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Taking The Pledge

Yesterday, Cassy posted a piece about a bunch of proto-communists (yeah, I know that's harsh, but I think it's a fair assumption about a bunch of high-school twits who call themselves the "Student Workers Club," whom I doubt any of them have ever held a job) who re-wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to suit their own agenda.

Before I go into that specific rant, however, I have a few other things I want to clear out of the way.

First, I was pretty damned disappointed in some of you folks in the comments. Yes, the young lady shown in the picture is comely. And yes, her ideas are aggravating. But that's no excuse to resort to objectifying her or threatening her with violence (no matter how seductive the pun about "hitting it" might seem). Her person isn't the objectionable thing here, but her ideas. Going after her is little more than "shooting the messenger." While I have no doubt she was chosen as the figurehead at least partly based on the "pretty girls get more attention" factor, that's no reason to play along with the game.

Secondly, I agree that the Pledge needs to be reworked. Or, rather, un-reworked. The "under God" was added in the 50's as a reaction to "godless Communism," and tends to exclude people who either don't believe in God or prefer not to say His name. As an agnostic, I find myself simply dropping that phrase when I recite it, and I wonder what Orthodox Jews (the first group that doesn't say "God" that comes to mind) do.

(A quick note: if I get one more e-mail from that raving psychotic asshole who wants EVERYONE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE TO KNOW HIS CRACKPOT ARGUMENT THAT THE PLEDGE IS A NAZI PLOT, I may punch something. Like a wall or a couch. And I will report that raving psychotic asshole to his internet provider if he e-mails me yet again.)

Anyway, back to that revised pledge. Here's what the little collectivists want us all to recite:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes. And to the diversity, in which our nation stands, one nation, part of one planet, with liberty, freedom, choice and justice for all."

Let's take that apart, shall we?

"I pledge allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes."

In other words, I pledge allegiance to ME. After all, it's all about ME, not my country.

"And to the diversity, in which our nation stands..."

I've stood in "diversity." It reminded me of the time I walked through a cow field, and found myself standing in a rather sizable portion of diversity.

It's not even good grammar. "Diversity" is an abstract concept, and an incredibly vague one. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that, politically speaking, "diversity" boils down to "anything that does not describe me."

I am a heterosexual white male, with a libertarian/conservative bent. (The former by nature, the latter by choice.) Whenever I hear someone say that we "need to promote diversity," I translate that as "screw you." It means that they want to hire/promote/bring in/elect/choose someone that is, in at least one major factor, not me. I need not apply. Because of those factors cited above, especially the ones in which I had no say, I am already privileged and rewarded enough; it's time to give someone else a hand up -- anyone else. My abilities, my status, the content of my character, all those other factors are trumped by my whiteness, my maleness, my heterosexuality.

If that isn't clear enough, let me spell it out: I am against diversity. I am wholly in favor of discrimination in the interests of homogeneity.

I want discrimination based on merit. I want a focus on uniformity of excellence. I want positions filled on the basis of who is the best person for the job, not on tokenism and symbolism.

The ultimate expression of "diversity," to me, was made by Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt. Watt was an idiot on many, many levels, but one of them was being a bit ahead of the curve on "diversity," as well as being too honest about it: He once said of his staff: "I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple." He resigned less than three weeks later.

To me, the ideal would be "we're going to recruit the absolute best people we can. We don't care about their race, sex, color, creed, medical conditions, sexual orientation, national origin, hair color, eye color, shoe size, political beliefs, or carbon footprint. We want the best. If we end up with all white men or all left-handed lesbian Eskimo midget albinos, so be it."

Um... where was I? Oh, yeah, the pinko punk high schoolers and their daffy pledge.

Hey, what happened to "the Republic for which it stands?" I guess recognizing and honoring our form of government -- a Democratic Republic, a Representative Democracy -- is rather gauche. Especially when you're plotting an uprising among the proletariat.

"...one nation, part of one planet..."

So much for statehood for any space habitats or lunar colonies. Conveniently, they've replaced the field of stars (one per state) with a chicken's footprint, so we wouldn't have to worry about reworking the flag anyway.

"...with liberty, freedom..."

Not much superfluous redundancy there.


I kicked that around last week; I really don't feel like repeating myself.

"...and justice for all."

