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Paying Homage

Last week on "Heroes," George Takei's character died.

Tomorrow night, we meet a new character who -- I suspect -- is DL's grandmother and Micah's grandmother.

My best friend and I started speculating immediately. Who will next guest star on "Heroes?"

Leonard Nimoy as Sylar's father?

Walter Koenig as a cop who uncovers Parkman's powers -- and his exploiting of them?

Grace Lee Whitney as the late Kaito Nakamura's American executive assistant?

Or -- my favorite -- Peter is in a bar. Some drunk guy off in the corner starts singing "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen," and it's Bruce Hyde.


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Comments (5)

Nope. It's Nichelle Nichols... (Below threshold)

Nope. It's Nichelle Nichols. It's the episode on October 15.

Clay, I really, really thin... (Below threshold)

Clay, I really, really think you oughta click on the link I put in the article.

You'll feel a bit silly, but better for it.


I kinda feel stupid, but at... (Below threshold)

I kinda feel stupid, but at the same time I don't. I read your article through my feed reader, which usually shows links. Don't know why it skipped this one. Oh well. Live and learn.

Why don't some of the heroe... (Below threshold)

Why don't some of the heroes seem to recognize one another? Parkman acted like he had never seen Ando before.

"I'm Hiro Nakamura. You ki... (Below threshold)

"I'm Hiro Nakamura. You killed my father. Prpare to die."
Wait for it. You know its coming.

Im having more fun looking for the sub-references than just watching the show.






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