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Mainstream Media Running Away From Mediamorons Smear

Much to the chagrin of the delusional, moronic, lying, illiterate moonbats of the world, The mainstream media can actually read and is running away from the Mediamorons.org Limbaugh smear as fast as they can. Only a few brief mentions in some blogs, no significant media mentions. -- And the Kansas City Star has already posted a cleverly worded retraction.

NewsBusters did the digging and it is so link-o-riffic I decided to clip like (ok sorry Noel) all of it.

On Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) stepped onto the floor of the Senate and strongly denounced talk radio host Rush Limbaugh for what have proven to be out of context statements made by the conservative personality on his program last Wednesday.

Yet, with the exception of a CNN segment aired Monday, and articles by Fox News, USA Today's On Politics blog, The Hill, NewsMax, and the New York Post, virtually no major media outlets covered Reid's statements.

Not the New York Times. Not the Washington Post. Ditto all three broadcast network evening news programs Monday, and the Associated Press.

This raises an important question: Have most major press outlets correctly concluded that the leftwing organization Media Matters did indeed cherry-pick and misrepresent Limbaugh's statements thereby making earlier reports on the subject erroneous?

Or, did they recognize how hypocritical it would be to castigate Limbaugh for basically reiterating what ABC's Brian Ross and Charles Gibson reported last Monday evening just two days before Rush made his statements?

Of course, a more cynical view would be that the media - now that it has been shown that Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton admitted her connection to Media Matters - want to bury this story as quickly as possible so as to shelter her and her husband from any scrutiny concerning these ties.

Regardless of the reason, there's been a peculiar silence regarding Reid's statements Monday, and, although the leftwing organization VoteVets.org is about to run a rather disgraceful ad denouncing Limbaugh, most media outlets appear to be running away from this story as fast as they can.

Whether this continues is anyone's guess, as is the cause, Stay tuned.

Update 17:10 | Matthew Sheffield. A quick Google News search does seem to suggest the media's interest in the Media Matters smear story has continued to peter out.

There are very few MSM mentions of the story at all. The only unfair ones were as follows:

  • A blog post from NBC's Mark Silva which mentions a left-wing astroturf group's ad trying to prolong the story. No mention at all about how Limbaugh did not say what was attributed to him by a far-left group.
  • This blog post from the Tribune Co.'s Washington bureau focuses on Nevada Democratic senator Harry Reid's criticism of Limbaugh with barely anything from the radio talker himself.

Kudos to the Kansas City Star for correcting its initial report about the Limbaugh non-story. In a small item in today's gossipy "The Buzz" column, the paper's Darryl Levings spoke of a "Judgment wrong to Rush (read backward)"

Like the Paul Wellstone funeral, the Moveon.org ad and many before this, the Limbaugh smear is already backfiring. I have a liberal friend (no really) who called me today to complain about the Democrats on this.

What's worse is he initially believed the smear but the fact the Dems in Congress where wasting time on it pissed him off. Then when he tuned into Rush and learned the truth behind the smear, he was double pissed.

So congrats to mediamorons and the Democrats, they made my liberal friend start listening to Rush Limbaugh. Well done.


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Comments (43)

You gotta wonder - are they... (Below threshold)

You gotta wonder - are they really so stupid they figure people won't check out the transcripts and get the words in context? Or do they figure their target audience wouldn't check it, so who cares if it's taken out of context or not...

Snff. Well, I'm not listen... (Below threshold)

Snff. Well, I'm not listening to him yet...

I've wondered that 100 time... (Below threshold)

I've wondered that 100 times.

It is clear to everyone with a brain that as soon as the call was over Rush immediately went to the topic of fake soldiers... Who did they think they would fool?

My benevolent side says they missed the upcoming monologue and just screwed up.... but they have a long history of quotations out of context.

They were so eager for a di... (Below threshold)

They were so eager for a distraction from MorOn.org's Betray Us ad, they glommed onto anything.

If they were patient, they would have waited for remarks that were more nebulous or not easily disproved in a relatively short sound bite which was the case for O'Reilly. If O'Reilly didn't have Juan Williams on hand to help verify the context, he'd still be on the hot seat.

Also the Lefties religiously maintain that Mediamatters is somehow objective. They ended that this past week as well.

<a href="http://gatewaypund... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

Gateway Pundit has a good review of Votevets, the liberal group founded by Wesley Clark who is smearing Rush in a commercial. Apparently they have had their own "phony soldiers" moment.

