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Justice Clarence Thomas on 60 Minutes

Last night, Steve Croft of 60 Minutes had an interview with Justice Clarence Thomas that was really interesting and very well done. If you haven't seen it, watch it at CBS News' website now: part 1 & part 2.

Rob Bluey reports that Rush Limbaugh has a 90 minute interview with Justice Thomas that he will play in the second and third hours of the show.

I have always admired Justice Thomas for his strength and integrity in dealing with the atrocious Senate hearings 16 years ago and for the quality of his Supreme Court opinions. After having seen this interview, my opinion of him has only improved. I look forward to reading his memoir My Grandfather's Son.


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I think the first time in m... (Below threshold)

I think the first time in my life that I got fed up with the established "left" in this country was the Anita Hill hit on Thomas (this isn't to say there weren't earlier reasons, but I was too young to care). There were valid criticisms of Thomas' lack of experience, but the route chosen was disgusting. It was, as Thomas said, "a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas," and a shameful episode of our country's history. Thomas has proved himself a thoughtful and, despite what people say about him and Scalia, independent justice. The way he was treated when nominated was a disgrace, and it's a disgrace that people on the left still dismiss him as a Scalia follower/lightweight (without having read any of his opinions, obviously).

Anyway, the 60 Minutes interview was good.

Clarence Thomas is... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thomas is a true credit to his people. He saw the light that others may have seen, but turned away from for the cheap plaudits of a treacherous ultra-left that uses blacks like Kleenex and then throws them away.

I like especially how he faced up to the ridiculous hypocrites on the Senate Judiciary Committee, half of whom were scions of the rich, unconvicted criminals [Kennedy---manslaughter & fleeing scene of an accident, e.g.], or blowhard frauds. But rather than let these creeps "Bork" him, Thomas stood up and delivered a knockout punch to these impostors on national television.

They've never forgiven him & their lackeys like Linda Greenhouse at the NYT keep barking at his heels incessantly, which, along with his impressive 60 Minutes interview, is a reason I'm going to buy his book.

One of the big reasons that... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

One of the big reasons that liberals opposed CLAERENCE THOMAS is becuase he opposes AFERMATIVE ACTION and recial prefrences and thats why they chose ANITA HILL to to about why he should,nt be in and the liberals were down right rascis themselves about him

Read Kelo.==========... (Below threshold)

Read Kelo.

"....[the]treacherous ultra... (Below threshold)

"....[the]treacherous ultra-left that uses blacks like Kleenex and then throws them away." This quote from wingnut dave at 2:03 p.m.

And you people wonder why you can't attract minority voters into your so-called "big tent"? Why you get 10% of the black vote? What an incredible statement of racial stereotyping. So "his people" don't have the intelligence, education or common sense to know or see they're being used and discarded bt the "ultra left"? They just march to whatever tune is played for them?

What an incredibly ignorant human being you are dave.

"Obama is a clean black" Jo... (Below threshold)

"Obama is a clean black" Joe Biden
"There are white niggers TOO" Byrd
"You won't see blacks at a republican event unless there cleaning the rooms" Dean.

Yeah, JFO, what a hateful thing for Dave to say. After all, he isn't a party leader. You hypocrite.

Thomas was attacked by Biden. The hate was incredible. The left cannot control their hate. ww

Nice strawman WW - why don'... (Below threshold)

Nice strawman WW - why don't you get honest and challenge dave for his stereotyping? Can you do that? Or are you just another koll-aid drinker?

Thomas is a smart man. Ver... (Below threshold)

Thomas is a smart man. Very down-to-earth and centered.

The expectations of the lef... (Below threshold)

The expectations of the left for the behavoiur of blacks is race based. They expect them to be left-wing because they are black.

What with your extensive ex... (Below threshold)

What with your extensive experience chasing ambulances and superior intelect I figured you must have been in the running for SCOTUS eh JFO?

Croft did a nice piece on a truely decent and remarkable american. I wish a few more of us would learn from his experiences. Seems as though he had his gramps to keep a foot in his ass and keep him pointed in the right direction. Today it'd be considered child abuse.

Today on Limbaugh's show AJ Thomas said reaching the SCOTUS wasn't the pinnicle of his career but just a stop on his journey. Said he thought it woyuld be great to be a small business owner in a small town OR a football or BB coach.






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