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Beyonce to Malaysia's Dress Code: Stuff It

Beyonce refuses to submit to Malaysia's dress code for women performers, so she has canceled her concert, unlike Gwen Stefani who submitted to the country's Islamic rule. Good for Beyonce, I say. I don't like her music or style myself, but I appreciate her refusal to submit to Muslim groups:

Pop star Beyonce Knowles has cancelled her Malaysian concert after she reportedly refused to cover up and censor her raunchy stage show.

The Crazy In Love singer is said to have told promoters she was not willing to tone down her Kuala Lumpur show on November 1 to appease Muslim critics.

Pineapple Concerts issued a statement on Friday announcing the cancellation but refused to give a reason.

The 26-year-old star had been asked by Pineapple Concerts to make her show more "family friendly" following Muslim protests.

Razlan Ahmad Razali, chairman of Pineapple Concerts, said: "We've informed Beyonce's management about this issue of clothes, but it takes some of the fun out of it.

"Beyonce won't be able to do the kind of show here that she does elsewhere."

Hat tip Hot Air


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Comments (16)

Thank for this post...we do... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Thank for this post...we do not want to know that thousands of protesters are being killed in Burma after all....why should you bother your pretty head...
After all...

Yeah, good for Beyonce for ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, good for Beyonce for not submitting the way Laura Bush did!

Let's see Brian: Maylaysian... (Below threshold)

Let's see Brian: Maylaysian rock concert or Dome of the Rock holy site.

Yep, there are some of the same words there, so I can see how you got mixed up.

What exactly would y... (Below threshold)

What exactly would you do Nogo to resolve the situation in Burma?? I agree, something needs to be done, but it always seems that libs are always great at talking about the problems of the world w/o having to actually fix them. Do we invade Burma?? Have a Burma concert??? Pray to Che??

Good for her, not submittin... (Below threshold)

Good for her, not submitting to fricking muslim bullshit demands. Screw them and their 7th century sharia bullshit.

Yeah, good for Beyonce f... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Yeah, good for Beyonce for not submitting the way Laura Bush did!

Might as well compare an apple to a turd.

It's pretty sad when someon... (Below threshold)

It's pretty sad when someone like Beyonce has more BALLS than 99.9% of democrat men in this country. Wow.

You go, girl.

"What exactly would you do ... (Below threshold)

"What exactly would you do Nogo to resolve the situation in Burma??"

We need to obey international law and solve this issue through the UNSC - same for Darfur.

Wasn't that the lib mantra for what we should have done with Saddam?

No preemptive illegal Chimperburton wars!

Definition of a liberal: someone who pisses in the well and later complains that the water tastes funny.

Well, it has been the count... (Below threshold)

Well, it has been the country's LAW since 2005, so why would she expect some exception to be made for her diva butt?

But, yeah, yeah, yeah - you go girl, three cheers for Beyonce, women all over the world are grateful you stand up for their right to parade around like wanton whores on stage.

Because, dammit, that's what Western values are all about, aren't they?

Addison, why don't you go t... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Addison, why don't you go to a NOW website and spout that shit. They will castrate you right over the internet. What a bozo.

Gwen Stefani was able to pe... (Below threshold)

Gwen Stefani was able to perform. All you have to do is wear a dress that covers you from shoulder to knee....how hard is that?

Think of the money Gwen has added to her bank account for that simple change of clothing for a show.

Maybe Gwen is just smarter. There's no 'submission', just play the game, take their money and leave; don't insult their religion, by doing that you'll only make an enemy for life.

I am disgusted by the men w... (Below threshold)

I am disgusted by the men who are commenting on this issue. Not only are they showing cowardice by not wanting to offend the scary Muslims, but they insult a gifted and beautiful performer because she wears revealing clothing. Mmm, perhaps they are Muslims. The hatred shown towards beautiful and talented women, the desire to see a woman "cover herself up," the need to bend a knee to Muslims, yes, I see it now.

You men can go crawl back into whatever hole you came out of. In America, we women sometimes wear revealing clothing and tall heels and sometimes we dance the night away. We are free women and we go where we want, marry whom we want, and wear what we want. We also have unmutlilated genitals and educated minds.

Beyonce shows courage and grace in cancelling a show where she would be required to submit to a religion that believes she is nothing but a piece of uncovered meat. I applaud her. In fact, I think I need to go buy some music right now.

FrazettaBeyonce is... (Below threshold)


Beyonce is an entertainer not a diplomat.

Because, dammit, that's ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Because, dammit, that's what Western values are all about, aren't they?

I have a feeling that Jim's point may have gone over many people's heads.

Irony abounds on this topic, to say the least. It's humorous to me that the very same arguments and objections arise in the USA regarding folks like Britney, etc. Many Americans have their ideas about what are proper values, and what is publicly acceptable.

So, in a sense, many Americans should be able to relate to the position that the Malaysian government is taking in asking this performer to tone down her show a bit.

Instead, Kim is taking the lead in turning this into another case of Islam-o-phobia. Nice job there Kim, as usual.

I find it humorous how this issue is couched by Kim as some kind of western challenge to another oppressive Islamic regime. As Jim points out, scantily-clad stage shows are hardly represents the "family values" that many Americans hold dear.

ya...the last sentence shou... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

ya...the last sentence should read:

As Jim points out, scantily-clad stage shows hardly represent the "family values" that many Americans hold dear.

...or something like that.

I think that it really says... (Below threshold)

I think that it really says alot about Beyonce's self esteem (which is low). Are you trying to say that you have to be dressed skimpy to be sexy? It really shows that she has to be sexy if she hardly has clothes on & that's bad. What are you trying to tell young girls? I was really disappointed by this. I believe that you can dress MODESTLY & still look good. Why do you want to parade your body for the whole world to see? Your body is a temple. The whole world does not have to know what you look like naked. Again i was really disappointed. It says alot about her self esteem (which is low)






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