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Al Franken gets refund from Strib

The whole flap about MoveOn.org's anti-Petraeus ad in The New York Times (for which they were incorrectly charged a low discount rate, and later paid the difference) is rippling throughout the industry. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a noted source of fiction and leftist propaganda in the Great Lakes region, has now refunded comedian Al Franken some money because they undercharged Senator Norm Coleman. Frederic J. Frommer has the story for the Associated Press:

Now the Star Tribune, a Minneapolis newspaper, is refunding about $12,000 to Al Franken, a Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate, after undercharging Sen. Norm Coleman, for a full-page advertisement spawned by the one in the Times.

Franken is one of several Democrats vying to unseat Coleman.

The Star Tribune said it charged Coleman, R-Minn., around $20,000 for Tuesday's ad, which criticized Franken for not condemning the MoveOn.org ad. Two months ago, according to the newspaper, it charged Franken around $32,000 for a full-page ad in the paper criticizing Coleman's record on the Iraq war.

Star Tribune spokesman Ben Taylor said Wednesday that a new sales representative had incorrectly quoted the Coleman campaign the local retail rate, rather than the rate charged to national advertisers.

Read the rest at the link above. In this case, it seems to have been an honest mistake, since the newspaper doesn't like Coleman and will surely support whoever is nominated by the Democrats to oppose him. They also haven't stopped crying since the fall of the Soviet Union, but that's another matter . . .

UPDATE: Power Line's John Hinderaker is reporting the Strib has fired their uber-lefty editorial page editor, so there will be a few fewer tears . . .


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I would realy l would like ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

I would realy l would like to see AL FRANKEN fall flat on his face he is becoming a regular liberal idiot






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