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Al Qaeda Leader Begged for Help Before Death

By now many of you have heard the MNF had a big weekend in Iraq. 4320 virgins where put to work in about 48 hours. But in addition to killing a whole bunch of Al Qaeda, who we killed and where is important.

The MNF has turned their attention to the area south of Baghdad which has been a problem for a few years now. All indications are that things are going well. This weekend they took out a number of AQI leaders including Abu Usama al-Tunisi who, it has been reported, sent a letter before his death begging senior Al-Qaeda leaders for back-up.

Last letter from doomed Al Qaida chief: 'We are so desperate for your help'
BAGHDAD -- The U.S. military is eliminating Al Qaida's chain of command in Iraq.

Officials said several leading aides to Al Qaida network chief Abu Ayoub Al Masri have been killed by the U.S.-led coalition. They said two out of the four foreign aides of Al Masri remain alive.

On Sept. 25, the U.S. military killed an Al Qaida chief deemed responsible for transporting foreign operatives to Iraq. The Al Qaida commander, identified as Abu Osama Al Tunisi, was killed in a U.S. air strike as he met his colleagues in Musayib, about 60 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Shortly before he died, Al Tunisi wrote a letter that warned of a threat to Al Qaida operations in Karkh. The lettter, found by the U.S. military, sought guidance from Al Qaida leaders amid coalition operations that hampered Al Tunisi's network.

"We are so desperate for your help," the letter read.

"This was a dangerous terrorist who is no longer a part of Al Qaida in Iraq," U.S. Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson, chief of staff of the Multinational Corps Iraq, said. "His death deals a significant blow to their operation. Abu Osama Al Tunisi was one of the most senior leaders within Al Qaida in Iraq."

Anderson said Al Tunisi and two other Al Qaida operatives were killed in the U.S. Air Force bombing mission. The brigadier told a Sept. 28 briefing that an F-16 multi-role fighter leveled the building where Al Tunisi had been meeting Al Qaida operatives.

Supposedly, this is video of the strike:

And as an interesting side note, this might have been the second time we killed Abu Usama al-Tunisi. Al Qaeda had already reported him dead a year ago. This is the first time coalition forces claimed his death. I suspect earlier reports where exaggerated as Mark Twain would say. .

Update: Al Qeada says he's dead again for the first time. Go figure.


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Comments (15)

His update lends more suppo... (Below threshold)

His update lends more support to his recent killing rather than last year.

Paul, terrific news with yo... (Below threshold)

Paul, terrific news with your posts today.

With apologies to the Kahal and Raskin, "Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine".

Not a soul down on the corner,
That's a pretty certain sign,
That MNF shells are breaking up that old gang of mine.
All the boys are singing swan songs,
They forgot at some point it would come their time.
Those MNF shells are breaking up that old gang of mine.
There goes Al, there goes Abu,
to the harem in the sky.
Now and then, disappointment again,
But they don't see the lie.
Gee, I get a lonesome feeling,
When I hear the F-16 fly by,
Those MNF shells are breaking up that old gang of mine.

I can just hear the reactio... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

I can just hear the reaction of the anti-American commies that make up the left-wing blogs (including the asshats that post here) and the leadership of the Democrat Party? I would suspect that this take down has deflated the Commie spin machine for a few hours.

I wonder how long it will be before Dingy Harry and the Hildabeast will get up on the floor of the Senate and complain to the world that we are killing all of their friends? I suspect that this good news will put another nail of the coffin of the Hildabeast and her bid for the White House.

C'mon Leeward, Mantis, Jp2 and the rest of the asshats that post here, at the behest of Democrat Underground, Daily Kos and Media Matters, we want to hear your input about this take down.

Supposedly, this is video o... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Supposedly, this is video of the strike:

Ya know....as too many embraced Powell's "we have proof" speech on 02/05/03....

keep beating those drums of war....
i have noticed...those posting here crying "more, more, more...
Have never been in a firefight...where your best friend's brain matter on your boonie hat.

