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"It Takes Two Thieves To Make An Honest Deal"

I do not believe it.

It was bad enough that one of Hillary Clinton's biggest advisors was someone who had forfeited his law license over lying under oath in a federal court case.

I thought it had hit bottom when it turned out that one of her biggest fundraisers was also a convicted felon and wanted fugitive.

Now we find out that one of her major advisors on national security has no security clearance -- he lost it after being convicted of stealing and destroying classified documents.

I believe I have a new theory on where the Rose Law Firm billing records were for all those years they were subpoenaed, but Hillary couldn't find them -- and it's not a pretty one.

I also feel like reviving a certain old game involving popular catchphrases and adding to them. "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side... in Sandy Berger's pants!" "Here's looking at you, kid... in Sandy Berger's pants!" "Tomorrow is another day -- in Sandy Berger's pants!" "I found the golden ticket.. in Sandy Berger's pants!"

I know the Democrats claim ownership of the phrase "culture of corruption," but do you think they'll let the Republicans borrow it just for this case?


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Jay, Do you honest... (Below threshold)


Do you honestly think that the Democrats could do ANYTHING bad enough to make a difference in the eyes of the MSM and the public at large?

I'm not holding my breath.

Yes borrow the phrase. Too ... (Below threshold)

Yes borrow the phrase. Too bad it won't do any good. Many hate Bush and America so much that they will deal with those known for lying.

I, myself, prefer to see the truth...so I stick to the blogs.

Will we elect this former first lady, who chums with the likes of Sandy Burgler? Hmm...we can only pray that another Swiftie like counter ad campaign to stop the insanity.

Sandy Berger is seriously d... (Below threshold)

Sandy Berger is seriously damaged goods after his major document scandal. The Clinton campaign can easily find better foreign policy experts elsewhere and should stay as clear of Berger as possible.

"Sandy Berger? Who's that? ... (Below threshold)

"Sandy Berger? Who's that? Has he been in the news before? Speaking of the news, did you the stories about that Senator, Larry Craig? What a perv." -- American MSM Consuming Public

From what I hear, this thin... (Below threshold)

From what I hear, this thing is causing Hillary some serious grief. The MSM can't igore all this corruption for long.

The MSM can and will ignore... (Below threshold)

The MSM can and will ignore any crimes comitted by Shrillary and gang. She has been involved in crime since she graduated from college and decided being a criminal paid more than protecting other criminals. Came to D.C. broke (her words) and after a few short years are worth somewhere between 50 and 150 million dollars. All of that on a $200K annual salary. There must have been a lot of pork belly trades.

Sandy Burglar's track recor... (Below threshold)

Sandy Burglar's track record kinda fits. Lying about his stock holdings and forgetting to report Chinese espionage in a timely manner pretty well fit Hillary's own memory lapses and past discretions. If truth be known, this NEW job with The Lizard Queen is just payback for the cleansing job he did of Bill's not arresting the 9/11 terrorists when Janet Reno (Google "able danger") who knew about them but was still doing damage control over the Waco TX disaster and all those dead children so she instructed the FBI to "hands off" Muhammad Atta and his pals.

Somebody had to get Bill's side notes out of the records before the 911 committee was forced to acknowledge them.

"...in Sandy Berger's pants... (Below threshold)

"...in Sandy Berger's pants..." ...that's a good one Jay. I think I'll field test that tomorrow with some bankers.


Banker: So what happened to cash flow, Mr. Smith?

Me: Mr. Smith, let me try to answer this. Mr. Banker, the company changed the formula of the product and cash flow went into Sandy Berger's pants.

Banker: Huh... Why did you change the formula after so many years of success?

Mr. Smith: My consultants said the old formula belonged in the archives, so we made a change. And then everything went into Sandy Berger's pants.

Banker: Who the hell is Sandy Berger?

Me: Who cares? We just want his pants.

Banker: I don't want his pants, I just want in them. Wait a minute! I meant...

Almost as much fun as sayin... (Below threshold)

Almost as much fun as saying "....in bed" after reading your fortune cookie paperwork.

Absolutely, the Dems will let this go.

I can't decide which one is scaring me more - Obama the AntiChrist or Hillary the Hun.

If they team up, we are done for.

I've another generic postsc... (Below threshold)

I've another generic postscript which can add eloquence to almost any statement. It's lovely:

"Says Hillary".

If you want to talk about p... (Below threshold)
M. Deane:

If you want to talk about politicians teaming up, take a look at the traitors President Cheney and puppet Bush. They have teamed up with fear, spin, lies and deceptions to produce a major unpatriotic cabal designed to place the worst elements of capitalism in control of the government. It has long been characteristic of the Bush/Walker family for generations to make their personal fortune a priority, no matter how it might damage the nation. Now they have been surpassed in their machinations by the Cheneys, Dick and Lynn, both of who represent the worst evils America has to offer.

Deane: cut the crap, it's ... (Below threshold)

Deane: cut the crap, it's old and cold. Noboby here takes the Dim Party line, the one without factual support (no facts in your rant, see?).

The Clintons, and many Dimocraps it seems, hold national security in such low regard, that they would openly consult with those who have been either grossly negligent (their view) or treasonous/felonious (our view). Either way, it speaks volumes about them, doesn't it?

Naturally, no one here take... (Below threshold)
M. Deane:

Naturally, no one here takes the Democratic line here. Republican far right believers are too closed minded, Mitchell. Boorish and sophomoric Republicans defines it best, combined with mental perversion.

Wow, 'boorish', 'sophomoric... (Below threshold)

Wow, 'boorish', 'sophomoric', and 'mental perversion' all in one sentence. You may be on to something, there, Monsieur Deane.

"Why do you use that wor... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"Why do you use that word? I do not think it means, what you think it means."

- Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

From Merriam-Webster:

Boorish - rudeness of manner due to insensitiveness to others' feelings and unwillingness to be agreeable;

Sophomoric - conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature

Mental Perversion - no such phrase in standard English vernacular. Therefore a nonsense phrase or inaccurate rendition of another concept.

Your unsupported indults and allegations, actually, prove you to be the subject of your own epithets for the first two words, and as the third phrase is nonsensical, it - as you - may be reasonably ignored as inconsequential and useless for the purpose of advancing the discussion.






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