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I'm Going To Need A New Metaphor For Paris Hilton Now

Apparently the human appendix isn't quite as useless as doctors have long believed...


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Think teleologically, act l... (Below threshold)

Think teleologically, act locally.

"an ugly bowel-clearing pro... (Below threshold)

"an ugly bowel-clearing process"

I got to ride that bus about 6 months ago. I really don't recommend that ride.

Evolutionists just lost a m... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Evolutionists just lost a major argument point. They used to use the appendix's supposed uselessness to "prove" evolution.

Actually, Jason - it proves... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jason - it proves evolution even more. That it's not needed NOW doesn't mean there wasn't a use for it THEN.

Golly, is the foreskin next... (Below threshold)

Golly, is the foreskin next?

a) old news revisited<br /... (Below threshold)

a) old news revisited
b) no proof in the article, only speculation
c) tonsils and foreskin? I'm not gonna touch that one!

Especially in a Paris Hilto... (Below threshold)

Especially in a Paris Hilton thread.

This removes the idea of th... (Below threshold)

This removes the idea of the appendix as a vestigial organ. I guess this moves the appendix from the evolution column to the ID column. :D

Not that I personally believe in ID as it is popularly held up in MSM, I just like the idea of it irking the Lefties.

As the 'vestigial' list shrinks, it does raise questions as to how quickly evolutionary step are taken to full completion.

As I have - with painstakin... (Below threshold)

As I have - with painstaking patience, mind you - tried to explain to several current or former wives, this is precisely why I hate to throw stuff away. You just never know when you're going to find a use for it.

First off, Jim Addison, how... (Below threshold)

First off, Jim Addison, how many "current" wives do you have??? (LOL)

And this just shows, once again, that God created us as wonderful machines. No evolutionary process could create the human body.


One of the arguments I hear... (Below threshold)

One of the arguments I hear often in the Darwinian Evolution vs Intelligently Designed Evolution debate is that Darwinian Evolution makes predictions while Intelligent Design Evolution does not.

This is one of those cases where the non-prediction of Intelligent Design beats Darwins Predictions.

Intelligent Design predicts that things are designed for a purpose. It doesn't predict necessarily what that purpose might be, only that because it was designed by an intelligence, it ought to have some purpose.

The opposite prediction comes from those in Darwins camp. Throught he process of a sort of blind evolution of things, after awhile some things just won't be needed anymore. Therefore, Darwinian Evolution predicts the Appendix and Junk DNA, etc.

Of course, the list of useless things is endless, those are just common things. So each time we find a use for the pinky finger, the tonsils, the appendix or junk DNA, those who follow after Darwin will just point out what's left, or the other new things we've found that have no apparant use.

The point that remains? Intelligent Design Evolution makes different assumptions and predictions than Darwinian Evolution.

If one is scientific, so is the other.






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