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That's gonna leave a mark . . .

This is not going to help Hillary with the male vote, is it?

K-Lo found it first. I do NOT want to know how . . .


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That about made me puke. T... (Below threshold)

That about made me puke. The thought of her............rrrrrruuuuuurrrrrffff.

Rush is right when he says ... (Below threshold)

Rush is right when he says she sounds like an ex-wife. Her voice and inflections are so grating, what guy would want to listen to that for four years? Her cackle is very disturbing.

And don't forget her award-... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

And don't forget her award-winning cankles. Ugh.

That is so absolutely perfe... (Below threshold)

That is so absolutely perfect I didn't believe it was real. So I went to Overstock's home page and did a search. I may have to buy a dozen to give to a few close friends.

Careful there! Those are Am... (Below threshold)

Careful there! Those are America's nuts you're playng around with. It's not funny...

roy:I thought all ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:


I thought all the American nuts were in Ron Paul's campaign.

The legs and calves are not... (Below threshold)

The legs and calves are not to scale....it makes her look too skinny.

I've always wanted <a href=... (Below threshold)

I've always wanted one of these. And even better, if it was updated to be Ahmadinejad.

A cryptic spring opens the ... (Below threshold)

A cryptic spring opens the stealth cigar snipper.

Problem: this item is far t... (Below threshold)

Problem: this item is far too complimentary to her thighs.

Haha! Watch, it's going to... (Below threshold)

Haha! Watch, it's going to end up in one of those junk mail catalogs next to the pony tail hat.

LaMedusa, it's already ther... (Below threshold)

LaMedusa, it's already there. My wife gets those things all the time, and this was on the back cover of one recently. I can't remember which one though. If I find it later, I'll post it.

"...it's already there."</p... (Below threshold)

"...it's already there."

Wow, she would be stoked! Maybe someone got the idea from that thighmaster dealie. "If she would just use this for a few minutes a day..." And voila! The Hillary uh-nutcracker-was born! :D

The nutcracker only works o... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The nutcracker only works on Republicans. Democrat males are immune for obvious reasons...

Surely there is a joke abou... (Below threshold)

Surely there is a joke about 'exposing meat' in there, somewhere.






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