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Indoctrinate U World Premiere

Evan Coyne Maloney's Indoctrinate U premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC Friday night. Evan was nice enough to invite me and my wife to the premiere and I have to say we were thoroughly entertained. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, but most of all you'll despair for our nations youth as you see graphic evidence of how intolerant our supposedly enlightened institutions of higher education have become. The trailer gives you a taste of what to expect...

The Indoctrinate U website also has an outtakes page where they'll be adding stuff that didn't make the final cut. The first is a particularly timely piece about speech at Columbia University.

And to tease an exclusive video clip I expect to be able to bring you next week, there's a short interview segment in the film that literally brought the packed house down. Evan and producer Thor Halvorssen probably knew they had some cinema magic here, but even they were a bit surprised at the raucous reaction of the sold-out premiere. Stay tuned to Wizbang for look at that clip.

If you want to see Indoctrinate U they'll bring the film to you if you can get an audience together, and you should be able to buy the DVD in the next two weeks. It's not to be missed...


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It's about time the academi... (Below threshold)

It's about time the academic enclaves of Orwellian "Good-Think" were confronted directly. My, but they are sensitive about being questioned, aren't they?

I look forward to seeing th... (Below threshold)

I look forward to seeing this video. This is a good site to keep an eye on also.

It may be that the academie... (Below threshold)

It may be that the academies are inefficient at the task to which society has given them.

I mean, the goal of educati... (Below threshold)

I mean, the goal of education is a self-directed learner, and the internet exploits that dynamic far better than do our elite academies.

This is one documentary the... (Below threshold)

This is one documentary the left will not like.






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