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An Overdue Link and More Catching Up

I meant to link to Stop the ACLU's Video History of the ACLU Part VI about four days ago, but let it slip between the cracks. In fact, since I have had such a hard time finding the time to blog lately I have not linked to STACLU nearly as often as it deserves. I scrolled down the site to find the post linked above and had to go through quite a few pages of posts before I found it and it was only posted a few days ago. There is just a lot of good stuff there so when you have a minute go check it out.

I missed the debate this afternoon because I was working, but did see Chris Matthews on the Today show this morning being questioned about his comment regarding the criminality of this administration. It was just about the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. A truly lame explanation. After seeing that I don't know whether or not I could have stood watching him moderate the debate anyway.

One more thing, since I am catching up here -- I owe Paul Hooson a post on the new television season, but for those just wanting a quick list of recommendations, here are a few: Journeyman on NBC is one of my favorites, along with Moonlight on CBS. I also like Chuck on NBC. I tried to watch Bionic Woman, but missed the first part and just couldn't get into it. The new season of Prison Break is just not nearly as good as the last couple, but the new season of Desperate Housewives is every bit as good. I especially like Bree's new competition in the homemaker department. The show I am most addicted to right now and do not miss (I actually DVR a couple of different showings of each episode just to be sure I don't miss them) is Damages (on FX) with Glenn Close and Ted Danson. That show just grabs you and doesn't let go. I have seen every episode and it just gets better and better and keeps you guessing all the way. I guess it is one of those mini-series type deals like Starter Wife (which I also loved) so I assume that when it is over, it is over. If you have not been watching it I highly recommend watching the DVD when it comes out.

As for watching series that you might have missed, if you didn't see this season of The Closer, Saving Grace , Monk, Psych or The Dead Zone, catch them on the reruns. They were all really good -- especially The Closer. If you wonder how I can watch all this television, the answer is DVR. I DVR everything now and watch it late at night when the house is quiet and often watch them in the background when I am working on my computer. I would love to hear recommendations on the shows I have not seen. I have been meaning to catch the new Kelsey Grammar comedy, but haven't yet. Would love to hear reviews if anyone has any.


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"... but did see Chris Matt... (Below threshold)

"... but did see Chris Matthews on the Today show this morning being questioned about his comment regarding the criminality of this administration."

Are you talking about the Faux News leaked bin Laden tape that destroyed a national security asset?

I cannot wait to see Wizbang cover it...

No asshat she's obviously t... (Below threshold)

No asshat she's obviously talking about Chris Matthews.

Since when were you named editor-in-chief of Wizbang and have input on content published?

You want it covered, get a blog and cover it. I'm sure it will be just as "popular" as Blue.

Thanks so much Lorie for th... (Below threshold)

Thanks so much Lorie for the link...but most of all the kind words.

The ACLU as sinister as THE... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The ACLU as sinister as THE LEGION OF DOOM and didicated to a SOVIET AMERICA or AMERIRUSS they need to be investigated and have their tax exempt status revoked

Lorie,Watched the tw... (Below threshold)
Dennis P. Skea:

Watched the two episodes of "Life", looks like it may be one of those sleepers like "Burn Notice" turned out to be.

jp2:Are y... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:


Are you talking about the Faux News leaked bin Laden tape that destroyed a national security asset?

No she is not. Besides it was not Fox News that leaked the story about the Osama bin Laden tape, it was your buddies at the Associated Press and PMSNBC that got the info from the traitor that gave it to them. The guy that leaked that video to them should be taken to Iraq and let the soldiers work on him a bit. Broken glass should be the instrument of choice. If that happened you and your fellow commie posters here would be screaming torture at the top of your lungs.

To continue what stan25 sta... (Below threshold)

To continue what stan25 started.... jp2, too bad your hatred of Fox News blinds you to reality.

The SITE Institute first provided the video and a transcript of it to the National Counterterrorism Center.

But what the hell, what's a little factless BS when your posting off topic. Right jp2.


Damages is outstandi... (Below threshold)

Damages is outstanding. FX has a knack for this kind of series. It's like The Shield with high-powered lawyers instead of cops. They're just as crooked as the cops in The Shield - tons of fun!

S3 of prison break got off to a slow start but I'm warming to it again. Still worth watching if you liked the other 2 seasons.

I want to like Reaper but I'm worried it will degenerate into a "Monster of the Week" format.

I WANT to like Pushing Daisies. There's so much right with that show. I keep losing my suspension of disbelief when the the guy and the girl keep coming so close to that fatal touch. They shouldn't be in the same state, much less in the same car or apartment.

I'm going to second the sug... (Below threshold)

I'm going to second the suggestion to watch Life. It's great! Reaper is also a good show. I was a bit iffy about Moonlight since the first episode started out very hokey, but it got better. And Jason Dohring is in it, so that's a plus.

I forgot about Life. I saw... (Below threshold)

I forgot about Life. I saw the first episode and really did like it. Quirky detectives are definitely in.

Lorie, I deeply appreciate ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I deeply appreciate your views on the new TV season and your "thumps up" or down recommendations.

I'm personally starting to really enjoy THE BIG BANG THEORY, about some science nerds and a cute girl who moves into a apartment down the hall. These four guys are nearly as clueless and funny as Jaleel White's "Steve Urkel" character and both lovable and funny. An outrageous new premise sitcom that's really starting to jell together very well.

CANE continues to disappoint me, and I'm going to watch LAW & ORDER:SVU each Tueday at 10pm from now on instead. Maybe Jimmy Smits is trying to be a one man SOPRANOS in an otherwise good family. But that's just not enough to keep my interest. After the great NCIS and THE UNIT leadins, this CANE series really disappoints and never quite lives up my expectations.

The new season of SOUTH PARK is off to a great start as usual, with a great season opener last week. This show should be able to spin some current topics into some funny, but nasty biting satire.

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT starts a fresh run with new episodes on NBC's sister network, USA, this Thursday at 10pm. Although the stories always get way to involved, this still remains one of the great reasons to own a TV set.

I'll really miss MONK until it returns in January. This season was one of the best ever. And guests like Sarah Silverman were just plain exceptional as well. The Summer season opener with Silverman was a true MONK gem if ever there was one.

As a little kid I learned to tell time by what was on TV. As an adult, I spent more than 20 years of my life as TV repairman, saving the lives of thousands of TVs(sort of like a "Mother Teresa" of the Cathode Ray Tube faith). And I volunteered time to both Jewish and Christian charities fixing broken TVs for them free of charge as well. TVs are like a little person to me, and I'm glad to have devoted so many years to saving their little solid state lives. Long live TV.






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