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The Right's Favorites on the Right

John Hawkins has posted results of the 2007 edition of his poll of right-of-center bloggers' favorite people on the right. Next week he will poll for the least favorite. It will be fun to see how many people make both lists.


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I'm glad so many eminent sc... (Below threshold)

I'm glad so many eminent scholars made the list: Sowell, Krauthammer, Hanson, and Williams, for example.

It would be interesting to see the corresponding list on the left.

I think Coulter is a conten... (Below threshold)

I think Coulter is a contender for making both the most and least favourite lists.

They really should spell Vi... (Below threshold)

They really should spell Victor Davis Hanson's name right. It's not David. He's one of my all time favorites.

Yes, Hanson is a prophet wi... (Below threshold)

Yes, Hanson is a prophet without honor in his own Democratic Party. That the Enlightenment will overcome Sharia I've had no doubts, but he shows much more ancient roots.

And just listen to the whin... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

And just listen to the whinny liberals whinning about conservatives having a unfair advantage

Hanson has a nice article t... (Below threshold)

Hanson has a nice article today at NRO with an overview of the struggle against radical Islam.

I'm a little surprised (and... (Below threshold)

I'm a little surprised (and disappointed) to not see Dennis Miller on the list.






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