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Kiefer Sutherland: 30 days in the hole

24 star Kiefer Sutherland will serve jail time in a plea deal - 30 days for his drunk driving conviction, plus 18 days for violating probation for . . . drunk driving. Chloe - see if you can find a pattern here - NOW! Raquel Maria Dillon reports for AP:

Kiefer Sutherland pleaded no contest Tuesday in his drunken driving case and will begin serving a 48-day jail sentence while his Fox TV drama "24" begins its winter production break in December.

The show's star agreed to serve 30 days for driving with a blood- alcohol level above the legal limit of .08 percent, as well as 18 days for violating his probation for a 2004 drunken driving case, according to court records.

Read the rest at the link above. Wait a minute! This is the Los Angeles jail . . . they couldn't even hold Paris Hilton for 30 days, and they think they can hold Jack Bauer?


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Comments (9)

HAAAA, love the Chloe refer... (Below threshold)

HAAAA, love the Chloe reference..

p.s. I still can never und... (Below threshold)

p.s. I still can never understand why these guys don't have limos on call at all times.

Re #2It's because he... (Below threshold)

Re #2
It's because he's an independent (wo)man.

Wait a minute!... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute!

"There's no time!"

Those hollywood celeberties... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Those hollywood celeberties cant stay off the bottle for long can they always getting themselves arrested for ether dope or booze what a bunch of pathetic idiots

30 days for being caught dr... (Below threshold)

30 days for being caught drunk driving twice over a short period of time? Piece of shit should get more than a month.

I wonder if Ford will kick their go-to ad guy to the curb for placing the lives of others in jeopardy while operating one of their goddamn vehicles.

Kiefer Sutherland : ... (Below threshold)

Kiefer Sutherland : An Alcohol Vulnerable Gullible Scapegoat.
see it in "DUI Drunk Driving: Root-Cause" blog

Pretzel Logic #2 ~ I agree ... (Below threshold)

Pretzel Logic #2 ~ I agree completely. Britney or Lindsey or the rest could easily hire a driver when they want to go out partying.

I didn't mention the LA jail only held Nicole Ritchie for a couple of hours, but they had little choice - she could have slipped through the bars anyway.

48 days? In LA County jail... (Below threshold)

48 days? In LA County jail? Wow, I guess Jack Bauer was mean to the Scientologists in the past.






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