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Newt Gingrich Will Not Run for President

Jim Addison has the details on Newt Gingrich's announcement that he will not run for president. And it's John McCain's fault.

While Tyler didn't say it, Gingrich basically was prevented from running for president by John McCain since the McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulations have made mixing political projects very difficult.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


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Gingrich may like to blame ... (Below threshold)

Gingrich may like to blame McCain-Feingold for his decision not to run, but the fact of the matter is that he's "damaged goods" after resigning in disgrace from Congress over his ethics problems related to his book dealings, another scandal involving sperlobbyist Rick Berman, and a disgraceful end to his marriage when his wife was dying of cancer announcing an affair to her. Gingrich's lack of personal ethics and values have hurt his fund raising potential more than anything. My personal opinion is that the GOP is far better without his personal baggage acting as a drag on the party. Christian conservatives would no doubt have trouble voting for Gingrich as well, but then again some of the others running will likely run weaker than usual with these voters due to their multiple marriages or other character issues as well.

Whatever the effect of the ... (Below threshold)

Whatever the effect of the McCain-Feingold BCFRA on the legal status, as a practical political matter you can't get away with charging for speeches while running for President. That dog would never hunt.

Paul is correct, as well. Newt started out with high negatives even before his personal life and ethical problems became public knowledge, and went down from there. As I mentioned in my post Kim links above, he has higher negative ratings than Hillary - without the relatively high positives she also attracts.

Newt would have no chance at all of winning the nomination even if he were spotted the $30 mil. His mere presence in the race would have hurt the eventual Republican nominee's chances in the general election.

Gingrich is the Republican ... (Below threshold)

Gingrich is the Republican version of Clinton. Both men are brilliant in their own right. Both men are full of ideas. Both men have politically fatal character flaws. I've always liked listening to Gingrich though I disagree with almost all of his ideas. I find it interesting that history is full of brilliant people who have marvelous ideas and incredible talent yet there is a side to them which demonstrates the weaknesses of human nature.

You people what to talk "da... (Below threshold)

You people what to talk "damaged goods" from scandals and "high negatives" while Hillary Clinton is leading the Dem field?

Have you been paying attention?

He doesn't think guns kill ... (Below threshold)

He doesn't think guns kill people.
He thinks video games of guns kill people.
Brilliant he!

Isn't there an 8 year-old out there the Republican's can run for office?

"and a disgraceful end to h... (Below threshold)

"and a disgraceful end to his marriage when his wife was dying of cancer announcing an affair to her."

Nice exaggeration, Paul.

He was run out of Washingto... (Below threshold)

He was run out of Washington. He may be liked by many in the Republican Party who like him even more because of the circumstances under which he left.

He is damaged goods and one of the few people that actually would negate Hillary's disadvantage.

I still consider him part of the Republican Congress who made many promises in the contract with America in order to get elected, turned away from much of it, and evolved in the mess that help lose the Republicans both the Senate and House in '06.






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