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Did They Think This Headline Through?

Gay blows away field for 100-meter title

Update Apparently we get results. They changed the head.


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I don't get it. I immediate... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. I immediately understood that it was about sport. (I'm not American - maybe that has something to do with it.)

P.S: That anti-meat PETA ad you're carrying just makes me hungry; guess it's the same mechanism that works when anti-smoking ads give ex-smokers an urge to resume smoking.

Shoud that be through in th... (Below threshold)

Shoud that be through in the title, though?

oh crap... a typo kills the... (Below threshold)

oh crap... a typo kills the whole thing. damn.

thanks JL

Excellent, excellent . . .!... (Below threshold)

Excellent, excellent . . .!

They've updated it! It now ... (Below threshold)

They've updated it! It now says Gay runs away field....

Am I the only one who think... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who thinks the update is funny?






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