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Black Unlike Me

What do O. J. Simpson and Clarence Thomas have in common? According to two prominent commentators, far more than I thought.

Thanks to James Taranto's "Best Of The Web," we find that the New York Times' Maureen Dowd finds the two comparable. And Oliver Willis (who works for Media Matters, which Hillary Clinton claims to have helped establish) makes it even more explicit.

OK, I'm a white guy in one of the whitest states, so I really don't have much authority in the matter of "blackness." But I do find it a bit troubling that two indisputably black men are being assailed on being "insufficiently black," and even more disturbing that a sociopathic killer (OK, never convicted, but found liable in civil court) is being compared -- implicitly by Dowd, explicitly by Willis -- with an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Except, of course, that to people of Dowd and Willis' ilk, Thomas is most likely a worse person and a greater public threat than Simpson. And as such, any and all such attacks are not only fair game, but a moral imperative.


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JayTea: I tried to ... (Below threshold)

JayTea: I tried to read the Maureen Dowd piece this past Sunday. It was rambling, inarticulate and completely unreadable. I think there may sadly be something to the rumor that Dowd has a drinking problem.

No, Dowd has a writing</... (Below threshold)

No, Dowd has a writing problem. I imagine she's probably quite successful at drinking. At the writing, not so much.

McGehee, that's darn funny.... (Below threshold)

McGehee, that's darn funny. Maybe you should be "McGee-hee-hee".
Or not.

We used to be protected by ... (Below threshold)

We used to be protected by NYTimes paid-registration... now we need a condom just to pickup the NYSlimes.

Tried to read her also this... (Below threshold)

Tried to read her also this weekend, and I thought the writer was insane. Made it to the third paragraph before it went in the trash.

And isn't Willis the numbskull who is first in line to yell "racist" at anyone who speaks poorly about a black?

What a bunch of retarded, c... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What a bunch of retarded, convoluted crap spewed by Willis. Just what IS his point? I can't even begin to figure it out for the life of me and I read it 3x! Is he saying Thomas and Simpson are conveniently black when ONLY when they need to be? Who the hell says he gets to decide when and when they are and are not black. I think that's his brainless point. Moreover, who said either Simpson or Thomas don't get retain the "blackness" just because they married white people, allegedly "talk" like white people and moved in white circles? Does that make them immune from prejudice? That they can no longer be part of the black community because they're too "white" now? Talk about reverse racism. I'll give him that OJ used his "blackness" to help him in his trial, but that had more to do with his merry band of race-baiting and exploitative lawyers.

If that's not Willis' point, then explain what just what the hell it is to the rest of us.

And a "convenient avenue of blackness"? Yeah, that people like Willis and his brethren won't let them walk down.

Scratch a liberal and you'll almost always find the repressed racist underneath.

Jay Tea, I, a black chick f... (Below threshold)
Adrienne Warden:

Jay Tea, I, a black chick from Harlem, formally bestow unto to you, not just the authority, but the moral authority to speak about blackness...Now do keep in mind that I voted for GWB twice, loved Rudy G, wanted to smack David Dinkins quite a few times, never ever believed a word that Anita Hill said about my hero Justice Thomas and would love nothing more than for Hillary to have her clock cleaned come November 2008...So my blackness authority to give you authority (complete moral authority) may be a bit questionable...Nevertheless, consider yourself a brother and preach on my man...Preach on...

Feel free to use my name when folks question what makes you think you are an authority...Just tell them I, a black chick, from Harlmen, bestowed upon you this most precious honor...So there!

oh my god, adrienne, that w... (Below threshold)

oh my god, adrienne, that was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

On the left a person is jud... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

On the left a person is judged by the color of their skin.

On the right a person is judged by the content of their character.

Ke-Future...Thank you!... (Below threshold)

Ke-Future...Thank you!

Adrienne do you really beli... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Adrienne do you really believe Clarence Thomas over Anita Hill?..How about Isiah Thomas, was he one of your heroes too? P Bunyon on the right.. a person is judged by the content of his character not his videos evidently ....

Thomas denied ever having seen any such movie, which if true must have meant that Hill's claim was false. The Senate Judiciary Committee staff tried to get Thomas's video-rental records, which could easily have resolved the question. Thomas and his supporters immediately went into a hissy-fit about how it would be a horrible invasion of privacy for anyone to look at those records

Steve, YUPE!... (Below threshold)

Steve, YUPE!

Yep Jay your handle on Afri... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Yep Jay your handle on African-Americans...oops I'm sorry "blacks" is greater than the "black" guy
Oliver Willis....

...and Paul, given who African-Americans have and still vote overwhelmingly Democratic...
and although 40% of Latinas voted Republican BEFORE the immigration debacle.Does anyone think that 40% will be repeated next year?
If Republicans are color blind...
Where is the list Of Republican African-Americans in the House and Senate?

Either voters with darker melanin are just stupid, or maybe they see the Republican Party in a different light. As a "white" guy I would never assume to know their motivations.

