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Now on tap at Politics . . .

The latest topics on our Politics page, which - repeat after me now, you know the words - can also be easily accessed via the tabs at the top of this page! (Our group sings are such fun):

Who can best unite Republicans? . . . For the GOP, keeping eyes on the prize means the size of the thighs . . .

Hillary snaps at Iowa lefty over Iran . . . she didn't call him a "moonbat," but you know she wanted to . . .

Iowa poll: Romney leads, Thompson takes 2nd . . . just how important is this cornfield, and to whom?

Independent could shake up the race . . . best comic candidate since Pat Paulsen . . . wait, it may BE Pat Paulsen . . .

Richardson: The Presidency or bust! . . . the smart money is on "bust" . . .

Hillary on defense on Blackwater connection . . . but she has no direct recollection of that . . .

. . . and more stories as they break, or sometimes even just bend . . .


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It takes the whole village ... (Below threshold)

It takes the whole village to eat all the cookies.






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