Young lady, if there was true justice, then a bunch of whiny, dippy high school students would not be allowed to call themselves "student workers" until they'd held down a job for at least a month. And while I'm wildly speculating and stereotyping and assuming, I'll go so far as to say that not one of your fellow "student workers" actually intends to ever become a "worker." You have no interests in actually working for an hourly wage, doing actual labor -- you most likely want to be professionals or, more likely, academics, never leaving the womb of academia for the real world. (Except, of course, for politics or government service -- but without that icky whole "campaigning among the sweaty masses" that Hillary Clinton so obviously dislikes.)

All in all, it's a pretty mediocre re-write. They kept the beginning and ending intact, along with a couple of phrases in the middle, but filled it out with their own ideology and fantasies.

I take a bit of pride whenever I recite the Pledge. To me, its power is not in the words, but that I recite them freely and willingly, and believe in what I am saying.

But between these worthless gits, the militant athiests, and the above-mentioned obsessed asshole, I'm wondering if we'd be better off just getting rid of the whole thing.


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Comments (27)

I think that there's still ... (Below threshold)

I think that there's still room for the statement that was against "godless Communism". Although swinging all that statement way into being pro-God may been to pander to a smaller group, Communism isn't just godless. Its soulless. It reduces people as nothing more than a cog and not anything that can excel or aspire to more.

I think there's room to acknowledge we will not succumb to return to serfdom no matter how cleverly it is re-branded and re-packed and pimped by useful idiots.

Sorry for the duplicate, bu... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the duplicate, but I messed up the wording more than usual in that last post.

I think that there's still room for the statement that was against "godless Communism". Although swinging that statement all the way into being a pro-God statement may been to pander to a smaller group, Communism isn't just godless. Its soulless. It reduces people to nothing more than a cog and not anything that can excel or aspire to more.

I think there's room to acknowledge we will not succumb to return to serfdom no matter how cleverly it is re-branded and re-packed and pimped by useful idiots.

Over 15 years ago, I was wo... (Below threshold)

Over 15 years ago, I was working for Girl Scouts when they addressed the "under God" in the Pledge issue.

They voted to have girls insert whatever word the girl felt was personally appropriate for "God". (And, yes, if a girl inserted the name of her favorite rock star or brand of her favorite clothing, it was supposed to go unchallenged.)

We lost a few troops at church run schools and even had a few who had been laboring under the impression that Girl Scouts was a not only a Christian organization but a CATHOLIC organization (it never was) complain, but otherwise had no fall out. Well, except that we saw a fairly significant increase in membership from girls of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc, faiths.

There are words that are exclusive that are unnecessary and there are words that are important.

As a Christian, it doesn't challenge me in the slightest to hear the word "God" in the pledge replaced with the name of the deity of another faith - even if the belief is a lack of an organized belief. Why? Because the Pledge of Allegiance is not a religous pledge but a civic one.

I like the inclusion of "A" spiritual component because I believe that this world doesn't operate in a vacuum and that spirituality is important, but, if "under God" were dropped completely, I wouldn't fret about it. The words "under God" are exclusive words that are unnecessary to that pledge.

However, I don't understand the fear some people have to commit. What is wrong with saying I am proud to be an American? Saying so doesn't mean that I am saying that we are never wrong. It means the opposite in fact.

It means that I love a country with the ability to include the diversity of San Francisco, Miami and Cleveland all in the same boundaries, but able to find a way to make it work. I love the chaos - and FREEDOM - of questioning ourselves at every turn to see if we are doing what is right without truly fearing a government entitity coming to take us away in the middle of the night for doing so.

And, please, don't waste my time with wire taps, and so on discussions. I lived in Chile under Augusto Pinochet's regime for over a year. He actually liked Americans so we were pretty much left alone, but the Chileans were not as lucky. If you worked in a bank and took in a bad check, it was assumed that there was some type of plot and that you were in on it. You were held without trial until you either confessed (even if not guilty) or someone else came forward to confess themselves and say that you were not guilty. And, if so incarcarated, you'd better hope your family stuck by you because there was a good chance you weren't going to get fed otherwise. One friend spent a week in jail because a gun was found in his home during a random search. He was 15 (at the time) but the only male so it was assumed that it was his. Press was not free and mail delivery was sporadic during the best of times. Packages routinely arrived already opened (often with things missing as well). Get stopped on the street without a form of ID and you could be held until your family brought it to you.

In this country, I am more fearful of the intrusion of big business into my personal information than I am the government. Best Buy and Circuit City are are lot more efficient than Homeland Security.