...Mr. Jay Javitz...I know this link is from media matters...However,; play the video...
Ann C. gives her views on your "people"...
But hey...We are all entitled to give value judgments.


Steve, so as not to confuse... (Below threshold)

Steve, so as not to confuse you, my YUPE was to believing Justice Thomas...However, I must share with you this little tid bit...See Ms. Hill's story is not necessarily bullet proof...Heh!

nogoAnn Coulter want... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter wants to proselytize Jews. Ann Coulter is a Christian who desires to proselytize many of different faiths. She's been on record with that belief for a long time. What's the problem? Do you wan to limit her right to free speech?

CrickmoreIt's amazin... (Below threshold)

It's amazing that a liberal is willing to defend a federal search into the reading and viewing habits of a private citizen. If Thomas was a liberal Justice nominated to the Supremes and Orin Hatch wanted his video store records the ACLU and the usual suspects would be climbing all over themselves screaming Violation of Privacy Rights.

But if the nominee is a conservative black who finds himself off the liberal plantation...well, just hang his ass....literally. That's why you libs can champion a Robert Byrd.

Crickmore, you wouldn't know a principle if it were embroidered on your white hood.

Crickmore, lemme paraphrase... (Below threshold)

Crickmore, lemme paraphrase that for you:

Hill: "He talked about a porno movie he saw."
Thomas: "I've never rented or seen that movie."
Crickmore: "OK, then, let's look at all your video records and see if that's true."

So much for privacy and presumption of innocence, Crickmore? Thomas is the accused here, and he has to PROVE his innocence?


nogo:and altho... (Below threshold)


and although 40% of Latinas voted Republican BEFORE the immigration debacle.Does anyone think that 40% will be repeated next year?
If Republicans are color blind...

"Latinas" are Latins, Latin-Americans of the female persuasion.


Obviously the concept (fact... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Obviously the concept (fact) that you cannot have a "list" and be color blind/ethnically blind/gender blind at the same time has escaped this Nogo-person.

Anyone wonder why?

Thomas could have asked for... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Thomas could have asked for a FBI investigation without it being public...Thomas has been a very quiet but faithful Supreme Cout Conservative judge..He didn't ask one oral question for a year and half recently...Hugh, there has been so much humbug about this beginning the day George Herbert Bush nominated him to fill Thurgood Marshall's seat on the Supreme Court,

Bush : "The fact that he's a black and minority has nothing to do with this. He is the most qualified person."

(I believe he was ranked about 50th) at that time.

I have never understood thi... (Below threshold)

I have never understood this "sufficiently black" business.

No other ethnic group does this. Do Asians complain that somone isn't "Asian enough"? Not "Hispanic enough", not "White enough"?

I work in San Francisco, one of the most ethnically diverse places in the country. I never hear this from anyone.

I've never heard of any other ethnic group trying so hard to be what they already are. What is this about? What is the source of this peculiarity? Is it a constant need for separatism from the mainstream? An affirmation of being non-white? I really just don't get it.

There was also a conflict b... (Below threshold)

There was also a conflict between Hill's testimony and Thomas' regarding how she was hired by him, regarding her standing in the law firm she left. That could have been resolved by subpoena to the law firm from Hill's employment records but the Judiciary committee refused to authorize the subpoena. So the Democrats were making sure that there was no evidence developed to undermine Hill.

Crickmore, there is no such thing as a list by "ranking" of qualified candidates for the Supreme Court.

I stole a quote many years ... (Below threshold)

I stole a quote many years ago from somewhere I can't remember. I use it every time someone says I "don't act black."

"You didn't make me black and you can't take it away."

Crickmore, why should have ... (Below threshold)

Crickmore, why should have have to ASK for anything? He was the accused. He had no burden of proof. The burden is always on the accuser, the prosecutor.

Maybe he had a secret film fetish he didn't want to potentially get out. He might have rented Liza Minelli and Barbra Streisand movies over and over again, and not wanted that to risk getting out. For whatever reason, he wanted to keep that private info private -- and it's nobody's business to say otherwise without compelling evidence.


Jay, I thought it was a Sen... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, I thought it was a Senate Confirmation Hearing, not a trial with all the rules of evidence and apriori rights of the defence. He could have pleaded the Fifth amendment too but that wouldn't help him get nominated. He was supposed to be cooperating with the Committee as much as he could. Anyway Biden let him off the hook...Hey it may not seem so big a deal (unless he was perjuring himself)
Now he is making a big deal of it in his book calling Anita Hill a lot of names, so it may bear a closer look, to see who was telling the truth.

Dowd does not have any tale... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Dowd does not have any talent. She is the equivilent of Keith Olbermann in the role of color analyst for Sunday/Monday Night Football on NBC, who knows what the X's and O's represents, but never invested themselves in the game enough to do more than stand on the sidelines. The only difference between Dowd and a blogger is a blogger has more pride in their craft.

Oliver is patronizizng about his pseudo-realities of "'Blackness". Common with liberals. To them, Katrina, drugs, the ghetto, bad English, and food stamps is the reality for all Blacks, instead of 24% of the Black community.