So we have John Kerry, a man who stood side by side with phony Vietnam Vets to slander his fellows soldiers; Tom Harkin, who lied and stated he was a Vietnam fighter pilot when he wasn't; and VoteVets, who featured a vet telling lies about his war experiences. These are the one demanding apologies from Rush for pointing out the liberal-love of phony soldiers who embellish their credentials and experiences to slander the troops. This is priceless.

BTWWhat's with Wiz... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


What's with Wizbangblue? This is the first time I looked at the site. Why would you give your brandname to such trash? I don't see DaiykosGOP.com.

JPM100,I think you... (Below threshold)


I think you nailed it. This whole thing is nothing more than a gigantic, desperate "cover your ass" move designed to steer attention away from the odious "General Betray Us" ad that Democrats didn't dare criticize (and probably secretly helped to create), until they were shamed into it by Republicans and everyone else with a lick of common sense.

Looks to me like SCARY HARR... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Looks to me like SCARY HARRY is trying to ruin the opisition to his crooked parties whole nafarious plans what he trying anyway besides bigger goverment?

It's as jpm100 suspects, an... (Below threshold)

It's as jpm100 suspects, and also a typical leftist set-up. A phony-baloney charge which gets refuted - usually it takes longer than this one did - but is first embedded in the public conscious so it can be resurrected at some future point as if it were true.

Alar and apples is a classic example. Totally bogus, it was proven after a year or so, but sometimes even today you will hear a reference to "Alar in apples" in some laundry-list of supposed environmental "catastrophes" which usually includes several phony ones. Especially when merely referred to in a list, people fail to discern the difference between fake items and real ones (if any).

The leftists have been doing this stuff since Stalin, and they are good at it.

You only need a third grade... (Below threshold)

You only need a third grade education to 'find' the truth by reading the transcript of Rush's show. That leaves out 99 44/100% of the democrats (aka: Kindergarden cops).

Hundreds of people should s... (Below threshold)

Hundreds of people should send Dirty Harry an email through the senate web site and dare him to have to 'balls' to admit he was totally wrong and to apologize to Limbaugh. He, like all democrats of today don't have the balls to do anything truthful. Lies and slander is all they know. I"ve already contacted Harkin and let it be known that he is a worthless hack and liar. No, I'm never polite to the dumb a** democrats in congress. Call them as you see them

Notice the usual morons (Br... (Below threshold)

Notice the usual morons (Brian, JFO, nogo, civil, etc.) are not here to comment. They CAN'T. Even they must be embarrassed to be democrats today.

None of the links in the qu... (Below threshold)

None of the links in the quoted post are working, btw, at least not on my system.

Anyways, I agree its a lame attempt to strike back at the Republicans lame attempt to hush political speech. But I don't think there is any question that he called anti-war troops phonies, nor do I think there is any spin in calling O'Reilly's comments racist.

But who cares, really? Rush is the best thing the Republicans have, even though he himself admitting being a phony. (Remember - he "no longer has to carry water for these people.") There is nothing he could do or say that would get him off the air. Nothing. Same with Coulter, or Savage, O'Reilly or Hannity. They can say anything the want, call people fags, invite terrorists to attack San Francisco - anything at all.

Get back to work. (Though I am in favor of setting a term limit of one week for every member of this congress)

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! I'm so ... (Below threshold)

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! I'm so glad you've missed me! Lately you've been posting great things that support the Democrats. Keep up the good work!

Anyway, since you brought me up, I'll remind you that I said that within two weeks no one will be talking about this anymore. Looks like I should have said two days instead of two weeks, eh?! Thanks for giving me a chance to point that out. (I wonder if Rovin likes his crow rare or well done.)

Thanks again for remembering me. Say hi to your sock puppets!

The lefties must be running... (Below threshold)

The lefties must be running low on Prozac . . .

Sort of like nightime praye... (Below threshold)

Sort of like nightime prayers, Brian mumbles to himself in the corner before turning to.

Somewhere, on a liberal blo... (Below threshold)

Somewhere, on a liberal blog, Mantis is warning them to be careful of what fights they pick. Or maybe not.

Sorry to drag you into this, Mantis. But your once sage warning is ringing in my ears right now, especially since Beauchamp is so relevant to this issue now.

