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I'd Almost Vote For This Guy

If I lived in the area, I'd vote for this guy except for one thing....

Candidate for mayor takes part in gunfight

Off-duty police officer and man both wounded

A simple misunderstanding. Two customers bumped into each other at a convenience store counter.

Moments later, bullets were flying through the parking lot at the El Cheapo on Dorchester Road near Interstate 26.

When it was over Monday morning, an off-duty Charleston police officer and a convicted felon were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. The officer was Pvt. Omar Brown, a Charleston mayoral candidate who had just spent an hour railing against crime during a morning radio talk show.

A store employee who witnessed the confrontation called it an argument over "something stupid."

"This shouldn't have even taken place," a shaken Gwendolyn Holmes said about an hour after the 10:30 a.m. shootout. "It didn't make no sense at all."

North Charleston police said Brown was at the counter when the altercation started.

North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said Brown was off-duty at the time. "He stopped in as any normal patron would," he said.

Brown then went to the parking lot and sat in his personal vehicle, a Mercedes, directly in front of the entrance.

The other man went to a blue vehicle by gas pump No. 7. Brown looked up and saw the man walking toward him with a gun in his hand, Pryor said. Brown got out of his car and the two men exchanged gunfire.

"We know shots were fired from both," Pryor said.

It was unclear how many shots were fired or who shot first. Crime scene officers marked off about a dozen shell casings in the parking lot.

(With the usual disclaimer that my comments are based on the story being correct...)

I only have one problem with what the cop did. He let the bastard live.

I've been shooting my entire life. Nervous shakes not withstanding, I'd have killed him. If a trained cop can't kill the guy who is only a few yards from him, I have to wonder about his training.

If I lived in the town I'd consider voting for him but if he would have killed the guy, he'd get my vote for sure.


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What is really interesting ... (Below threshold)
scmommy Author Profile Page:

What is really interesting is that the cop had just left a local radio station (talk radio) where he discussed his campaign and the crime problem here in Charleston! It is never boring here!

Why is a cop in Charleston ... (Below threshold)

Why is a cop in Charleston driving a Mercedes?

Why do cabbies all over the... (Below threshold)

Why do cabbies all over the world drive Mercedes?

> I've been shooting my ... (Below threshold)

> I've been shooting my entire life. Nervous shakes not withstanding, I'd have killed him. If a trained cop can't kill the guy who is only a few yards from him, I have to wonder about his training.

Say that after you've been in a gunfight yourself.

More information please:<br... (Below threshold)

More information please:
As a former Deputy, my back up pistol had a two inch barrel, and beyond hitting anything beyond 20 feet or so would have been more luck than skill.






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