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Enron "whistle-blower" a phony?

She's written a book and given nearly 200 speeches around the world for as much as $13,000 each, based on being an "Enron whistle-blower." Turns out she was a low-level paralegal who didn't blow any whistles at Enron, but is rather proficient at tooting her own horn. Greg Farrell reports for USA TODAY:

A salute from the people who give out the Nobel Peace Prize is a heady achievement, but what makes Brewer's story truly remarkable is that she appears to have fabricated significant portions of her tale, starting with whether she was ever an Enron "executive" and extending to her claims of being a "whistle-blower."

Instead, a USA TODAY investigation, involving interviews with two dozen former colleagues, reveals Brewer to be an astute self-promoter who parlayed an undistinguished 32-month stint as an Enron employee into a lucrative career in the corporate ethics industry. She appears to have succeeded by modeling herself after another woman regarded as an Enron whistle-blower, Sherron Watkins.

Within the world of business ethics, Brewer is considered a star. She is a founding member of the Open Compliance and Ethics Group. She delivered the keynote address at a Sarbanes-Oxley conference hosted by the New York Stock Exchange in 2003 (there are video clips of it on her website, www.lynnbrewer.info). She has spoken in Great Britain, India, Venezuela, Italy, Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand, and given keynote addresses at dozens of other gatherings in the USA. She's also a regular speaker at universities, where she lectures students on the importance of ethics in business.

Read the rest at the link above. You can pretend to be someone you aren't, but once you start taking money based on a false resume, the law takes a dim view. Her former boss dismisses her claims, saying their department had nothing to do with the things she claims to have "blown the whistle" on, and another former colleague likens her to the Leo DiCaprio character in Catch Me If You Can, which was based on the true story of a notorious imposter.

She ended up being fired when she took a company-paid trip to England to do a training session, but instead spent the week in the country and never performed the work. She wasn't called as a witness in any of the criminal trials regarding Enron executives, either.

Her house of cards may be swiftly collapsing.


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Comments (15)

KENNETH LAY IS ABSOLVED!!! ... (Below threshold)

KENNETH LAY IS ABSOLVED!!! U.S.A.!!!! U.S.A.!!!! U.S.A.!!!!

Hyperbole are you like 16 y... (Below threshold)

Hyperbole are you like 16 years old? You certainly act like it.

It's Friday, I just ordered... (Below threshold)

It's Friday, I just ordered a 24" iMac, the ALCS kicks off tonight... who in their right mind would be serious in times like these?

More phonies from the left.... (Below threshold)

More phonies from the left. It seems we expose one every other day.

You know, I don't see this ... (Below threshold)

You know, I don't see this as symptomatic of the Left so much as that there's just more market for lefty parables than for conservative ones. Wherever there's money to be made, there are going to be a few people who will bend the rules to try and cash in on it.

Here's hoping that she dies... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Here's hoping that she dies by the same sword by which she lives.

Yep...Ken Lay (may he rot i... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yep...Ken Lay (may he rot in Peace)and Enron did nothing wrong...30,000 Enron Empoyees did not lose their jobs and have their retirement gutted...(hmmm not to mention those that bought Enron at $80 knowing it would make them rich)

Do you folks Really...Really..
want to grab a hold on this?

but hey..when will someone post her address...so we can really blame someone...you know the real ENRON villain.

Phony? How about Rud... (Below threshold)
nogo war:
Another fine Clinton era tr... (Below threshold)

Another fine Clinton era treasure.

Maybe we can now find out w... (Below threshold)

Maybe we can now find out which Clinton Lay was laying in the Lincoln bedroom duing his many stays with the Clintons. No projection here, just the facts, mam, just the facts. That's right, he spent many nights there during the Clinton joke, none during President Bush's term. He**, the Bush administration was the one that busted him and several hundred other CEO/CFO's that phonied the books to make the 90's look good instead of the disaster it was. Millions lost their life savings and retirement accounts to the Clinton era criminals. Guess we'll go back to the double bookkeeping day's in 09. More Enron's/Worldcom's on the way thanks to the 'gods' Clinton/Gore and they're retarded sheeple followers.

hmmmDo you really wa... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Do you really want links to W and his references to "Kenny Boy" ....
naw...google them yourselves...

You all trying to spin this as if W was not Lay's cabin boy?

nogo:Do you re... (Below threshold)


Do you really want links to W and his references to "Kenny Boy" ....
naw...google them yourselves...

Nah, not really, it's much more fun googling nogo, asshat and nitwit and watching the hits pile up.

"Yep...Ken Lay (may he r... (Below threshold)

"Yep...Ken Lay (may he rot in Peace)and Enron did nothing wrong...30,000 Enron Empoyees did not lose their jobs and ..."

and blah, blah, blah.

Now where in this post did I see someone say any of these things. Oh wait, nowhere.

nogo, you're almost as funny as Barney. Try harder.

Aw, c'mon folks. Does no o... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Aw, c'mon folks. Does no one see the irony in a fraudulent whistle blower coming from Enron? Anyone that worked there in a position of responsibility is automatically suspect. Throwing someone else out of the troika for the wolves to devour is a reflexive action of a scoundrel.

And if you are from Enron you have to prove you were not a scoundrel before I believe you were "just misled," or "just a victim."

Maybe you were and maybe you were not.

Nogo and crowd have to make... (Below threshold)

Nogo and crowd have to make light of it now. They, along with the dying MSM made her 'queen of the day'. Most of them layed in the snow and let her pee on them for warmth. Now they know they were fools and are trying to come up with some excuse instead of an apology. Isn't that typical of the brain dead left (aka democrats)? Again, who busted Lay, and several hundred hot shot CEO/CFO's (aka con men), for the massive crimes comitted during the Slick Willie debacle? Who went from 'broke' to having assets of $50 to $150 million (can't find out the exact amount since it's in off shore accounts to avoid American taxes) in 8 years on a $200,000 per year salary as a public official? I can't remember their names, but some call them Shrill and Bill.






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