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Lying leftist liars stonewall about their lies

After The New Republic published purported "Iraq diaries" by an active-duty deployed soldier, Scott Beauchamp, which swiftly proved implausible and unverifiable, they promised a swift investigation into the matter. Since then, they have stonewalled. They blamed the Army for keeping the Private incommunicado during the official investigation, leaving the impression they were being inhibited from speaking to their "source." They were - at the time of their last update, some two months ago.

Since then, though, they were able to speak to Beauchamp - and DID. On top of this story from the start, Confederate Yankee relates his interview with Major Kirk Luedeke:

Q: TNR also claimed that, "the Army has rejected our requests to speak to Beauchamp himself, on the grounds that it wants 'to protect his privacy.'" At the time those statements were made by TNR's editors on August 10, were they factually accurate? To your knowledge, have the editors of The New Republic spoken with Scott Thomas Beauchamp since August 10, and if so, when? Does Scott Beauchamp currently have the capability to speak to The New Republic if he so desires, and release all documentation relating to the investigation if he so desires?

A: The statements made by TNR on Aug. 10 about Beauchamp's availability were accurate- given the investigation's status, he was not authorized to conduct interviews with media outlets. However, as soon as the investigation concluded in mid-August, he was free to speak openly if he so desired. He rejected interview requests from Confederate Yankee and the Weekly Standard, but did in fact speak to TNR on the 7th of September, while Maj. John Cross conducted a separate interview with TNR roughly one week later.

Pvt. Beauchamp also canceled scheduled interviews with Newsweek and the Washington Post after speaking to TNR.

Read the whole post at the link above, including key background. Whoa, there! So TNR did in fact speak with Pvt. Beauchamp? WHERE is their follow-up report? It seems to be . . . nonexistent. Confederate Yankee comments:

At this stage of the game, one must wonder how much longer Franklin Foer, Jason Zengerle, and the other TNR editors involved in this farcical investigation can continue to hide the obvious fact that this was a series of stories that has not been corroborated, are partially or entirely fictional in nature, and poorly (or never) fact-checked, probably because of the author's relationship with a TNR staffer that he later married.

One must begin to wonder just how ethical Editor-In-Chief Martin Peretz and Executive Editor J. Peter Scoblic are in not reacting to the obvious facts that key elements of the stories written by Scott Beauchamp were not fact checked, and that Franklin Foer and Jason Zengerle are running what appears to be a purposefully deceptive investigation to cover up the lack of fact-checking prior to publication, while apparently lying to readers, experts, critics, and perhaps even their own employers at TNR and CanWest Mediaworks.

I'd love to know what Scott Thomas and Major Cross had to say to TNR, but The New Republic seems content to continue to answer questions about their credibility and ethics with silence.

So, then, WHAT might Pvt. Beauchamp have said to TNR? If he had said, "Go away, I don't want to talk to you,' they might have at least reported his refusal to cooperate with their "investigation." You can bet your life if he stood by his reports and had evidence of their veracity, TNR would have been claiming vindication - and loudly. Even if he said he made it all up - as his postings from Germany, long before getting to Iraq, foreshadow - it would have been decent of them, and in compliance with "journalistic ethics," to advise their readers by retracting the stories.

But they didn't even tell us they had TALKED to him. Why is that? Even on the left, where lying is regarded as high performance art, getting caught at it is a no-no. Someone must fall on the sword. When The New York Times had to recant all the phony stories Jayson Blair filed, Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd, two senior editors, were forced to resign.

If TNR admits what they did, Franklin "Fibber" Foer and his accomplices - I mean fellow editors - would have to get the boot out the door. So, they don't admit it.

After all, they cater to the Left, where mendacity is a virtue if you can get away with it, and the sins of their heroes have been willfully ignored since Stalin started stacking bodies.


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Comments (9)

They've just got the bit be... (Below threshold)

They've just got the bit between their teeth.

TNR hired OJ as their lead ... (Below threshold)

TNR hired OJ as their lead investigator.

your argument might merit c... (Below threshold)
S. Debs:

your argument might merit consideration save for your remarkable blind hatred of the "left" as you call it. (the new rebublic? on the "left"? what "left" do you follow, anyway?) by comparing everyone on the "left" to Stalin (along with your other over the top comments), you lose every inch of credibility you might have made with the piece. as it is, it's a piece of crap.

better luck next time.

S. Debs,The fact t... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

S. Debs,

The fact that your sensitivities are affected by Jim's article, enough to compell you to respond, reflect that it does indeed have merit.
That you would reflect on the style of story, rather than refute any of the facts therof are symbolic of what, in the realm of human behavior, is called a "hissy fit"

Loss of credibility? Check out that person staring back at you when you brush your tooth.

OK, now this thing may have... (Below threshold)

OK, now this thing may have surpassed the Glass debacle in scope if not in sheer absurdity. But I don't see how Stalin enters into it - I think you need look no further than Michael Moore: Many of his fans KNOW that he aims to deceive his audience, but they suspend disbelief like a magician's audience and are entertained and amused because the targets are their ideological enemies.
I was one of the dopes who actually thought those things were genuinely true, but was clued in by recognizing editing techniques and deceptions. I don't know if that's a positive or negative commentary on myself.

But yeah, leave Stalin out of it.

Why would TNR ever again co... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

Why would TNR ever again comment on this story? What is the downside, from TNR's point of view, of just dropping the whole thing on the ash heap of history?

"Standards? Journalistic S... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

"Standards? Journalistic Standards? We don't need no stinkin' journalistic standards!" - TNR

S. Deb:(<stron... (Below threshold)

S. Deb:

(the new rebublic? on the "left"? what "left" do you follow, anyway?) by comparing everyone on the "left" to Stalin (along with your other over the top comments), you lose every inch of credibility you might have made with the piece

And so have you in believing what once was "center," if not slightly "right," has not now become very close to the barking moonbat category.

A cursory analysis of the B... (Below threshold)

A cursory analysis of the Beauchamp affair reveals the precise status of TNR's journalistic ethics, journalistic competence, and political bias, in real, present time. They stink. Period.






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