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The Bear Is Out of the Closet

Anyone who knows the blogosphere is aware of the enormous contributions made by N.Z. Bear. Whether it be through his Truth Laid Bear blog and his Ecosystem or through Porkbusters or The Victory Caucus. N.Z. is now dropping his pseudonym in favor of his real name, Rob Neppell . Rob is launching a business, Kithbridge, which will provide "customized technology, services, and strategies for businesses, political campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations which seek to fully engage with the growing and dynamic world of the blogosphere and new media." Read more about it here. Congrats Rob and best of luck.


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NZ Bear has been a seminal ... (Below threshold)

NZ Bear has been a seminal figure in the blogosphere, and is deserving of all future success.

But - "Rob Neppell"? No wonder he used the pseudonym . . . fear of schoolyard taunts. He ought to have changed it to "Dash Riprock" or something . . .

I still haven't given up on... (Below threshold)

I still haven't given up on trying to convince people I'm actually Brad Pitt.

Rob Neppell to pay Pitt err... (Below threshold)

Rob Neppell to pay Pitt err.

The Bear has always been a ... (Below threshold)

The Bear has always been a class act.






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