BrianI'll remind you... (Below threshold)

I'll remind you of what I said the other day when you attempted to divert the discussion by predicting no one would be talking about this in two weeks:

This failed liberal smear tactic will provide audio/video content for Republicans well into 2008.

The alphabet media, cognizant of their own self interest, may be ignoring it, but the alphabets don't control the news anymore.

Your prediction will be proven wrong in, what, eleven days now?

Well, he reassured himself ... (Below threshold)

Well, he reassured himself enough to nod off. It's proved; see, he linked.

If it fades, it'll only be because of suppression by MSM, which is sensible enough to see that this is an absurd issue, and just makes the nutroots look nutty.

Or make credulous independents look nutty.

Never could trust anything ... (Below threshold)
Steve of Norway:

Never could trust anything coming out of David Brock's piehole...

Hey Scrapiron,I th... (Below threshold)

Hey Scrapiron,

I think you may have a point. Since the Democrats have spent the last six years or so demanding apologies from the Bush Administration on at least a weekly basis, perhaps we should start demanding that they lead by example.

Brian says:<blockquo... (Below threshold)

Brian says:

(I wonder if Rovin likes his crow rare or well done.)

HughS says: Your prediction will be proven wrong in, what, eleven days now?

Your crow's gettin' marinated as we speak Brian.

from AnonymousDrivel:

The "Betray Us" ad is providing sweet, delicious schadenfreude the likes of which a Karl Rove could have never envisioned. As the Democrats throw spaghetti at the fridge to try and rehabilitate themselves from their Soros-funded complicity, we observe the wonderful, and thankfully more transparent, theater that is politics.One would have to engage in the willing suspension of disbelief to think that Democrat wailing will tarnish Rush's known and undeniable support of the military. The Left's distraction can be seen for what it is and Rush has just been given more ammo to fire at his critics. It'll be a turkey-shoot."

One question (for now) Brian. How do you really feel about your liberal leadership attempting to put a muzzle on the 1st amendment rights that the left has preached for 200 years as the fundamental foundation of our democracy? If you do not see the hypocrisy, your credibility comes into question. And that would be a "fowl" thing to swallow.

What this has done is legit... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

What this has done is legitimize the Republicans use of the Democrats anti-war own words in 2008 political advertising. They can run a clip of Harry Reid decrying Limbaugh, then follow up with half a dozen ripe quotes by Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Murtha, et al -- and then ask if these are the type of people you want running the country.

The campaign theme for 2008 for the Republicans should be something on the order of "It's time for grown-ups to run this in Washington again -- not Democrats."

Because the war in Iraq is ... (Below threshold)

Because the war in Iraq is essentially over, we have the luxury of this discussion of 'Who is a patriot'. I'm glad we are having the corollary of the 'Who lost China' debate, 'Who won Iraq'. Let us rejoice that we are all patriots, after all, even the poor anti-wear fools. It's a big tent.

It's a big tent that won't ... (Below threshold)

It's a big tent that won't wear out, despite the rents in the tissue of society caused by war.

The hostilities in Iraq may... (Below threshold)

The hostilities in Iraq may be cooling down but are far from over, and the War on Terror has only just begun. Wrong time to gloat about that.

While he who I won't name may have been "right" about things being quiet in 2 weeks, I also agree that such episodes are great fodder for future political campaigns. This and many other episodes will be resurrected. Bad thing for him to gloat about.

Also, the smugness required... (Below threshold)

Also, the smugness required to gloat reveals the dishonesty of the argument.

Really, just another idiot with counterfeit thought. They have a printing press.

These are not trolls. They ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

These are not trolls. They are shameless propagandists. That 's why they can support vile groups like MoveOn and MediaMatters, who are intentionally lying for propaganda purpose. The dem party is in a sew*ge with these groups. The dem in congress are willful in lying.

The modern left is beyond the pale and knows how ugly/vile they are. So they have to lie to justify their culture of corruption.

Wonder how any informed and... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Wonder how any informed and decent American can support the modern liberal left and the dem party.


what you are seeing from the American Left in this attack on Limbaugh is nothing less than Goebbels' concept being put into practice by liberals without honor, decency, or any sort of intellectual integrity.

This is what an honest libe... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

This is what an honest liberal would do. Unfortunately, these "honest" liberals seem to be a tiny minority on the left. Otherwise, Hillary, Obama, Edwars wouldn't be the front-runners in the Dem pres nomination.


