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The 2007 Weblog Awards Need You


Wizbang readers, The 2007 Weblog Awards need you! The open nomination process is going very well with over 1,500 nominations already. Nominations end October 15 so I'm asking for Wizbang readers to help out in two ways.:

1) Go nominate some blogs! If the blog you were thinking of nominating in a category is already nominated then there's no need to nominate them again. There are several new categories this year and I need our very knowledgeable readers to help make sure that all of our categories have plenty of relevant nominees. Take the Best Blog category for example, there's many high profile blogs not even nominated yet. That's where I need your help. Pick a category and have a look at the nominees. If there are obvious choices missing please nominate them.

2) Spread the word that nominations close on the 15th. Send e-mail's to bloggers, media contacts, friends, or whoever you want.



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So what happened to the "Be... (Below threshold)

So what happened to the "Best of the Gun-Nuts" category?






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