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Come on, get happy! - "Reality" style . . .

They actually have "Reality TV Awards" now?

Apparently so, since Danny Bonaduce not only appeared on them, but managed to get charged with felony battery, and probably sued, at them. Ace of Spades has the video.

A guy jumps you, humps you, and puts his hands on your throat. You throw him off, and you are the bad guy?

This is what is wrong with America today - on several levels.


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I saw that last night,and I... (Below threshold)

I saw that last night,and I woulda cleaned his clock too.

How can they make that char... (Below threshold)

How can they make that charge stick? Good grief, the guy leaps on him and he throws him off and that's assault?

What the hell?

Bonaduce earned my respect ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Bonaduce earned my respect after he smacked down that Troooofer who interrupted his lunch.

I disagree and I am a Danny... (Below threshold)

I disagree and I am a Danny B fan and dislike Johnny F. Danny B willfully went on stage to insult jonny and was, according to Adrianne Curry on her internet radio show, drunk. Adrianne was sitting next to Danny along side her husband from the Brady Bunch (whatever his name is)the night of the show.
Danny has anger and substance abuse issues and he needs to face some consequences for his behavior. The time is now.

Oh, how I hate reality TV s... (Below threshold)

Oh, how I hate reality TV shows. Give me a good drama like CRIMINAL MINDS or CSI or a comedy like SOUTH PARK anyday.

Zaugg ~ So if a drunk guy i... (Below threshold)

Zaugg ~ So if a drunk guy insults you, it's okay to jump on him, put your hands on his throat, and hump him like a dog? And, when he throws you over, the thing to do is prefer charges?

That's pretty Tough Love there. Just because the guy has substance abuse problems doesn't give anyone the right to jump on him, IMHO.

Paul ~ I agree. The only "reality TV" I can stomach is "Last Comic Standing," although I did watch and enjoy much of the first season of Trump's "The Apprentice." After that the novelty was gone.

Hmmm looks to me like DANNY... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Hmmm looks to me like DANNY PARTRIDGE has done more then all those silly liberal chickens SQUAWK SQUAWK

Jim Addison,jonny ha... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison,
jonny had a microphone in one hand and an award (martini glass?) in the other. There were no hands around the throat and Jon was being playful with his schtick, there was no malice intended with the jump. Surely, you don't think Danny was homophobic with the humping?
There were a couple other ways the Partridge kid could have handled it. Violence was one way and now he needs to be accountable.
are we the ones that ask for accountability? Or just not when we don't like the actor?

Zaugg,If someone j... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:


If someone jumps and starts humping you, you don't think you should be able to throw them off?

Bonaduce certainly has his issues, but he was totally justified here (and no, it doesn't matter what he said previously on stage).

A reasonable person who tho... (Below threshold)

A reasonable person who thought about what he was doing would pull the guy down, not throw him over. But the question here would be whether or not he had a chance to think things through.

89 ~ Agreed, the better rea... (Below threshold)

89 ~ Agreed, the better reaction would have been to push him away forward instead of flipping him over. However, it is clear from the video that it was a reaction of the moment. I see neither a crime committed nor a tort created.






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