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On Politics . . .

The latest topics on our Politics page, also easily located via the tabs at the top of this page:

Obama's hopes focused on Iowa . . . the Illinois Senator needs the Children of the Corn to stop the Horror of Hillary . . .

Could Santorum as VP be Rudy's answer? . . . "Rudy 'n' Rick" might sooth the surly, reassure the restless, and pacify the petulant of the Parting on the Right . . .

eHarmony for Presidential candidates . . . match your views on the issues, and the importance you place upon them, to Presidential candidates of both parties, and live happily ever after . . .

Foreign policy icons endorse McCain . . . just when his campaign seemed destined for the proverbial "second tier," an all-star array of former Republican foreign policy mandarins comes out for John McCain . . . (Don't feel bad - the North Vietnamese didn't think he'd last, either) . . .

Gay GOP group runs attack ad on Romney . . . angered by his endorsement of a Marriage Amendment, gay Republicans react to his gay rights stance by attacking his position . . . on abortion (because abortion is such a big problem in the gay community?) . . .

Political radio ad of the Millenium (so far) . . . and you thought political corruption was no laughing matter . . .

. . . and more as they happen because "when news breaks up, we break out" . . . no, that's not right . . . this place could do with a few interns for research . . .


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John McCain may be close to... (Below threshold)

John McCain may be close to wrapping up the religion vote as well:

McCain Pushes To Put Jesus On Dollar Bill

CAP News? I don't know. W... (Below threshold)

CAP News? I don't know. We're looking into it.






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