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Maryland perverts told "NO CANDY" for Halloween

For the second year, Maryland police will be distributing signs to sex offenders who have been ordered not to have contact with children, the Associated Press reports:

To discourage contact with children, some registered sex offenders in Maryland will be asked to post signs at their homes that say "No Candy at This Residence," on Halloween.

For the second straight year, parole and probation agents plan to team with local police to dissuade sex offenders who are not allowed to have contact with children from participating in the holiday.

"We actually print out the signs for the offenders and hand them to them," said Elizabeth Bartholomew, a spokeswoman for the Division of Parole and Probation. "We expect them to post the signs."

Read the whole story at the above link. Apparently this worked well last year, with no offenders violating their parole or probation. If the police could follow up with spot checks that night, even those who may otherwise be tempted to discard the signs might think twice about it.


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Not a bad idea.I'l... (Below threshold)

Not a bad idea.

I'll admit to a firm dislike of the vigilantism and continuing persecution of sex offenders who have completed the punishment the law requires. (If we *can't* let them live in society then we should be honest about it and keep them in jail.) This measure seems effective without being vindictively abusive.

Children should, of course, not trick-or-treat without an adult or competent sitter-person with them the whole time.

Hmmm... I wonder.W... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... I wonder.

Will posting a sign that reads "No Democrat Socialistic Handouts Allowed Here," work if posted outside of Congress?

Tattoo them. They can't th... (Below threshold)

Tattoo them. They can't throw that away.

One thing the article didn'... (Below threshold)

One thing the article didn't make clear--are they targeting only those convicted of sex offenses against children, or the poor schmuck who got caught when he couldn't find an open McDonald's late at night & was convicted of indecent exposure? IIRC, both are considered sex offenses in Maryland, but one of them clearly doesn't warrant being treated this way.

Just wait the infamous ACLU... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Just wait the infamous ACLU is just liable to take this to court knowing that the ACLU ar a bunch of perverts themselves

Pissing in public? Tattoo ... (Below threshold)

Pissing in public? Tattoo that thang.






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