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The most "peace-loving" of murderers

In the posturing world of Middle Eastern diplomacy, you don't have to be "peace loving," just claim you are. Caroline Glick reports for the Jerusalem Post:

As Abu Toameh noted, the false videotape was Fatah's second propaganda story last week. Wednesday, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's terrorist organization's propaganda services announced that its forces in Bethlehem had intercepted two rockets "ready for launch" against Israel in the Bethlehem suburb of Beit Jala. They further announced that they had turned the rockets over to the IDF. This story, which came as Abbas was meeting with US President George W. Bush and other world leaders at the UN in New York, of course projected the image of Fatah as a terror-fighting, Israel-protecting, peace-seeking, credible, moderate actor.

SPEAKING to The Washington Post on Thursday, Abbas used the story to explain why Israel should feel comfortable giving Fatah all of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem. Responding to a question regarding his view of Israel's concern that areas transferred to Palestinian control will be used as operational bases for carrying out attacks against its cities Abbas said, "Last night, [our security forces] seized two rockets. We handed [them] over to the Israelis. We are very worried about these deeds and I think we can put an end to all this. Our security apparatus is ready to stop all kinds of violence."

The Washington Post published the interview without noting that the story was a total fabrication. The "rockets" that Fatah transferred to the IDF were just a pile of metal pipes which had apparently been used as toys by local children. The IDF had already noted that the rockets weren't real when The Washington Post conducted its interview with Abbas. Unlike Abu Toameh and The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Post and its veteran reporter Lally Weymouth saw no reason to mention that Abbas's anti-terror credentials were based on nothing but lies manufactured by his own propaganda arms.

Read it all at the above link. The only "peace" Fatah has ever loved is the "peace" it delivers to Jews by killing them. They were one of the first terrorist organizations, and - despite any number of promises made and agreements signed to champagne toasts - have never repudiated their stated goal of eradicating Israel. To turn bloodthirsty, murderous fanatics into peaceful neighbors with whom to coexist requires much more than wishful thinking, it would seem.

Thanks to Power Line, where Scott Johnson's comments are always worth reading.


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Comments (9)

For American public consump... (Below threshold)

For American public consumption, bad guys like Yasser Arafat, the Shah of Iran and other worldwide dictators were often played up as U.S. allies, especially during the Cold War era. The American ideals of democracy are not always consistent it seems. Even Saddam Hussein went from being "good guys" during the Reagan years to being "bad guys" soon after. I personally always thought they were bad guys undeserving of U.S. support. Talk about creating "Frankensteins". Supporting monsters means that they often turn on their creator, the U.S.

The US creates monsters. T... (Below threshold)

The US creates monsters. Then they crawl under Paul's bed.

Even if they were "real roc... (Below threshold)

Even if they were "real rockets", it's only two. Out of how many hundreds? Puhleeze.

Wouldn't it be funny if Hamas announced the confiscation of some of Fatah's rockets too, trying to prove who is the lesser of two evils?

Okay, maybe not "funny", but interesting nonetheless.

Israel has been the bad guy... (Below threshold)

Israel has been the bad guy in the Middle East since they started. They have over-run the Palastinien countries, and have taken the Golan Heights. How could anyone say they are good guys?

They are the worst of the worst. They are as bad as we are for invading Iraq.

Kim, the current U.S. admin... (Below threshold)

Kim, the current U.S. administration paints Fatah as far better U.S. allies than reality really proves. During the Reagan Administration in the 1980's massive covert aid programs built up Saddam Hussein's military machine by diversion of Agriculture Department CCC funds meant for disaster relief and Osama Bin Laden was funded by more covert U.S. to build his terrorist network in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan to combat the Soviets.

The current U.S. administration is offering some covert mutual support to the antiIranian government MEK(Mujahedin-e-Khalq)a radical revolutionary Socialist Marxist organization that combines fundamentalist Islam with Communist doctrine. This same armed organization orginally took part in 1979 Iranian revolution and certainly are not devoted to democracy in Iran, but establishing a radical Socialist state.

Has Republican foreign policy that created both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden been a good thing for American interests? Is continued support for extremist elements good for American interests either?

Let's see. We supported, m... (Below threshold)

Let's see. We supported, marginally, Saddam - when the USSR was a major threat in the ME and Iran looked like it was siding with the USSR. Realpolitik took over - and it's surprising how many things get done to manage the threat AT THE TIME with little or no concern for what's going to occur ten or twenty years later.

Look at DDT, for example. Because of worries over possible side effects, the 'civilized world' condemned millions in Africa to die of malaria.

So tell us, Paul, where we can get the magic mirror that'll show us what mistakes we're making now that'll have bad effects in twenty or thirty years. Because I'm pretty sure that at least some of the stuff that people are signing off on as really wonderful, imperatively important, and that has to be supposedly taken care of RIGHT NOW is going to come back to sink it's teeth in our hindquarters in a couple of decades.

So what do you think it's going to be? The Sudan, perhaps? Or maybe our ignoring Burma? Perhaps even something as benign as cell phones, or Ipods. One thing I'm fairly sure of - it's going to be something we didn't expect... even with the benefit of your foresight.

Osama was NOT "funded by th... (Below threshold)

Osama was NOT "funded by the CIA . . . to fight the Soviets." This disinformation keeps popping up and being repeated, but it is not true.

We did fund Ahmed Shah Massoud and what later became known as the "Northern Alliance," but they were completely separate from either the Taliban or the self-funded foreign fighters under bin Laden's lead. The bin Laden group played almost no role in expelling the Soviets at all - they merely issued propaganda to that effect. This was before bin Laden had spent most of his fortune, and he neither wanted nor would have accepted American help. It wouldn't have come, anyway, because his force was tiny and ineffective.

As for Saddam, we have long suspected he diverted agricultural aid (as did others), but it was never in a significant amount, because Iraq didn't receive a large amount. American labs did supply him with anthrax cultures, as we did anyone in the world who wanted them (at the time it was thought impossible to "weaponize" it). During the Iran-Iraq war, when the tide was turning against Iraq, we provided satellite intel on Iranian troops movements to the Saddam regime so as to prevent their being overrun, and perhaps even losing territory to the mad mullahs of Iran (who were universally agreed to be our biggest enemy in the region at the time).

Indeed, Hooson grossly exag... (Below threshold)

Indeed, Hooson grossly exaggerates US aid to Iraq - which was in fact a tiny fraction of the aid and arms that Iraq received from the USSR, France etc. Hooson also tries to blame "Republican foreign policy" for creating Saddam Hussein - which is just an outright falsehood - but more interestingly he ignores the involvement of Democratic personalities like Clark Clifford, Bert Lance and in the BCCI bank scandal. BCCI having played a role in the diversion of US aid funds to Iraq.

And as pointed out, the old "CIA funded/trained Bin Laden" myth has long been debunked.

There is no excuse for repeating this garbage.

And dont forget YASIR ARRAF... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

And dont forget YASIR ARRAFAT and NELSON MANDELA were both big time terrorists leaders who becane big time buddies to the UN






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