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Politics topics now playing

[UPDATED to add late entries.]

Over at the Politics page (or tab):

Rudy Lectures A Ron Paul Supporter . . . which will bring a wry smile to everyone except Ron Paul supporters . . .

Five Democrats withdraw from Michigan Primary . . . Guess which top tier candidate had the cojones to decline Howard Dean's "request" . . .

Republican debate wrap-up . . . . the big losers? Chris Mathews and whoever set up their crappy sound system . . .

Thompson's first debate today . . . three observers set the bar - did Fred clear it?

Romney's Reefer Madness . . . sure, they were playing "gotcha" with an ambush, but did they?

Michigan Democrats battle DNC over primary date . . . the state's elected Democrats know they can kick Howard Dean's butt, so the DNC's threats are empty . . .

Tancredo coy about re-election plans . . . Tom contemplates life after his Presidential campaign . . .

Thompson: "Fairness Doctrine Makes No Sense" . . . sure, it's red meat for the base, but well put nonetheless . . .

Edwards says Dean looked inevitable, too . . . as he slips to 3rd in Iowa, he argues he is better placed now than in 2003 . . .

. . . and more . . .


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