Edward Padgett, a Los Angeles blogger who spread the word about MoveOn's attempt to silence critics, laments: "For several years I have found MoveOn.org to be an inspirational anti-war group, but the past few weeks they have been an embarrassment to all Americans with their attacks upon President Bush and General Petraeus. I subscribe to the MoveOn newsletter, and even considered hosting an antiwar rally in San Dimas, but now I want no part of this radical group and will remove my name from their newsletter subscription . . . I guess to MoveOn, the First Amendment is only for the rich."

Sort of like nightime pr... (Below threshold)

Sort of like nightime prayers, Brian mumbles to himself in the corner before turning to.

Not to myself. Apparently to you. Thanks for listening and responding.

Your prediction will be ... (Below threshold)

Your prediction will be proven wrong in, what, eleven days now?

Nope. Seems like it's already close to being proven right. As I said, "Come back here in two weeks and link to a major news source that is still talking about it."

I'll remind you of what I said the other day...

No need. That's what you said, not what I said.

Your crow's gettin' mari... (Below threshold)

Your crow's gettin' marinated as we speak Brian.

Because Hugh misrepresented what I said? I think not.

Liberals the practicers of ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Liberals the practicers of intorence

Well Brian, for a devout le... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Well Brian, for a devout leftist, at least you recognize that the "major new source(s)" are nothing more than socialist propaganda.

You're welcome. We try to ... (Below threshold)

You're welcome. We try to respond to such earnest supplication.

Mediamorons? This is a gra... (Below threshold)

Mediamorons? This is a grave insult to morons!

Rush Limbaugh is not an ele... (Below threshold)

Rush Limbaugh is not an elected official. Members of Congress or the Senate have no business drafting resolutions to "condemn" statements by private citizens in which only their interpretation is highlighted, (especially when that interpretation goes against everything Rush has ever said or done in regards to the troops) asking his employer to "publicly repudiate" Limbaugh's statements, and ask him to have Rush apologize.

These are the same twats that would never dream of condemning MediaMatters' statements about an acting General and in fact supported it.

Thankfully Mr. Mays respectfully wrote back, in a hand delivered letter, that he wasn't condemning anyone and would not be requesting that Limbaugh apologize.

Of course for me, this is only one more confirmation of the idiocy our Congress has regularly engaged in as of late. But for some who were not so sure, perhaps this has opened their eyes.

I've heard far too many people say, in essence, that they were no fan of Limbaugh, but this is just too ridiculous a thing for the Dems to pursue.

I'm no fan of Rush but this... (Below threshold)

I'm no fan of Rush but this whole thing is a giant waste of time. Could the Dems please accomplish... like... something worthwhile? sigh......

Lol. I just saw Oyster's post about the 'no fan of Limbaugh' remark. Spooooooky........

Your crow's gettin... (Below threshold)
Your crow's gettin' marinated as we speak Brian.

Because Hugh misrepresented what I said? I think not.

33. Posted by Brian | October 3, 2007 11:32 AM

C'mon now Brian You've had plenty of time-----Please answer my question:

"One question (for now) Brian. How do you really feel about your liberal leadership attempting to put a muzzle on the 1st amendment rights that the left has preached for 200 years as the fundamental foundation of our democracy? If you do not see the hypocrisy, your credibility comes into question. And that would be a "fowl" thing to swallow."

An honest answer will go a long way.

Maybe some of the Left wing... (Below threshold)

Maybe some of the Left wingers can explain this to me. For years now I have heard numerous people on the left beat their chests saying how the right has questioned their patriotism or was stifling their free speech.

Somebody explain then why the Democrats and MoveOn.org get a pass at doing exactly those things.

How is calling General Petraeus General Betray-us not the same thing as questioning his patriotism?

When Harry Reid calls Rush unpatriotic, how is THAT not questioning his patriotism?

When 41 Senators call on Rush's employer to repudiate him, how is that not a call to stifle free speech?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

Ann has some delicious comm... (Below threshold)

Ann has some delicious comments about this.
I listened to a little of Rush today, and he challenged Reid to come on his show and repeat his speach face to face. The whimp will never have the balls to do that.
These idiots have given their enemys more sound bite ammo for the future debates, than ever in history. They have not woken up to the fact that now they live in a glass house with millions of us looking in. It would be hilarious, but for the fact that it is so sad.

Marc in Brookshire, Tx

Subscribe me.... (Below threshold)

Subscribe me.






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