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I'm Still Not Questioning His Patriotism

Last April, I wrote a piece about Representative John Murtha where I did not question his patriotism. I went to great lengths to question a hell of a lot of things about Murtha, but I did not question his patriotism.

Well, I'm still not questioning his patriotism. But I'm getting closer.

Last week, Code Pink conducted an attack on a United States Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley, California. They accused the recruiters of lying and "assasinating" (I guess their fundraising has slacked off; that might be why they had to stage this stunt, and explain why they couldn't afford that fourth "s" in their sticker). And they said they are not only proud of their crimes, but intend to continue.

Now I'm not going to call on Murtha to introduce a resolution condemning Code Pink. I'd like him to, because while Congress is debating these stupid pointless measures, they're not getting into more mischief, but I don't expect that from him.

But I wonder if anyone's suggested that he might want to return the "Pink Badge Of Courage" he proudly accepted and wore from the whackjobs at Code Pink last year.

Murtha isn't the only Congresscritter who's cozied up to Code Pink in the past. SOMEONE had to give them the passes they've used to enter and disrupt congressional hearings and other events. Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) has done so in the past.

I'll be curious to see there's any fallout from this attack on the recruiting station.

Sadly, I expect not.


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Comments (22)

Clarice Feldman at the Amer... (Below threshold)

Clarice Feldman at the American Thinker has an excellent article on just what is a member of Congress allowed to say, 'in the performance of his duties'.

Oh, sorry, that's Hadithic.... (Below threshold)

Oh, sorry, that's Hadithic. I see Murtha, and I see red.

Who gives a shit abo... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Who gives a shit about this or that fat ass drug addict or any of the other trivial diversions the mass media feeds you little whiners.

Here is what you should care about: 3814 lives wasted. No Bin Laden. No end in sight.

dr lava?What ... (Below threshold)

dr lava?
What does the "d" "r" stand for? Dumb as a Rock?

He's bitter because the big... (Below threshold)

He's bitter because the big girls and boys are having to tell the nutroots that even if Iraq were pacific, and bin Laden dead and buried, there is no end in sight. And it is not Bush's fault, and not really Clinton's, either. It's Reagan's fault. He slayed the hydra.

Remember how Stalin dealt w... (Below threshold)

Remember how Stalin dealt with sharia. Well, he's baaaacccckkkk.

Here is what I do care abo... (Below threshold)

Here is what I do care about.

Libya gives up it's nuclear/Wmd program.

25 million free when we liberate Iraq from one of the
worst mass murdering dictators of all time.

25 million free when we liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban regime that gave aid to Osama and Al-Qaeda.
(you know,Osama who now is reduced to being youtube boy from a cave instead of running around free to blow up
Embassies/the twin towers/battleships and other atrocities while Clinton has 8 plus chances to take him out or take him from the Sudan.
According to the CIA,Clinton never had a comprehensive
plan drawn up for Al-Qaeda and never issued a kill order,and you want to complain about Bush.)

Now N. Korea is tearing down it's Nuclear program.

We take out some of the worst terrorist regimes,disarm
N.Korea and Libya and still maintain one of the strongest economies with the lowest unemployment rates
in the world.

If progressives like dr lava really gave a damn about
the rights of people to live peaceful lives free from
murderous dictators than they would champion these

But all they care about is their silly little war on
Bush,spreading their cut and paste propaganda and using
the body counts of our soldiers to push for surrender
while they call them nazis,murders and terrorist.

How pathetic.

Murtha,Durbin,Reid,and the rest their terrorist hugging
liberal friends should all quit wearing American flag
pins,since through their actions,they stopped being Americans a long time ago.

Who gives a shit abou... (Below threshold)

Who gives a shit about this or that fat ass drug addict or any of the other trivial diversions the mass media feeds you little whiners.

Yet another example that progress unhinges the brianless left.

Do we care about the one li... (Below threshold)

Do we care about the one life wasted: dr l?

Here's a link to the Marine... (Below threshold)

Here's a link to the Marine recruiter's response to the Code Pink demonstration:
I think you'll find it much more civil and resposive to constitutional issues than J. Tea's rather sophomoric rant against Rep. Murtha.

Afthought, Captain Lund is ... (Below threshold)

Afthought, Captain Lund is an officer and a gentleman, and speaks on behalf of the United States Marine Corps.

I make no claim to any of those things.

Oh, and the Berkeley Daily Planet made a subtle dig at him. It should not have been "By Richard Lund," but "By Captain Richard Lund, USMC." He's worked hard as hell for that rank, and he should be honored for it. To deny him his proper form of address is an insult.


