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Meanwhile, back at the Election again

The newest posts over on the Politics page, which you may also find via the tabs at the top of this page:

Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani . . . what was good for Goose Kerry also applies to Gander Rudy . . .

Domenici will not seek reelection to Senate
. . . another open seat for Republicans to defend in 2008 . . .

Edwards: "Obama stole my Mojo!" . . . as usual, Edwards sends a woman out to attack his rival while he is getting his hair done . . .

Polls aren't clarifying GOP race
. . . Is Rudy leading or bleeding? Is Fred ahead or nearly dead? Is McCain in pain, or can he rise again? Does anything rhyme with Romney?

Ron Paul collects $5 million in 3rd Quarter . . . Paul supporters step up with donations, and the best thing is: they were all in gold, not some unconstitutional fake paper money . . .

. . . and more as events warrant and time allows, with your comments always welcome.


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Comments (3)

Yeah, Hominy. That's what ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Hominy. That's what they make grits out of.

LOL . . . well, maybe - bu... (Below threshold)

LOL . . . well, maybe - but try working that into a one-line political rhyme . . .

Don't live on your knee, vo... (Below threshold)

Don't live on your knee, vote for Romney!






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