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Campaign slogans we'd like to see

One thing missing from the current cycle of Presidential campaigning is the catchy slogan which used to be a staple of American politics. Who could forget those pithy lines which came trippingly off the tongue like, "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!" or "Two chickens in every pot" or "I like Ike" or "In your heart, you know he's right" or "Nixon's the One" or "Why not the best?"

The last was Jimmy Carter's, which may have killed the tradition right there. But if modern politicians are reluctant to put forth slogans for their campaigns (odd, since most speak in sound bites anyway), someone else should do it for them. Enter the whimsical Frank J. of IMAO, who suggests his own. A few samples:

John Edwards: I feel pretty.

Barack Obama: I have no idea what I'm doing, but maybe you don't too and will vote for me!

Mitt Romney: Can't you already see him as an animatron in the Hall of Presidents?

Hillary Clinton: Give in the to the darkness!

Ron Paul: You don't have to be crazy to vote for me, but it helps.

John McCain: This slogan is within the regulations of campaign finance reform.

Read the rest at the link above - and don't forget the comments, where his readers have some excellent ideas, such as:

Ron Paul: with apologies to Billy Joel - "but maybe it's a lunatic you're looking for"

Mitt Romney: The Other White Meat

Vote for Barack Hussein, and make this an Obamanation!

Rudy Giuliani: I was there on 9/11!!!

John Edwards: A cut above the best

Ron Paul: Vote for Ron or they will taze you, bro.

. . . and my personal favorite:

Hillary: Why settle for the lesser evil?


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Comments (14)

For Hillary, I might go wit... (Below threshold)

For Hillary, I might go with:

"They have evolved. And they have a plan.


Hilly:"We must ... (Below threshold)


"We must join with her, Gandalf!"

FrnakJ had the best Hillary... (Below threshold)

FrnakJ had the best Hillary! slogan a long time ago.

"Because America has lasted long enough."

Ron Paul: Yeah, r... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul: Yeah, right!

Hillary: "Join the darksid... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Hillary: "Join the darkside."

HILLARY,I NEVER NET A TAX I... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


Rudy: Vote for me, or else!... (Below threshold)

Rudy: Vote for me, or else!

Mitt: My hair is nicer than Edwards!

Thompson: Uhhh, what?

McCain: I used to have integrity!

The GOP: Holding the poor a... (Below threshold)

The GOP: Holding the poor and powerless accountable for over 150 years.

The Democratic Party:</b... (Below threshold)

The Democratic Party: Flailing about making a show of pretending to try to solve the very same problems we depend on for your support, for over 200 years.

Right, Robert, big corporat... (Below threshold)

Right, Robert, big corporation lawyers like Lincoln in on it from the gitgo.

wwwoooooooooooooooooooooooo... (Below threshold)


OONGAAWAA!!!... (Below threshold)


Barack Obama..I'm no... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama..
I'm not Osama bin Obama..

To all The Children of the late eighties early ninety's who can vote... Vote For ME: I AM RYTHUM NATION!

To thost born 1964- 19185 older votes..Vote for at Me: I Ain't Jesse Jaskons, or Al Sharpton.

Votes born before 1963: I hope MY Good looks Have That Kennedy effect on You. Vote For Me Cause I The Cuteist Canidate in 30 years. My wife's young and Hot too. Think Camelot, Then Think Black Panthers ,Candy Shop Camelot New Sckool Special. Free Sugar For the Kids, And Hot Moma If i'm elected.

It is funny and interesting... (Below threshold)
jack hooper:

It is funny and interesting.

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