So all U folks..What serious sacrifice are you or a family member...putting their beliefs and commitment to their brothers and sisters in danger.....willing to do ...other then cheap shots ....but hey....
after all...
which of the folks who are our President...V.P.
Sec of State...Rush...your elected folks...
ever felt it necessary to wage war...without first hand experience?....

after..after 6 years of Bush...


Nogo war. Get real, a lot o... (Below threshold)

Nogo war. Get real, a lot of us posters have been to war, some more than once. We have seen the brains on a boonie hat (which you don't know what is, i've got one hanging over the fireplace) but i've seen more blood and guts right here in the U.S. Get out and check some of the cities, it really is safer in Iraq. All I can say to the men and women in Iraq (each and every one a hero) is 'pour it on the slime bags' fast. We're going to need you at home soon to pour it on the anti-american left wing. It's coming and every day the leaders ??? of the dumacrat party speed up judgement day.

Ya know...why are those..of... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Ya know...why are those..of us...that say we are wrong...slimed as against America...if you all believe those who have served are entitled to respect...
Then...those of you who are afraid to serve..those of you who don't visit your local V.A. hospital..
those of you that don't have a family member over there....
You all spout that those who oppose this occupation...based on lies...somehow...hate America ...
....Well you embrace Rudi...you embrace Mitt..
you all embrace Fred...you all embrace Rush..

You all...pretend...meanwhile...tell these brave troops...although you don't have a clue...
You are right..and they are wrong...


Hey Scrap...I assume you se... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Hey Scrap...I assume you served in a firefight...at some point in your military career.
Are you willing to say..
Those in a firefight,,,don't give a shit about politics....we just want to survive...and have those in our platoon survive..
but maybe you were different...maybe you thought

If I can only have a Vet Hero like Bush...If I can't trust him....whom can I trust?

Love the binary way you thi... (Below threshold)

Love the binary way you think, nogo.

Do the Left hate America? No. Are they willfully ignorant about what would happen if we were to pull out? Yes. Do I agree with their vision of 'peace' in the ME? Heh. Yeah - I can just see the lion laying down with the lamb... only problem with that is that you've got to have a ready supply of fresh lambs. And I don't know about you - but I'd rather the US be the lion than the lamb.

You were in, Nogo. You know the terms. What do you call one side unilaterally surrendering the battlefield, Nogo? Do you call that a victory? Does that sort of action leave the enemy shamed and unwilling to fight you again because you wouldn't stay and fight, especially when you're beating them?

Oh, I forgot. In today's touchy-feely warfare, we're not supposed to actually BEAT the enemy. We're supposed to 'understand them', and try to be 'compassionate'. (This is best shown by sending massive amounts of aid, while asking nothing in return.)

Heaven forbid we should BEAT them, because it would damage their self esteem and leave them with inferiority issues! And we don't want that, do we?

Do I believe you've served? Yes. Do I believe you're right on this issue? No. Do I believe we can quit the battlefield, pull back into a Fortress America mentality, and pretend that we don't need the rest of the world? No. Not only no, but hell no.

Do I believe that if we pull back - that everyone will somehow love us and that the jihadis won't continue their despicable work emboldened by their 'beating' the Great Satan?

Because that's how they'll see it, Nogo. They won't think they lost because we left - they'll think they won. So - no, I don't believe that.

Do you, Nogo?

And then in a decade, or two - we'll have to do it all over again. Only this time, instead of CBW protection for the troops, we'll be going in against a nuclear potential.

Come on, Nogo - you know your history. Diplomats don't avert wars - they just delay them. You're betting on sanity taking hold in the ME if we leave. I'm betting it won't.

I've got a 9 year old son, Nogo - do you want us to pull back, let that region find another strong-arm bastard like Saddam, who with support from Russia or China and maybe Iran will rebuild the military capabilities of that area, only under the protection of a nuclear umbrella... so you and your 'peace-loving' friends can feel oh-so-good about the 'peace' you managed to have for a while - and then draft his ass and send HIM into the meatgrinder WE had a chance to avert? And that we turned away from, because the cost THEN was seen as too high?