We have some seriously gorgeous and diverse scenery in this country and a wealth of diverse culture and history. There is plenty to be proud of and to celebrate. We may be getting spit on in some parts of the world, but, we still send the helicopter fleets and fresh food and water in natural disasters and people still accept them. We may have a short national attention span, but it allows us to live in the future and not hold grudges for decades let alone centuries.

Personally, I believe that we will not know the success or failure of Iraq for a generation because of the children. I truly do believe that one day we will hear a leader of Iraq (or perhaps some other regional leader) say that his/her beliefs on freedom were forged not by the might of the US military, but by the simple decency of individual National Guardsmen from Kansas who left their homes and families to live in rough conditions but spent that time building the first school that the they could attend, cleaning up a park, and playing with them when they were children. Yes, we have some individual Americans who are behaving badly in Iraq, but we also have hundreds of thousands who have behaved with honor and decency and they should not be ignored.

The only that does concern me was that, as Americans, we used to have one heck of sense of humor. At times, I wonder where that has gone. Misfortune has always existed and you either laugh or you cry (except when you do both). We used to be much better at that and it would do us well to be able to laugh at ourselves a bit more.

Otherwise this is a great country and I am proud to be an American. I have friends from Canada, England, Australia, etc. and they are proud to be citizens of those countries. Their pride in their citzenship doesn't threaten me, my beliefs or my pride in my country. Mine should not threaten anyone else's either. We don't all have to like vanilla ice cream best.

So, there is nothing wrong in the civic words of pride in the Pledge of Allegiance, a civic. Yes, they are "exclusive" words, but no one - even the school children in this story is REQUIRED to say them. Saying the pledge or not is literally your choice to do. No one is going to arrest you or make you disappear for failing to do so.

(Quick Question: When was the last time you adults said the pledge? Long time for you non-school teachers or Scout leaders? You are not in jail for not doing so are you?)

The Pledge of Allegiance is very representative of what is right about America. Because of the freedoms celebrated in the Pledge you have the freedom to ignore, disagree, and even rewrite the pledge without fear.

I may not pledge my alligie... (Below threshold)

I may not pledge my alligience to this country daily in words but I certainly do in taxes. ww

That sentence should have r... (Below threshold)

That sentence should have read

"So, there is nothing wrong in the civic words of pride in the Pledge of Allegiance, a civic statement."

Back to your regularly scheduled programming ....

Bravo.... (Below threshold)


I pledge allegiance to the ... (Below threshold)

I pledge allegiance to the wisdom of OhioVoter.

As to her standing up for h... (Below threshold)

As to her standing up for her constitutional rights, I'll bet anyone here a steak dinner that her school's pounded into her malleable head that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of the government to maintain its armed forces.

Make that a month of steak dinners and a bottle of 18 y.o. single malt.

If the kids don't want to r... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

If the kids don't want to recite it, they can be silent or whatever. i highly doubt the school was trying to force them to recite it. They are obviously just a bunch of mindless dolts that got too much of a contact buzz from their parents over the years.

They knew that their little protest would get attention. I would also be willing to bet that their teachers and school staff encouraged them. It is Boulder after all...

To lend support to your "pr... (Below threshold)

To lend support to your "proto-communists" analysis and it is NOT too harsh, their banner has a red star. We have to put up with 'Che' chic, now they have "Commie" chic.
I quizzed the reporter here about looking into the background of this HS club but he was disinterested, that would be work.

I truly do believe t... (Below threshold)

I truly do believe that one day we will hear a leader of Iraq (or perhaps some other regional leader) say that his/her beliefs on freedom were forged not by the might of the US military, but by the simple decency of individual National Guardsmen from Kansas who left their homes and families to live in rough conditions but spent that time building the first school that the they could attend, cleaning up a park, and playing with them when they were children

Amen to that, OV!

What is this thing she is o... (Below threshold)

What is this thing she is on about "separation of church and state"?

Where is the body of federal laws governing this? Can they be found in our statutes? I don't see that phrase in the constitution either.

Oh yeah, that body of law was written by the Liberal States of America right after they seceeded from the union and declared they were not bound by our old fashioned, dogmatic laws.

I seem to recall they felt that the only laws they needed to obey were those that they personally were in favor of and which suited their views - and since each 'citizen' of that state was an individual, unbound to the culture. Ohyez, the "expediency act" of 2021.

Didn't they all starve or fall victim to stronger, better armed 'individuals who made up their own laws too?

Forgot my history there...

