too many other units.

These are Russian systems - out of that 200, probably only 150 or so are online at any given time. Most of them would be shorter-ranged systems, so you'd have huge gaps in "fine" coverage, while the big-long-range radars wouldn't have good enough resolution to really see any incoming planes that stick low enough to the ground, even if they had a relatively clear line of sight in the first place.

According to <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

According to another news source, the Israelis had a specific reason for the air strike:

"JERUSALEM - THE mysterious Israeli air strike on a Syrian military compound this month was carried out after Israeli commandos brought back hard evidence that the site contained nuclear-related material of North Korean origin.

According to a report in London's Sunday Times, which cited sources in Tel Aviv and Washington, the US gave the nod to Israel only after it was shown the evidence and confirmed that the samples were indeed derived from North Korea.

Israeli intelligence had been keeping an eye on the site near Dayr az-Zawr in northern Syria for months."

My understanding is that wh... (Below threshold)

My understanding is that when they attacked Osirak, the planes flew in a tight enough formation to mimic a commercial flight.

marc: "I said it would b... (Below threshold)

marc: "I said it would be an exercise in futility and not worth the effort with no appreciable gain"

Announcing to the world that such a despicable and despotic moron was not welcome in our country "not worth the effort"??


I disagree 100%. We need to roll our the Red Carpet ONLY to those worthy...or it cheapens the "Red Carpet". Being "worthy" would be an easy hurdle to clear...and AhmaNutJob would clearly NOT clear it!

Of course, the better solution is just to eject the U.N. from our shores. How about Tehran???

WowSince we are all ... (Below threshold)

Since we are all what-iffing this thing:
Someone discovers the funny business in the desert. We work a deal with the Israelis to drop commandos on the ground since they are a) good at what they do, and b) less likely to cause a political embarassment if caught on the ground than US special forces. IAF F-15s and 16s make sure to fly around the Turkish perimeter, intentionally dropping a tank in case noone notices, and F117s blast the funny business to itty bits. US fighters can't, from a politiical perspective, attack Syria from Iraq, but everyone knows IAF guys operate over Syria from time to time. Scares the Russians/Syrians/Iranians big time and we stay mum.

RicardoVerde, that's the ut... (Below threshold)

RicardoVerde, that's the utter beauty of this...the next morning the entire Syrian military said, in unison: WTF????

Then they called up the Russians and screamed about the shit system they bought and the Russians said: WTF????

Then the Iranians (who have a similar system) found out and said: WTF????

And the Israelis said.... [crickets chirping]

Pass the popcorn please.

Ricardo, no the Israelis wo... (Below threshold)

Ricardo, no the Israelis would not rely on US aircraft to do such a mission.

Question:What was ... (Below threshold)


What was the purpose of Bibi breaking silence?

Probably co-incidence. It ... (Below threshold)

Probably co-incidence. It was an open secret. If not he, someone else.

Hillary Clinton wouldn't ta... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton wouldn't talk about this incident last night either. None of the big three would promise to have all troops out of Iraq at the debate last night. This is Big News. Are the nutroots under the bus? Are some of the Democrats understanding finally that we are at war? What Ho, Richardson?

Wow it looks like we could ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Wow it looks like we could have the ROMULAN CLOAKING DEVICE or SPACE GHOSTS INVISO POWER

Couple items of note here o... (Below threshold)

Couple items of note here on the Israeli airstrike:

1. One of the initial reports from the World Tribune indicated that the airstrike involved F-15I and F-16 aircraft as well as a "G-550 electronic intelligence aircraft." I don't know the specs of the G-550, but I woudl guess its mission profile includes electronic warfare.

2. There apparently were Israeli sepcial forces involved in this raid, but their mission is unclear. initial reports were that their missionw as to "paint" the target. The Times later reported that the commandos seized nuclear materials. Jack Kelly in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported a few days ago that the job of the commandos was to take out Syrian radar.






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