That's OK, Murtha probably ... (Below threshold)

That's OK, Murtha probably belongs to the 20% of Democrats who believe the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the Iraq War.

Plus all he's done is provide the jihadis with quotes from a powerful member of Congress that U.S. troops are committing premeditated murder of innocent civilians in Iraq. Even though his claim is not true and he's refused to apologize, it's not like he's intentionally or recklessly providing the enemy with useful propaganda to use to incite violence against our troops or to use as a recruiting tool.

It's not like he could just shut up, or express his slanderous opinions in confidence in closed hearings -- where's the profit in that if you're trying to fill up the pork wagon.

After all he's a veteran.

If Berkeley imploded tomorr... (Below threshold)

If Berkeley imploded tomorrow, the world would be a better place. Those nuts are forever causing trouble.

Perhaps if they used their energy for good instead of evil, they could go clean up some parks, or save tree'd kittens.

Why do lefties like Dr. lav... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Why do lefties like Dr. lava pretend they care about how many U.S. Troops die in combat? They hate the military and want our soldiers to lose the fight. What is it that you really want? An America that can not or will not defend itself? Is your goal a dictatorship similar to that of Joseph Stalin. I have a deal for you. Gather all those who would be leader. Give each a K-bar knife, put them in an arena. The one that comes out can be the man, until we hang him.

Zelsdorf is on to something... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf is on to something: maybe when they lose 08 they will do it willingly.

Jay...why AREN'T you questi... (Below threshold)

Jay...why AREN'T you questioning his patriotism yet??

Ok, ok, I don't question it either. I KNOW it is non-existant!

The Marines accused in the Haditha case have now ALL been cleared of "murder" charges. One remains accused of some kind of reckless disregard...NOT "murder".

Murtha called them "cold-blooded killers"...and has REFUSED to apologize! REFUSED.

This graft-seeking, pork-peddling, military-slamming piece of excrement is the furthest thing from a "Patriot".

Code Pink is the military w... (Below threshold)

Code Pink is the military wing of the (D)emocrat party.

Their stunts, like heckling the President at the inauguration, require (D)emocrat party supplied tickets.

And when Hillary(D) and the rest of the party of the ASS were denouncing Walter Reed why didn't they criticize the 24x7 365 protest Code Pink runs across the street harassing our wounded soldier?

And Murtha(D)'s Haditha smears demonstrated he is no patriot. He only dodged prosecution for ABSCAM because the bribe wasn't big enough.

It's time we all called him unpatriotic.

Baxter Greene -... (Below threshold)

Baxter Greene -

If progressives like dr lava really gave a damn about the rights of people to live peaceful lives free from murderous dictators than they would champion these accomplishments.

They give a damn, all right - they just prefer the problem be solvable by a nice afternoon's signwaving and protesting. If it isn't, then it's part of the existing status quo and shouldn't be touched in any way.

And they HATE those who would actually go out and solve the problem, because THAT takes away from perfectly good protest material!

(Kind of like you'll never see the Democratic party really work to SOLVE a problem - because if they can't promise to solve _"fill in the blank"_, then they loose campaign material later. You won't see anything workable coming out of them re the Iraq War, the Economy, or the War On Poverty. They WILL, however, jack up taxes, which will cause an economic downturn, which in turn will lead to a recession, which will result in unemployment levels rising. At which point, they'll promise to raise taxes on the 'rich' to pay for more benefits.

And rich will probably eventually be defined as about double the poverty level. So the 'progressives' can bemoan the extinction of the 'middle class', and work the 'tax the rich' scam for all it's worth. After all, when you define the terms you control the argument.

When a politician decides t... (Below threshold)

When a politician decides to put his party first over the good of the country, he is indeed unpatriotic. Murtha has done this as has many others. Plus he acts like a bitter old man. ww

"Here is what you should ca... (Below threshold)

"Here is what you should care about: 3814 lives wasted."

Isn't that a matter of opinion? Did those 3814 volunteers consider taking on the risk of death a waste? Do their families? Do the Iraqis?

Their lives were wasted in YOUR opinion. That says a lot more about you than about us.

The metric now is about 2,5... (Below threshold)

The metric now is about 2,500 enfranchised Iraqi voters for every dead American. A dreadful, but fair, price.

Gateway Pundit is all over ... (Below threshold)

Gateway Pundit is all over Haditha. It was an al-Qaeda plot to sucker MSM, and it succeeded. Murtha is a fool.






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