In either case, they can't make a point without using the least common denominator. Maybe OJ is just a rich Black guy who killed his wife, who got off because the LA police was dumb enough to frame a guilty man to help the case stick. Maybe Thomas is a just a Black guy who is conservative. Black often voted Republican prior to 1968, since the Democratic Party was the party of Segregation, Jim Crow, and the Klan.

Like Kennedy was a just rich Irish guy who happened to get drunk and drive his car off a bridge and let his secretary drown over the course of the next hour. The facts in that case have nothing to do with Kenney's ethnicity of being Irish. But the fact Kennedy has walked around in an alcohol induced stupor for the past 4 decades makes that connection more plausible.

And does Hillary lose her "Whiteness" when she loses the perfect enunciation of her words crafted at Wellsley and Yale, when she resorts to a Garry Coleman-esque "Y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout?"

Maybe Media Matters has a clip of Robert Byrd saying "I know some white ni**ers if I can use that word" as he did in a 2001 live interview. Maybe they got some clips of Joe Biden making the concrete connection of Dunkin Donuts and Indians, or Hillary saying "I know Ghandi and he ran a gas station up the street". Do they have a clip of Senator Hollings saying "rather than eating each other, they'd just
come up and get a good square meal in Geneva" when referring to a summit he attended in Africa. Do they have a list of Clinton's love offerings for Blacks with his (admiration for super-Segregationists William Fulbright and Oral Eugene Faubus, him being sued in 1999 by the Arkansas NAACP for voting Rights violations, or trying to overturn the election of a Black Democrat in favor of a white one while governor of Arkansas).

Yeah, liberals really love the bros'

Steve Crickmore...... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore...

Thomas could have asked for a FBI investigation without it being public...

That statement is so rich with Livingtone irony. Steve, your comments on this thread are Exhibit A on why conservatives will never trust liberals like you. While whining that Jerry Falwell wants to shove his way into your bedroom, you willingly offer up a federal appointee for invasive privacy rights violations. You can't make this stuff up. Your remedy is for Thomas to through himself on the mercy of the FBI???? Abbie Hoffman is grinding his teeth to nubs right now, Steve.

McGeheeFunny.... (Below threshold)



Come to think of it, anyone who coins the phrase "absolute moral authority" must have a drinking problem.

I wonder how that phrase would go over in an AA meeting when used to describe a person?

Yes I am... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore Is An Idiot:

Yes I am

Yes I am....Y... (Below threshold)

Yes I am....Yes , I am Sam? or what?

Your remedy is for Thomas to through himself on the mercy of the FBI????

If that's a"yes"..then you are posting on the wrong site. Worse, you don't know who your real friends are.

The whole point of Anita Hi... (Below threshold)

The whole point of Anita Hill initially coming forward was to try to scare Clarence Thomas into withdrawing from the nomination, without a hearing. Anita Hill's initial insistance was that her statements be anonymous, but the Democrats on the Judiciary committee broke their promise to her. The whole point was intimidation in secret.

So Crickmore's "solution" was more secrecy? Unbelievable.

Clarence Thomas wrote a bio... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thomas wrote a biography?

I thought he'd just send out a press release stating he seconds everything in Justice Scalia's biography.

Clarence Thomas wrote... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thomas wrote a biography?

I thought he'd just send out a press release stating he seconds everything in Justice Scalia's biography.

That comment establishes you as today's the village idiot.
Wear your crown with pride. Wherever it is you wear it.

It really has nothing to do... (Below threshold)

It really has nothing to do with being "black enough," it is all about being "in line with the leftist program."

So, a man born, into poor circumstance in the rural South, of two black parents, Clarence Thomas, isn't "black enough." Yet, a man born to one black and one white parent, university professors with six-figure incomes, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., IS "black enough" to suit the left, and lily-white born and bred Bill Clinton is acclaimed "the first Black President."

Nowadays, you see, being enslaved isn't about what color you are. It's about how well you toe the line.

So read Kelo.=======... (Below threshold)

So read Kelo.

My friends best know me for... (Below threshold)

My friends best know me for doing funny characters in my lighter moments. One character I like to do is an incredibly White guy that likes to use slang such as "Word", "Wordup", etc. In the same way, it is always interesting when incredibly White guys attempt to explain other cultures and are actually taking themselves entirely seriously. Afterall, who could be possiby more "ghetto" than a golf playing Bing Crosby type.

Everyone born in the Twenti... (Below threshold)

Everyone born in the Twentieth Century is a racist.

It is Clarence Thomas who r... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It is Clarence Thomas who refused a polygraph, refused to have someone look at his video index..(Possibly he has something to hide)..Clarence Thomas is receiving $1.5 million for his biography (probably he owes Anita Hill something for his fortune). I think it would be interesting to find out who was telling the truth but most of you don't feel Thomas has to defend himself, only slang his accuser.

Everyone born in the Twe... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Everyone born in the Twentieth Century is a racist.

Don't know if you made that up yourself or pilfered it, but I like it.

Pilfered and updated.... (Below threshold)

Pilfered and updated.






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