They're not made to, nor ex... (Below threshold)

They're not made to, nor expected to, recite the pledge. All this stems from the fact that they don't want to "hear" it. I'd say that was childish, but these *are* children trying to be relevant.

The problem is, if they are kow-towed to and the offending language (read: the pledge) is removed to an exclusive location so as not to offend their precious little ears it sends them the message that certain speech, thoughts and ideas can only thrive if other's are removed from the open.

If you have any questions about their "good little communist" leanings, take a look at this pic. Don't tell me they don't know what that star stands for.

If these kids had a problem with the "under God" portion alone, I could understand. But they don't. Hence the entire re-write to reflect the ideology that is not compatible with the rest of the pledge as well.

By golly, they are confused... (Below threshold)

By golly, they are confused by Marx's misreading of Hegel. They'll learn.

So many of these whiny asse... (Below threshold)

So many of these whiny assed kids and their parents need to get a life.

It's obvious that they have never had any hard times or crises in their life, so they have to make some up. A bunch of spoiled little shits, born spoiled immature adults who never had to sacrifice. Frickin boomer generation continues to cause major problems in America and it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.

When i think of communism, ... (Below threshold)

When i think of communism, i think of the USSR.
The USSR spied on their citizens and condoned torture of their enemies.

What kind of person could support that?

Just the sort of unconsciou... (Below threshold)

Just the sort of unconscious authoritarian who would project such support inaccurately onto his political enemies. That's who.

Oh alright... If I get a sm... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Oh alright... If I get a smackdown from the "bad taste" police for my comment on the original post, it was probably only funny to me.

I apologize and hereby recind my statement (or, you can just add "Wiffle" before "bat").

I used to call myself an at... (Below threshold)

I used to call myself an atheist... until activist atheists so muddied the word. Also, I realized that atheism is, in one very important sense, a religion. Whereas I don't think there is a God - I just don't know - atheists believe that God does not exist... that is their faith!

As such, atheists are seeking to do what they vehemently deny other religions. They want the state to create laws establishing (their) religion. No mention of God because they faithfully believe God does not exist; neither mention nor tolerance of observances derived from a belief in God; and an absolute rejection (redaction from history in fact) of the idea that there exists a transcendent and objective right and wrong, if it is attributed to God. (An interesting side note is that for some reason, it is primarily the Christian God that so irritates these faithful atheists.)

Many of us agnostics, smack in the crossfire of the faithful, take little offense to the references, observances, and pageantry of our Judea/Christian heritage. Certainly, the overt religiosity can be quite tiresome. But then so can the constant bombardment by those who would deny that heritage.

For me, it is the sanctimonious preaching that I find most off-putting - from both those that have faith that God exists, and those who have faith that god does not exist.

Hear, hear.=========... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear.

No one would listen if the ... (Below threshold)

No one would listen if the boob didn't have boobs.

Just as the Hollywood gliterati abuse their celebrity to preach idiocy so too this high-school wanna-be exploits her looks to proselytize Orwellian double-speak.

So if she brings upon herself... pointed criticism... well... if her only valid points are in her shirt then she has earned such off-color criticism.

No, we should not threaten her with the same violence her idol 'Che perpetuated... but eventually such indulgence and revisionism leads to violence.

So again... if she is so willfully ignorant I am unsympathetic.

Also... Inserting the 'under God' gives the Christian haters a target to rage against harmlessly and reminds the Secular patriots, like myself, who founded this country and why.

The STUDENTS WORKERS(REDS)P... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The STUDENTS WORKERS(REDS)PARTY just another example of the evils of communism and godless liberals

If, GOD forbid, Hillary is ... (Below threshold)

If, GOD forbid, Hillary is elected President, will she place her hand on the Bible when making her oath of office? Who will she be pledging Allegiance to?

Borderlines like she need n... (Below threshold)

Borderlines like she need no allegiances.

It's about to become a thes... (Below threshold)

It's about to become a thesis. Name a leading Democrat who isn't sociopathic. OK, Joltin' Joe Lieberman.

They are proto-capitalists.... (Below threshold)

They are proto-capitalists. Right now they are still on the learning curve at the point where the road signs say 'To each according to their needs, which are large, and from each according to their abilities, which are still negligible'.

A lot of people posting her... (Below threshold)

A lot of people posting here don't seem to realize that the original pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist to promote international socialism. What's wrong about socialists rewriting a pledge originally written by a socialist?






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