Thank you the fuck very much, Nogo, if that's the case.

You think soldiers serving now in Iraq would sacrifice my son in the future so they can come home before the job's done?

I spent ten years active duty and 13 years in the Reserves, Nogo. I want to see us WIN this - so it doesn't have to go on generation after generation. I already figure this long war will go on a good twenty years from this point at a minimum - and the ONLY way we'll be able to win long-term is by converting the ME into stable, violence-rejecting societies.

You already see it sprouting in Iraq, with the people hating Al Quaeda and turning them in when they have the chance. You see it in Lebanon - with Syria trying hard to keep things crappy and under control, but slowly slipping in influence. You've seen it elsewhere in the 'Stans - people have had enough of what YOU want to keep in place, and are revolting against the strong-men, against the communist-inspired governments.

You see it elsewhere in the ME - the slow ferment of the people realizing they've been screwed by the warlords that WE supported, Democrat and Republican, when the USSR was a threat - and that we're no longer supporting so directly. The Internet is a great leveller, and lets them see things they never had a chance to before.

They're seeing it isn't the Great Satan that's slaughtering people - it's their own leaders, their own religious brethren, trying hard to keep people separate. They're seeing we're trying hard to fix what 50+ years of 'diplomacy' brought about... and they see the Democrats wanting to keep the status quo.

And you want us to walk away from it, Nogo. Let the diplomats turn us into the world's bitch, getting us to just bend over and spread 'em whenever some nuke-dicked bastard tells us to that we'll have 'peace' and everyone will be able to get along? And if we ignore the occasional 9/11 event (because we DESERVE it, don't we? Come on, Nogo, it's all part and parcel of your belief - don't we DESERVE it?) and maybe the loss of a city or two here and there - hey, the world will be at PEACE! And PEACE is GOOOOD!

It won't be a peace you'll like, Nogo - but I guess even getting kicked in the teeth five times a day is better than fighting back, isn't it? Because WAR is BAD!

Do I believe you'll respect my opinion? Fuck, no, Nogo. You don't respect any opinion other than your own semi-coherent blather.

My apologies to any offended by this rant, but I've just plain had it with Nogo's feckless meeping.

It is interesting that nogo... (Below threshold)

It is interesting that nogo wants to change the subject from an apparent success to a repeat of the tired old chickenhawk argument.

No apology needed , ever... (Below threshold)

No apology needed , ever. I Thank God for people like you and your service.

I am disgusted with those who want more of our Troops to die just so that that evil maniacal pig Rodham Clinton can become President.

"We're going to need you at home soon to pour it on the anti-american left wing. It's coming and every day the leaders ??? of the dumacrat party speed up judgement day."

Democrats don't want any. They deserve it.

No ,nogo we want to be a "h... (Below threshold)

No ,nogo we want to be a "hero" like Senator "Catsoup"--shave three times and get a nick each time--add band-aids--come home and betray your fellow troops. You must have done the same the way you keep repeating "I served".

Nogo.. you're talking out y... (Below threshold)

Nogo.. you're talking out your ass.. two tours here, more blood and guts then I care to recall. Lawson, you're dead F**king on! Having been in a war that we were kicking ass at every turn, and to have to pull out because of funding is the biggest shame this country has had to experience. If Nogo's pretext is that this war isn't one we should have gotten into, would it have been any easier if it had been? War sucks Nogo, that's just the way it is. But do we need the Ried's and the Murtha's talking all their Bullshit?

We dreamed for three decade... (Below threshold)

We dreamed for three decades that pulling out of Vietnam was the right thing to do. I'll be eternally grateful to John Kerry for breaking the nation out of that delusion.

I'm stealing a comment from... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

I'm stealing a comment from another blog, but, al Tunisi would have been better off sending his "Help wanted" letter to Reid, Pelosi and Murtha

Not necessary. He knew the... (Below threshold)

Not necessary. He knew they were already giving him all the help they could. I'm serious. He did know that, and was grateful.






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