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Fred Thompson: the gloves to come off? . . . Fred won't attack other Republicans unless they attack him first . . .

Martinez to leave as GOP Chair? . . . after only nine months as General Chairman of the RNC, Senator Martinez plots an exit strategy . . .

Hillary leads the way with $27 mil in 3rd Q . . . she's the new Queen of Green, and I don't mean "environmental issues" . . .

Obama rings up $19 mil in 3rd Quarter . . . and it sounded impressive, until Hillary's numbers came out . . .

McCain fundraising better, but not good . . . the Senator may be forced to accept public financing . . .

. . . and more . . .


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Comments (2)

All of this spells defeat f... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

All of this spells defeat for Dems.(maybe)

Obama says "No Nukes!"... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Obama says "No Nukes!"

I say "No Kooks."






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